Know About Beer Calories And ABV Percentage

Alcoholics more often mention “quality of alcohol matters, not anything else.” However, in this blog, we want alcohol consumers to become aware of the other factors of alcoholic beverages. Beers are quite prominent in the market since ever establishment. The basic factors that allow differentiation in distinct beer flavors are beer calories, carbohydrates, and alcohol percentage.

500+ Beers Calories Per 12 oz, ABV

BrandsABVCaloriesPer OZ
Delirium Tremens8.5%200
Corona Seltzer4.5%90
Four Loko8%
White Claw5150
Corona Refresca4.5%19912
Modelo Chelada3.5%29012
Kingfisher Beer4.8%14012
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold3.8%11412
Corona Familiar4.8%15712
Bud Light Orange4.2%14212
Budweiser Jim Beam6.2%18612
Bud Light Chelada4.2%15112
Absolut Vodka40%961.5
Grey Goose Vodka 40%971.5
Bud Light Platinum 6%13712
Natty Daddy 8%18112
Bud Ice 5.5%13612
Yuengling Black And Tan 4.8%15812
Jameson Irish Whiskey40%1041.5
Labatt Blue 5%13512
Shiner Bock 4.4%14212
Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7%13812
Bud Select 55 2.4%5512
Smirnoff Ice5%24112
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5.6%17512
Corona Extra 4.6%14812
Michelob 4.8%15812
Schlitz Malt Liquor 6.2%18512
Heineken 5%142150
Coors Banquet 5%14912
Miller High Life 4.6%14312
Pabst Blue Ribbon 4.74%14412
Guinness Draught 4.2%12812
Busch Ice 5.9%17112
Busch 4.3%11412
Michelob Light 4.1%12312
Bud Light Lime4.2%11612
Molson Canadian 5%14812
Amstel Light 3.5%9595
Miller High Life Light 4.1%11012
Bud Light 4.2%11012
Keystone Light 4.13%10412
Busch Light 4.1%9512
Budweiser Select 4.3%9912
Smirnoff Vodka Blue Label 100 Proof 50%1211.5
Skinnygirl Rose Wine12%1005
Southern Comfort (70 proof)35%1051.5
Bud Light Lime A Rita8%49512
Bud Light Lime A Rita6%37112
Landshark Lager 4.6%15012
Michelob Ultra Light Cider 4%120120
Samuel Adams Double Bock 9.5%32312
Bacardi Light Mojito 12.5%27812
Carlsberg Elephant 7.2%21312
Alaskan IPA 6.217812
Hurricane Ice 7.5%17512
Yuengling Lager 4.6%14212
Negra Modelo 5.4%17012
Jager Bomb 8.75%2156
Labatt Blue Light 4%10812
Shiner Light 4%12012
Chivas Regal Premium Scotch Whisky40%1041.5
Smirnoff Ice Screwdriver13.3%36912
Dos Equis Lager 4.6%14212
Vermouth - Martini Rosso Vermouth 16661.5
Karl Strauss Amber Lager 4.2%16112
Michelob ULTRA Pomegranate Raspberry4%9512
Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea17%671.5
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 9.6%33012
Mojito 6.3%21212
Smirnoff Ice Light3.2%9912
Johnnie Walker Red Label43%1051.5
Jack Daniels Whiskey 40%6598
Natural Ice 5.9%13012
Molson Canadian Light 3.9%12012
Molson Ice 5.6%16912
Fosters 5%14512
Tecate 4.25%13812
Red Dog 4.8%14712
Sam Adams Light 4%11912
Boom Beer7%90
Simba Beer8%145
San Miguel5.0%14412
Oculto Beer6%18012
Helium Beer5%36012
New Belgium Citradelic6.0%17612
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager5.2%14712
Sour Monkey9.5%28512
Zombie Dust6.4%19012
Goose Island IPA5.9%20612
AleSmith IPA 7.2521012
Colt 45 Malt Liquor 6.1%17212
Gose Beer4.9%14612
Three Floyds Zombie Dust6.2%19012
ODouls Amber0.4%9012
Busch NA0.4%6012
Sapporo Premium Light3.9%11912
Red Bridge Beer4%12712
Alexander Keiths Lager5.4%16812
Alexander Keiths Brown Ale5.4%17812
Michelob ULTRA Lime Cactus4%9512
Michelob ULTRA Dragonfruit Peach4%9512
