Moonshine Alcohol content percentage is wildly in trend. People on social media are inquisitive to know whether Moonshine’s alcohol content is as high as described by the law of the USA. One of the main reasons for Moonshine beverages to go viral is that the USA’s law prohibits its distillation at homes.

According to the headlines and labellings, Moonshine alcohol content percentage goes as high as 75%. So, where is the taste if everything is alcohol? Well! The packaging and design seem like a very fancy drink that people order in high-end bars and hotels with swimming pool service.

But, you will be surprised to know that there are multiple flavours of Moonshine out there. From Apple Pie Moonshine to Key Lime, Cherry Pie, and Green Apple, there’s nothing that you can miss!

Moonshine Alcohol Content

 So, if you are curious to know every little detail about Moonshine original beverage before you go down to the nearest bar and order one, you are on the right platform! But, first, let’s see what’s so special about this drink, making it a “daring” drink. 

Why is Moonshine illegal?

Distillation of Moonshine alcohol spirit at homes is prohibited in the United States and other countries as well. On the one hand, where alcohol-beverage distillation at home is considered a symbol of modernizing civilization, Moonshine’s distillation has been banned.

Why? To understand the reasons behind Moonshine’s illegality, one must comprehend the factors of danger related to the distillation of alcoholic beverages without accurate measurements. 

For the most part, a distillation of Moonshine is challenging as it contains a high percentage of alcohol content and sugar. Not only this, but during distillation, if the home-brewer falls for tricks to make Moonshine more alcoholic than it already is, the consumer can go blind. Or face other hardcore harmful side effects of high alcohol content. 

This is why Moonshine distillation at home is illegal. But, of course, where there are endless adverse outcomes related to the consumption and distillation of Moonshine, you will learn about its benefits as well in this reading ahead. 

The alcohol content of Moonshine

Moonshine Alcohol Content Percentage differs based on the “proof” value. By definition, alcohol proof is a term/measurement unit of pure ethanol in an alcohol-based flavoured beverage.

According to the ABV calculation formulas, ABV = 2 * Alcohol Proof. Hence, if you buy a Moonshine 150 proof bottle, its ABV percentage would be 75% (minimum).

Now, you will be surprised to know that Moonshine’s 190 proof is also available in the market. 190 proof means ABV percentage as high as 95%. Would you buy it? 

In recent months, Moonshine alcohol content value went viral on social media. People started asking questions like, “does Moonshine alcoholic-beverage can power a car?” Sounds silly, right? However, you will be surprised to acknowledge that Moonshine Alcohol content value is enough to power an automobile for real. 

It is not a very uncommon practice in the USA. High-end brands like Henry Ford are famous for their functionality on ethanol and mixed beverages. Strange, but true!

Moonshine and black market production in the 1700s

Are you even a real fan of Moonshine Alcohol Beverage if you are not aware of its history? Well! Here we go for some helpful facts: 

Moonshine was indeed invented in 1785. In those days, Moonshine was acknowledged by some other names. For example, White Dog or Mash liquor. But, the term “moonshine” fits the beverage perfectly because it’s distilled under the moonlight.

That’s right! One of the reasons why Moonshine’s distillation was banned was because people started making it in forest hills at night after the Government put a tax on booze purchase from the market.

In the 1700s, there were not many technologies to filter out alcoholic beverages to eliminate impurities. But, in the 1800s, the commencement of the Revenue Act decreased the consumption of Moonshine from 90% to 40% in the USA. 

After a century, Moonshine has made a comeback and sales of alcoholic beverages labelled “moonshine” have gone as high as 75%. 

Is Moonshine any good in taste? 

Amateur alcohol consumers will always pick an alcoholic beverage that will get their head spinning. But, legend consumers definitely contribute a more significant part of their focus on the beverage’s taste.

It does not matter whether the ABV value of a drink is 30% or 60% if it does not taste good. It will never give you the pleasure of drinking. 

So, where does Moonshine stand in taste? With its alcohol content as high as 95%, is it any good? What are its main notes? How is it made? Let’s find out: 

Moonshine’s taste mainly depends on what flavour you choose? For example, Apple Pie Moonshine gives out a Christmassy vibe. On the other hand, green Apple’s taste is a pinch similar to vodka liquor. Apart from the fruity flavour, Moonshine gives away high-end taste notes and aromatic qualities of corn. 

How is it made? 

List of ingredients: 

  • Corn
  • Sugar
  • Dry yeast
  • Water

Making process: 

First, mix all four ingredients and keep them aside for hours to create a mountain dew-like taste. Afterwards, boil methanol/ethanol/alcohol and use a cooling device like a refrigerator. Mix and keep for another hour. Finally, your Moonshine alcohol is ready. 

More often than not, the illicit nature of Moonshine also depends on the high volume of methanol content that home-brewers utilize mistakenly. Even a 2% high amount of methanol can lead to consumers’ death or cause blindness. 

In 2015, India went through a healthcare crisis when 90 consumers died due to the consumption of methanol contaminated Moonshine. 

Is making Moonshine alcohol at home a punishable offence? 

Distillation of Moonshine at home or manufacturing place or brewery is only legal if you have the license for it. Under the USA’s law and order, this offence can lead the culprit to five years in jail. In addition, a liability of 15 thousand USD remains payable at any cost. 


So, now that you know everything about Moonshine, would you buy this high-ABV spirit? After decades, the reproduction of Moonshine under many brands has begun. Liquor stores are selling Moonshine flavoured beverages at large.

Henceforth, the sources are always open if you want to try them. At last, we’d only recommend that you be safe. Please consider your drinking and alcohol management capacity before consumption. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

BEER BRAND: Moonshine
ABV: 75%