Do you love to sit under the sunlight and enjoy sipping a flavored alcoholic beverage? Then this flavored malt beverage, a tropical booze-spiked drink – “Corona Refresca” is a perfect choice for you!

Corona is a well-known brand with a worldwide reach; they offer quality beverages and lists in the topmost loved brands all over the world. When they entered this new segment of non-beer beverages around a year ago, no one could have ever imagined how popular these drinks would be.

Sparkling flavored beverages are already on a trend and this launch by Corona is a perfect one at the perfect time. Launched in March 2019, Corona was ready to hit the market in summers with Refresca drinks and indeed they were a huge success.

Moreover, this is the first flavored beverage in the company’s history, they aim to target new flavor seeking customers.

At first, the company launched Refresca drinks only in the United States in selected states like California, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina.

However, later they spread out to other states too and now have a nationwide presence. Inspired by the tropics, this alcoholic flavored malt beverage belongs to the portfolio of Constellation Brands.

The brand launched the beverage in three different flavors – Guava Lime, Coconut lime and Passion fruit Lime.

Corona Refresca Guava Lime

This one is a premium spiked refresher infused with delectable flavors of lime and guava. The brew is a little sweet and has a perfect balance of flavors. It comes in a pack of 6 cans and costs $9.99. The beverage is perfect to sip at a dinner party and has a perfect balance between taste and alcohol.

The mix is quite refreshing and looks bright orange when poured out in a glass. It smells refreshing, tastes refreshing like fresh guava and lime and has a smooth aftertaste. The drink is a little sweet and much of the sweetness is covered by the guava flavor.

Corona Refresca Coconut Lime

A tropical drink without coconut in it! Sounds incomplete, right? The refreshing taste of coconut is evergreen and the trio would be incomplete without it. Infused with the flavors of lime and coconut, Corona Refresca Coconut Lime is probably the best drink to beat the summer heat. It comes in a bundle of 12 cans that has all the three flavors in it and costs $16.99.

Moreover, this one’s definitely not sweet and the alignment of lime and passion fruit makes the mix a little tarty. The drink looks bright yellow in color when poured out and gives a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Corona Refresca Passion fruit Lime

The second premium flavor of the spiked refresher in the bundle is one infused with passion fruit. The name says how interesting and amazing the taste would be.

If you want something fruity to drink which is not beer and you love passion fruits then this is a good choice indeed. The drink comes housed in a can and comes in a bundle of 6 and costs $6.99.

Furthermore, the beverage looks a little milky just like coconut water and has a strong coconut smell. The taste is amazing; with the right amount of coconut flavor in it, the drink will never fail to remind you of tropics. For those who don’t like coconut, you still must give it a try.

What’s in it?

Till now it’s quite clear that this beverage is not a beer, but it is an alcoholic drink. So, what is it then? What goes in this refreshing alcoholic beverage that makes it so delectable? Ingredients in Corona Refresca are few and simple; it is just the malt that is brewed with a particular flavor that gives Refresca its refreshing taste.

Moreover, it is made with minimal fermentation which is the major factor that leads to its crisp taste. The beverage is like sparkling water with a dash of alcohol and is trending in the mixed drinks category.

Where to buy Refresca?

The cocktail-inspired drink is available in stores worldwide. Just search “Corona Refresca near me” on the search engine and you’ll find many stores that have them on its shelf. You can also order the beverage online at various websites (online stores) they also offer good home delivery services.

Refresca’s Alcohol Content

The beverage is not a beer but is also alcoholic, it has 4.5% ABV that makes it a light alcoholic drink. No doubt Constellation focused more on flavors and a refreshing taste than alcohol.

Corona Refresca Nutrition facts

Well, this awesome trio is not just tasty and refreshing but has a lot of nutritional value too.

Corona Refresca Calories

All three drinks are less than 199 calories per 12 oz serving. They offer an amazingly refreshing and crisp taste, the one you long for in hot weather. The passion fruit one has got 178 calories, guava lime consists of 185 calories and coconut lime has 191 calories in it (per 12 oz).    

Corona Refresca Carbs

A can of Corona Refresca consists of around 26g carbs. To be precise, passion fruit lime has 22.8g carbs in one can, guava lime has got 24.5g and coconut lime 25.7g. The drinks are quite light when it comes to the volume of carbohydrates in it.

So now, you can sip this vibrant beverage without feeling guilty.

These spiky alcoholic drinks are good compliments with barbecue or seafood. You can enjoy these malt beverages at pool parties, at the beach or even at your backyard barbeques.

Refresca by Corona is surely an awesome addition to the constellation portfolio and is a huge hit. You can start by purchasing the 12 pack, it consists of all the three flavors. You can try each one of them and determine which one you liked the most.

Summers are around the corner and with this refreshing spikey booze you can make the most of it!

BEER BRAND: Corona Refresca
ABV: 4.5%