Shock Top Raspberry Wheat5.2%17912
Third Shift Amber Lager5.3%18212
Big Flats Light Beer3.9%9612
Batch 195.5%17212
Redds Apple Ale5%16512
Sparks Blackberry8%28712
Budweiser Black Crown6%16512
Becks Sapphire 6%16212
Big Flats Lager Beer4.5%14812
Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita Pre mixed12.7%42412
Alcohol Inspired Refresher (AIR)4%9512
AleSmith Anvil ESB 5.518012
AleSmith Old Numbskull 11%31012
Angry Orchard Traditional Dry Cider5.519012
Hendricks Gin44%1081.5
AleSmith X 5.25%15012
AleSmith Speedway Stout 12%33012
Chambord Flavored Vodka 37.51201.5
Bohemia Clasica5.3%15912
Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider6.9%14012
Greens Premium Golden Ale4.8%113156
Bards Original Sorghum Malt Beer4.6%155155
Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur 16.5%1001.5
New Planet Tread Lightly Ale 5%125179
New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale5%160160
New Planet Off Grid Pale Ale5%170170
Greens Premium Pils4.8%15112
Creme de menthe36%1871.5
Gewurztraminer Wine 12%1205
Pabst Blue Ribbon Light4.19%11312
Carlo Rossi - Vin Rose9.1%1155
Carlo Rossi - White Grenache10.5%1205
Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur40%1141.5
Syrah Wine12.5%1225
Carlo Rossi - Chianti12.4%1355
Carlo Rossi - Paisano11.9%1355
Carlo Rossi - Rhine9.2%1155
Carlo Rossi - Sangria Spanada10%1255
Strawberry Daiquiri Bartles and Jaymes3.6%22012
Carlo Rossi - Blush9.1%1005
Carlo Rossi - Chablis10.2%1205
Fuzzy Navel - Bartles & Jaymes3.6%23012
Margarita - Bartles & Jaymes3.6%26012
Exotic Berry - Bartles & Jaymes3.6%21012
Pina Colada - Bartles & Jaymes3.6%27012
Cragganmore Scotch Whisky60.1%1471.5
Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea35%1171.5
Murphys Irish Stout4%12412
Pure Ethanol 100%A+238
Tusker Lager4.2%12812
Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum47.3%1171.5
Captain Morgan 100 Proof Rum50%1221.5
Dalwhinnie Scotch Whisky57.8%1411.5
Chimay Triple 8%20212
Chimay Rouge 7%18612
Stella Rosa5.5%1195
Cosmopolitan 22.9%1753.5
Martini 43.1%2954
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel 4.8%15612
Warsteiner Premium Verum 4.8%15312
Licher Pilsner Leicht 2.8%8512
Konig Radler 2.5%7512
Konig Pilsener 4.9%14912
Bitburger Light 2.8%9612
Krombacher Dark 4.3%12412
Krombacher Weizen 5.3%16012
Krombacher Pils 4.8%13812
Skol 4.7%14912
Sparks Iced Tea 8%27812
Skinnygirl White Peach Margarita12.7%29812
Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka30%761.5
Skinnygirl Red Wine 12%1005
Skinnygirl White Wine12%1005
Skinnygirl Sangria10.5%1325
Skinnygirl Pina Colada9.95%26612
Skinnygirl Island Coconut Vodka30%771.5
Skinnygirl Cucumber Vodka30%761.5
Skinnygirl Bare Naked Vodka30%751.5
Michelob Ultra 19th Hole Light Tea & Lemonade 3.9%14012
Jack and Coke 10%30812
Jack and Diet Coke 10%19512
Samuel Adams Noble Pils 4.9%16912
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat 5.3%17612
Samuel Adams Winter Lager 5.6%19312
Makers Mark 45.5%1101.5
TGI Friday On The Rocks Mai Tai12.5%40612
Myers Frozen Pina Colada13%2405
Myers Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri13%2175
Pinot Noir (Beaulieu Vineyard)13.7%1515
Stirrings Triple Sec30%1111.5
Strawberry Daiquiri (blended)9.36%22512
Pina Colada (blended)10%36612
Bacardi Light Pina Colada 11.5%27812
Bombay Sapphire Gin 47%1141.5
Paulaner Munich Premium Lager 4.9%15012
