A standout name in the beer market, Delirium Tremens Beer has carved a niche for itself. Known for its potency, the beer packs a boozy punch with its high alcohol content, making it a strong beer. What people most love about this beer is the smooth taste, which is accentuated even further by the beer’s strength. Besides Delirium tremens beer alcohol content and its unique taste, the one thing that it has become recognized for is the Pink elephant logo on the bottle. 

Delirium Tremens Beer ABV

Talking about its strength, delirium tremens beer alcohol content is rated at 8.5%, which gives the beer its unique texture. Owing to its unique taste and strength, the beer is the most popular brew from the brand and contributes to almost 40% of its sale!

Over the years, the beer has won several accolades for its unique taste, power-packed alcohol punch, and exceptional branding. 

Delirium Tremens Beer

The Secret behind Delirium Tremens Beer’s Unique Taste

Open the bottle and you will experience a unique blend of pear and apple aroma. Along with this, you also get to experience the exquisite flavors of fruits like banana, wheat, and various spices. You are definitely in for a ride in the world of aromas with this amazing beer. 

One thing that beer loves always think about is the nutritional content and calories in the beer. And, this is where the best part about Delirium tremens beer comes into the picture Delirium tremens calories value is 200 calories, which is quite normal for a beer.

However, none of these calories are from the fat, making this malty and spicy strong beer a standout name!

Delirium Tremens – The Crazy Story behind Its Name!

For those who don’t know, Delirium tremens is a scientific term used to explain the symptoms that generally an alcoholic feels during the withdrawal of alcohol. The symptoms include tremors, hallucinations, and confusion to name a few.

But, how did the name get coined?

According to the story, there was a Belgian tax collector who used to experience delirium tremens when he continued drinking the brew. His gradual slipping into this state of delirium led to the naming of Delirium tremens beer. 

Another interesting story about the beer is that the person who created its logo was also paid in beer – it was an art student who used to work the brewery. 

Ceramic Bottles, Instead Of Normal Glass

One of the most exciting things about this beer, besides delirium tremens beer’s ABV, is the unique bottles in which it is packaged. Unlike regular glass bottles, the brand uses light cologne-style ceramic bottles.

The saying goes that the earliest used ceramic bottles were the leftovers from a customer’s order. However, today they have become an integral part of the brand’s identity.  

Awards, Accolades, and More!

The strong blond beer has received many awards at the international level, the recent one coming in 2021 when it was awarded GOLD at the Frankfurt International Trophy Competition. Delirium tremens beer also won GOLD at the World Beer Awards held in 2020 in the United Kingdom.

Ready to Warm Your Tongue and Palate?

If you are looking to try a strong Belgian beer, with a unique taste, then there cannot be a better option than Delirium tremens beer. The good news is that this is not the only beer from the company. There are several other beers produced by the same brand, with the same amazingly unique qualities, which are definitely worth trying!  

So, are you up for it?

BEER BRAND: Delirium Tremens
ABV: 8.5%