Anton Dreher’s original drink had been introduced back in the year 1841. This old-fashioned Vienna style lager created a rush for an amber-colored drink among the drinkers all over the world. The A-rated Devils backbone Vienna Lager becomes the prominent choice of alcohol for the Germans in the 19th century. Indeed, this style beer gained quite an attention from the Americans, and all over the world, the newer versions introduced. Some quite famous versions of it are Devils backbone and double nickel Vienna lager.

What is Vienna Lager Devils Backbone alcohol content?

devils backbone vienna lager

Vienna Lager’s alcohol content amounts to 5.2%. It means if you consume one glass of this beer, it’s ABV value is 5.2%. It is an average alcohol percentage and thus, one may not suffer from any dis-interest impact of alcohol. It has been put into the market by the devil’s backbone brewing company and since then, the beer is called Devils Backbone. One of the good parts that the brewing company has taken care of is the alcohol content in it. It is safe for all consumers to drink.

How many calories in Devils backbone?

As per the recipe, it does not include any high-end sugar content. It does not increase the appetite beyond the human craving for food. It is because of the low-calorie nature of the Devils backbone. Indeed, one bottle of Devils contains up to 147 calories. It compensates for the need for energy in the body of the consumer.

It has special malts, caramel, corn, hops, yeast, and water which give the drink an excellent tang. For everyone out there, It is a stylish beer that comes from an old-generation. Undoubtedly, it will be passed to the new generation too.

“Vienna style lager is forever.”

BEER BRAND: Devils Backbone Vienna Lager
ABV: 5.2%

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