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen 5.5%168167
Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen 5.8%17712
Sleeman Clear 4%8090
Blue Paddle Pilsner Lager 4.8%145145
Trippel Belgian Style Ale 7.8%215221
Strongbow Cider (USA variant) 5%14012
Spaten Lager 5.2%160160
Strohs 4.52%14212
Tennents Sweetheart Stout 2%12212
Tennents Special 3.5%11512
Tennents Lager 4%11712
Carling 4%11712
Carling Chrome 4.8%13312
Crown Lager 4.9%14212
Sheaf Stout 5.7%18812
Crown Gold 3.5%11712
Cascade Premium Light 2.6%9612
Cascade Lager 4.8%13512
Vailima Lager 4.9%14212
Victoria Bitter 4.6%13512
Southwark Bitter 4.5%13512
Steinlager Classic 5%14612
Swan Draught 4.5%12812
Emu Bitter 4%14212
XXXX Bitter 4.6%13112
Boags Draught 4.6%13112
Boags XXX Ale 4.8%13812
Emu Draft 3%10612
West End Draught 4.5%13112
James Boags Premium 5%14212
James Boags Premium Light 2.9%9212
Hahn Premium Light 2.6%9612
Hahn Premium 5%14612
Tooheys New 4.6%13512
Greens Tripel Blonde Ale 8.5%20612
Tooheys Old 4.4%13112
Sparks Lemonade 8%26212
Alexander Keiths Pale Ale 5.415912
Grahams 2007 Vintage Port20%2295
Alaskan Pale 5.2%15012
Alaskan Amber 5.317512
Cranberry Vodka (Cape Cod) 10.9134312
Mimosa 6.25%895
Fireball Whisky33%1081.5
Mike's Lite Hard Lemonade 3.2%11712
Coronado Idiot IPA 8.5%24112
Coronado Golden -Coronado Brewing Co. 5.4%15012
Coronado Brewing Orange Ave Wit 5.2%15212
Beefeater Gin47%1151.5
E&J XO Brandy40%991.5
MGD 64 Lemonade 2.8%6412
E&J Cognac40%991.5
E&J Brandy40%971.5
E&J Brandy VSOP40%991.5
Ketel One Vodka 40%961.5
Harp Lager 4.7%15312
Jose Cuervo Light Margarita9.95%27212
Yuengling Chesterfield Ale 5.2%18512
Yuengling Porter 4.8%16212
Yuengling Premium Light 3.3%9812
Yuengling Premium 4.6%14212
Yuengling Light Lager 3.5%9912
Ozeki Sake (Regular Type)16%1535
Leffe Tripel 8.5%24812
Belle Vue Selection Lambic 6%16212
Hakutsuru Plum Wine Slim10.5%1585
Hakutsuru Plum Wine12.5%1885
Hakutsuru Draft Sake14%34812
Hakutsuru Superior Sake14.5%1455
Sayuri Nigori Sake12.5%1405
Don Julio Blanco Tequila40%961.5
Smirnoff Twist of Raspberry Vodka35%911.5
Knob Creek Bourbon50%1201.5
Skinny Girl Margarita 12.7%100300
1554 Enlightened Black Ale 5.619812
Shock Top Belgian White 5.2%16712
St. Pauli Girl - Lager 4.9%14812
Pacifico 4.4%14512
Tsingtao 4.8%15712
New Belgium Sunshine Wheat 4.8%14512
Long Island Iced Tea22%13612
Irish Car Bomb 6.9%22312
Dogfish Head 60min IPA 6%20912
Imperial 4.6%15012
Shiner Hefeweizen 5.4%17412
Shiner Blonde 4.4%14012
Shiner Light Blonde 4.2%9999
TGI Friday On The Rocks White Russian 12.5%3035
Yukon Jack50%1631.5
Gordons - Dry Gin40%961.5
Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade5.8%24112
Jeremiah Weed - Roadhouse Tea5.8%33712
Jeremiah Weed - Spiked Cola5.8%22612
Jeremiah Weed Bourbon50%1501.5
Jim Beam Kentuckty Straight Bourbon Whiskey40%1001.5
Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky40%981.5
Vodka and Diet Coke 13.3%25812
Hoegaarden White 4.9%15912
Bowman's Vodka40%971.5
Asahi Black 5.3%16712
Asahi Super Dry 4.914912
Wyder's Pear Cider4%14012
Wyder's Raspberry Cider4%12012
Wyder's Apple Cider5%15012
Bulmers Light Irish Cider4.5%9912
Malibu Rum 21%811.5
MARTINI & ROSSI Extra Dry18%1605
MARTINI & ROSSI Asti7%1205
Cointreau Triple Sec40%103143
Three Olives Naked Vodka40%991.5
Duvel 8.5%21312
Sailor Jerry Spiced Navy Rum46%1181.5
Labatt Sterling 4%B+92
Godiva - Chocolate Cream Liqueur15%1251.5
