Have you ever wondered what a dunken-style lager taste like? If yes! Purchase Modelo Negra beer, the first-class Mexican alcoholic beverage. Modelo Beer Negra was introduced far back in 1926. It is an old-fashioned beer with a classic tang.

What Kind of Beer Is Negra Modelo?

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Mexican beers are ranked among the prominent tasteful beers worldwide. Beyond this ranking limit comes Negra Modelo beer which has world-class goodwill since the 1990s. Beer Negra Modelo is also called Cerveza Negra Modelo. It is available in national and international beer markets.

Modelo Negra beer is a caramel loaded alcohol drink. It is brown and it’s tanned tang attracts alcohol consumers at a global level. That’s right! On the one hand, the alcohol percentage of the Negra Modelo is average. However, it’s an attractive brown color and aromatic properties generate an impression of a powerful alcoholic drink.

It gives positive vibes to the drinker. It protects the body from immense intoxication with low Modelo Negra alcohol content.

What is Modelo Negra Alcohol Percentage?

Negra Modelo alcohol percentage is 5.4%. It is more than average alcohol content. However, as per studies, the above-average alcohol content of Modelo Negra balances out with the average level calories in Negra Modelo. Calories in Modelo Negra limits to 171 gram per 12 ounces of the drink.

The more calories in Negra Modelo leads to less intoxication impact of alcohol. Calories transfer into the body via Negra Modelo drink ensures that the appetite of the alcohol consumers does not improve at sudden.

Modelo Negra carbs limit to 14 gram per 12 ounces of the drink. It provides enough energy to the body to metabolize alcohol in no time.

Is Modelo Negra gluten-free?

Are you experiencing a Gluten-free diet? If yes! Modelo Negra is the right alternative alcoholic beverage for you. It does not contain any gluten properties. It is one of the best-selling MEXICAN drink since the past eight decades.

“Cheers to success of Modelo Negra Lager.”

BEER BRAND: Negra Modelo 
ABV: 5.4%