The word platinum embraces the goodwill of Bud light Platinum in the context of American classic beer form. It falls into the category of light beer but contains an advanced taste. Bud Light Platinum 24 packs hold a record of bulk sell in the craft beer industry. Platinum Bud light version of alcohol is quite prominent among the drinkers with a preference of appeal to the drink.

How Much Alcohol Is In Bud Light Platinum?

Bud Light Platinum Calories

Bud Light platinum alcohol percentage is 6% per 12 ounces of drink. It is the highest pure alcohol-containing drink introduced by Anheuser Busch recently in 2012. The amazingly high but light taste of Bud Light platinum alcohol content imparts an appealing drinking experience. Bud light platinum 6 pack is enough to make a night enjoyable for a group of friends on a night out.

How Many Calories In Bud Light Platinum?

There are a total of 137 bud light platinum calories per 12 ounces of drink. Bud light platinum percentage alcohol is high; however, it balances with the calories in the drink. It ensures the human body to maintain a level of sane against the alcohol in the body. Calories and bud light platinum carbs provide the alcohol consumer physical energy to handle a moderate drinking routine.

Each bud light platinum cans contain 3.2 grams of bud light platinum carbs. It is very low as compared to other prominently known drinks.

Has Bud Light Platinum Been Discontinued?

No, Bud Light Platinum is available in the beer markets, bars, and alcohol industry all over the world. In 2016, Bud light platinum was known to be discontinued. Luckily, it was only a rumor. Today, Bud light platinum counts among the world-class malt liquors and first-rate gravity beers and wines.

“Taste Bud Light platinum 12 packs today to enjoy the classic tang of American love!”

BEER BRAND: Bud Light Platinum 
ABV: 6%