TGI Friday On The Rocks Mudslide10%3055
Bushmills Irish Whiskey40%981.5
Patron Gran Patron Burdeos Anejo40%981.5
Courvoisier XO Cognac40%1041.5
Disaronno - Amaretto Di Saronno28%1261.5
Tuaca Liqueur35%1101.5
Hakutsuru Premium Sake15.5%1645
Carlsberg Export 5%15212
Karl Strauss - Red Trolley Ale 5.8%20212
Charles Shaw - Cabernet Sauvignon12.51195
Franzia Shiraz Wine13%1105
Franzia Merlot Wine12.5%1055
Franzia Cabernet Sauvingon 12%1055
Franzia Chillable Red9%1055
Seagrams 7 40%1041.5
Captain Morgan - Private Stock 40%40%1021.5
Smithwicks Draught 4.5%12812
Crown Royal - Special Reserve 40%961.5
Rumple Minze - Peppermint50%1641.5
Sauvingnon Blanc 13.3%1435
Smirnoff Twist of Green Apple Vodka35%931.5
Tilt Red 12%12%42612
Tilt Purple 12%52612
Chianti - Davinci 13%1255
Franzia Crisp White Wine9%1055
Sambuca Romana42%1721.5
Pig's Eye Ice Beer 5.9%13412
Pig's Eye Lean Light 4.2%9512
Bacardi Gold Rum 40%981.5
Bacardi 151 Rum 75.5%1831.5
Twisted Tea Light - Hard Iced Tea4%115115
Wild Turkey 8040%981.5
Bass 5.1%15612
Bloody Mary8%23912
Hurricane High Gravity 8.1%21212
Tilt Green10%42712
Champagne - Moet Imperial (White Star) 12.5%1145
Champagne - Dom Perignon (Year 2000) 12.51105
Mike's 5.5%235252
Patron Anejo Tequila 40%981.5
Patron Silver Tequila 40991.5
Kronenbourg 1664 5.5%14612
Molson Golden 5%15112
Molson XXX 7.3%20112
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1%15012
Popov Vodka 80 proof40%971.5
Blue Moon Full Moon Winter Ale5.52%18012
Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale5.76%18012
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale5.2%15712
Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale5.4%16112
Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager 5.5%19512
Henry Weinhard's Belgian Style Wheat 4.9%15512
Henry Weinhard's Blonde 5.1%16112
Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar 4.6%14712
Henry Weinhard's Classic Dark Lager 5%16412
Henry Weinhard's Hefeweizen 4.9%15112
Henry Weinhard's India Pale Ale 6%18912
Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve 4.8%15012
Red Stripe 4.7%15112
Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss 4.7%20712
Leinenkugel's BIG BUTT Dopplebock 5.8%19412
Carlo Rossi - Cabernet Sauvignon 11.8%1255
Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark 4.9%17012
Leinenkugel's Fireside Nut Brown 4.9%15512
Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss 4.9%14912
Leinenkugel's Light 4.2%10912
Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest Lager 5.1%17012
Leinenkugel's Original Lager 4.7%15212
Leinenkugel's Red Lager 4.9%16612
Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy 4.2%13012
Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat 4.9%16512
Fosters Premium Ale 5.5%16012
Sharp's 0.4%5812
Sparks Plus6%25812
Sparks Plus 7%7%28812
Carlo Rossi - Burgundy 12.5%1355
Wild Turkey 10150.5%1241.5
Gin and Tonic10%25512
Boddingtons Pub Ale 4.6%14812
Molson Canadian 67 3%6767
Pastis pure45%1441.5
Four Loko (all flavors) 12%33712
Jose Cuervo Especial (Gold) 40%961.5
Jose Cuervo Especial (Silver) 40%961.5
Becks Pilsner 5%13812
Becks Dark 5%14212
Beck's Octoberfest 5.2%13512
O'Doul's 0.4%6512
Bud Light Golden Wheat 4.1%11812
Dunkelweisse 5.5%16712
Chelada Budweiser 5%18612
Hurricane (Original) 6%13612
Bulmers Irish Cider4.5%14512
Coors Extra Gold Lager 5%15212
