Rainier Brewing Company started the advertising of Rainier Beer with hashtag Rewild the Rainiers to communicate the excellent texture and wild nature of Rainier’s newly trending beer. The heavenly beer aka Rainier beer commercial styled the Rainier as the American Adjunct Lager style beer with a hint of pure golden barley and verdant hops.

To the reader’s surprise, Rainier beer comes from older times. Yes, that’s correct! Rainier beer has been trending as the wildfire beer since the 1900s. It has an exclusive fan base that compliments the Rainier beer for it’s integrated and popularity of taste in the Pacific Northwest from the USA.

What is Rainier Beer’s Alcohol Percentage?

Rainier Beer ABV


The alcohol percentage of alcohol by volume decides whether a beer is drinkable concerning the side-effects and the benefits of alcohol. If you are looking for the answer to “whether Rainier beer alcohol content is safe?” Then, you are getting luckier today because yes. Rainier beer abv limits to 4.6% that is healthy calculated alcohol by volume.

To the reader’s surprise, Rainier beer has been declared as the winner of a gold medal for being the best American style lager in 2016 at the World beer Cup event. Sounds astonishing, does not it? Well! It is noteworthy to mention that every sip of rainier beer lager is relaxing and gives you the pleasure that you are worthy of.

What is Rainier beer calories?

If you are looking forward to disconnecting your relationship with beer-weight gain and adopt better lager options. Rainier beer is your type of lager. Rainier beer calories amount to 110 grams per 12 ounces of drink. It is quite a fewer calorie amount as compared to other American lagers.

The good part is the drink contains negligible rainier beer carbs that help you to overcome the risk of weight gain. Now, you can drink to feel pleasant and end your day with the start of a happy night.

“Buy the award-winning American lager Rainier beer and experience the world from the eyes of winners.”

ABV: 4.6%