Hamm's 4.7%14412
Hamm's Special Light 3.9%11012
Icehouse 5.5%14912
Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor 5.6%15712
Miller Chill 4.2%10012
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 6.8%21412
Olde English 800 7.5 7.5%20212
Olde English High Gravity 800 8%22012
Steel Reserve High Gravity 8.1%22212
Carlo Rossi - White Zinfandel8%855
Steel Six 6%16012
Vodka - Royal Gate (generic) 80 proof40971.5
Grolsch Amber Ale 5.4%16012
Grolsch Blonde Lager 2.8%12012
Grolsch Light Lager 3.6%9712
Grolsch Premium Lager 5%14712
Kahlua 20%1351.5
Baily's Irish Cream17%1441.5
Tilt Orange ABV4%30712
Coors Non-Alcoholic 0.5%5812
Anchor Steam 4.9%15312
Harbin Lager 4.8%14412
Sierra Nevada Summerfest Beer 5%15812
Lowenbrau Dark 5%16012
Shock Top Pumpkin 5.2%16212
Old Milwaukee Beer 4.5%14612
George Killian's Irish Red 5.4%16212
Pyramid Hefeweizen 5.2%16812
Pete's Wicked Ale 5.3%17412
Bud American Ale 5.3%18212
Samuel Adams Boston Lager 4.9%17512
Parrot Bay Caribbean Coconut Rum20%871.5
Samuel Adams Boston Ale 5.4%17712
Jagermeister 35%1111.5
Pilsner Urquell 4.4%15612
Michelob Honey Lager 4.9%17412
Hornsby's Hard Cider Hard Apple Cider5.5%20012
Rum and Coke 8.75%28512
Zima Beer4.7%10012
Anchor Porter 5.620912
Samuel Adams Cream Stout 4.9%19012
White Russian 17.7%3075
Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock 5.8%23012
Arbor Mist White Zinfandel Exotic Fruit6%1055
Tilt Green8%34612
Bacardi Silver Mojito 5%22912
Bacardi Silver Peach 5%24012
Bacardi Silver 03 5%24012
Samuel Adams Pale Ale 5.4%16012
Kirin Light 3.2%9595
Michelob AmberBock 5.1%15512
Vodka and Rockstar 13.3%39912
Old Milwaukee Light 3.8%11412
Victoria 4.04%13512
Miller Genuine Draft 4.6%14312
Blue Moon Belgian White 5.4%16412
Lowenbrau Special Beer 5.2%16012
Fat Tire 5.2%16012
Red Hook ESB 5.77%17912
Schlitz Beer 4.7%14612
Kirin Ichiban 4.9%14712
Red Hook IPA 6.5%18812
Sapporo Premium 4.9%14012
Milwaukee's Best Premium 4.3%12812
Hornsby's Hard Cider - Draft Cider6%17912
Tequiza 4.5%12712
Magnum Malt Liquor 5.6%15712
Beck's Premier Light 3.8%6412
Vodka and Red Bull 13.3%36612
Merlot 13.9%1525
Olde English 800 5.9%16012
Mickey's Ice 5.8%15712
Chardonnay (Sterling Vineyards)14.4%1565
Mad Dog 20/20 Red Grape Wine13%2005
Rolling Rock Extra Pale 4.5%13212
Schlitz Light 4.2%11012
Miller Genuine Draft Light 4.2%11012
Bud Dry 5%13012
Keystone Premium 4.43%11112
Miller Icehouse Light 4.13%10312
Milwaukee's Best Ice 5.9%14412
Everclear 95%2261.5
Keystone Ice 5.9%14512
Milwaukees Best Light 4.1%9812
Sparks Light6%13312
King Cobra 6%13412
Mike's Hard Lemonade 5%220235
Rum and Diet Coke 8.75%17212
Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum 35%861.5
Vodka and Rockstar Diet 13.3%26912
Vodka and Red Bull Sugar Free 13.3%26812
Tanqueray London Dry Gin 47.3%1161.5
Smirnoff Vodka Silver Label 90 Proof45.2%1101.5
Smirnoff Vodka Red Label 80 Proof 40%971.5
Popov Vodka 100 proof50%1211.5
Vienna Lager5.2%14712
Helles Lager4.8%15012
Natural Ice Beer5.9%13012
Furphy Beer4.4%13812
Bro Code Beer5%14412
Iron Jack Beer3.5%100
XXXX Beer3.5%10912
Stella Artois 5.2%15312
Budweiser 5%14512
Coors Light 4.2%10212
Dos Equis Amber 4.6%14612
Natural Light 4.2%9512
Miller 64 2.8%6412
Moosehead Lager5%14412
Modelo Especial 4.4%14512
Heineken Light 3.5%9912
Corona Light 4.1%9912
Miller Lite 4.2%9612
Blue Moon Beer5.4%17012
Michelob Ultra 4.2%895

The above-mentioned factors of beers allow the human body to react in a specific way against alcohol consumption. This reaction uniformly can be positive or negative, i.e.., beneficial or side-effective. Let’s know these factors by definition.

What is Beer Alcohol Percentage?

Alcohol percentage, Alcohol by Volume (ABV) or alcohol content in beer defines the amount of pure alcohol in beer glass/pint/bottle per service. The standard beer drink serve is 12 ounces. ABV for different beers can be different. The highest alcohol percentage limit in beer is 65.7%. On the other hand, the lowest alcohol content in beer is 4.2%.

Does low or high alcohol percentage measure beer’s side-effects?

It is noteworthy to mention that neither 4.2% of beer alcohol content or nor 65.7% can say to be harmful. The side-effects of alcohol majorly depend upon the physical and mental condition and capacity of the consumer.

For example, a consumer is taking one glass of beer with 65.7% of alcohol percentage one-time in a week. On the other hand, another consumer is taking one glass of beer with 4.2% of alcohol percentage per day. Both consumers can be healthy, or both can be a victim of alcohol’s side-effects. All potential results are possible.

What Are Carbohydrates and How Many Calories in Beer?

Beer contains calories and carbs. 12 oz beer calorie limits to 146 grams as per beer standards in the market. Incomparable to high-class drinks akin to vodkas, calories in beer list are high. Carbs per 146 grams of beer calories limit to 12.2 grams.

Let’s take a glimpse of the beer calories list “how many calories in one beer” concerning different beer brands.

Low-calories beers are prominent for their moderate nature. It helps an alcohol consumer to adapt to healthy drinking habits. As per a survey, consumers mention “weight gain” as a consequence of calories in beers.

Light beer calories drinks are preferred over a regular beer as a precaution against the alcohol’s side-effect. In this blog further, we are presenting the relationship between alcohol, calories and alcohol percentage. Let’s dig in:

How Low-calories beers come into production?

Beer Calories

“How many calories in a bottle of beer?” the question entirely depends on the beer brewer. During the manufacturing of light beer calories, ingredients with an attractive taste, aroma, and low-calories are utilized. In every 100 grams of beer, 47 calories are present. However, the mathematics do not remain the same in all kinds of beer.

As per the beer production procedure, the higher the temperature of beer during manufacturing, the calories also increases. It means with a per degree of beer temperature increment, calorie limit goes up.

Thus, different beer brands have different calorie limits. Corona beer calories count to 148 grams. Guinness beer calories count to 125 grams.  Similarly, blue moon beer calories are high up to 171 grams.

Besides the temperature method, manufacturers also consider lessening the calories in beer by breaking down dextrin elements in beer. Enzymes are added as an input in the beer to breakdown dextrin and lower the calories in a beer.

Why does beer temperature purposely increase during manufacturing?

Beer Temperature and calories in beer have a direct relationship. On the other hand, alcohol content percentage and beer temperature have an inverse relationship. To make a light beer, the manufacturers need to decrease the alcohol content in beer. As a result, the calories increase.

Craft beer holds traits of wine. Craft beer calories limit is 300 grams per 12 ounces of the drink. Moderate drinking standards state “there must not be more than 208 calories in a pint of beer.” Else are the consumer’s choices of taste, flavor and health condition.

Why high-calories beers are still the consumer’s favorite?

The question normally arises “if low-calories beers are healthy, why high-calories beers are preferred?” Let’s see “how many calories in a beer?” 47 grams of calories per 100 grams of beer. Busch beer calories count to 133 grams per 12 ounces. It is comparably a high number. However, it is still the first choice of customers worldwide.

This is because of the flavor of the beer. Calories in 12 oz beer can be 47 grams or 300 grams. It is noteworthy to mention that 47 grams of light beer calories may lack flavor and an attractive taste. But, 300-gram high-calories beer guarantees taste and customer satisfaction.

To lower the calories in beer, brewers without a thought include water and dilute it to an extent. It allows the drink to lose flavor. Calories per beer sometimes do not stand the matter of concern for the drinkers who desire to taste the best.

“Drinker’s choice—taste first, calories later!”