Know About Guinness Calories and Drink Accordingly

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The moment you walk into any bar, you’re likely to spot a familiar bottle- Guinness. The beer is actually the Irish stout which can arguably be considered as one of the most popular imported beer in the United States. Though Guinness beer lies very much into the conversation of the beer lovers, the fact is that most of them are not even concerned about the Guinness calories.

Just like any other beer, calories in Guinness matters a lot. Knowing about it will help anyone to drink the quantity accordingly so that they don’t end up going over the normal calorie consumption of the day, which will ultimately have a negative impact on the weight and health of the people.

About Guinness Calories

Before we go deep into the discussion about this beer calories, let’s focus on learning a little more about this beer.

About Guinness Beer

At the point when Guinness Draft propelled in 1959, it was the primary beer that utilized nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide.

In this manner, the nitro beer was conceived, and today, craft brewers are exploring different avenues regarding nitro beers in for a wide range of styles. It has been found that Guinness is sold in around 150 countries around the world.

Studies have shown that more than 30% of the Guinness beer is sold in Africa. It is labeled as Foreign Extra Stout. Essentially, this particular beer is also exported in the early 19th century to the far reaches of the British Empire.

How Many Calories Does Guinness Have?

Coming back to the concern of calories in a Guinness beer! Most of the people don’t even bother to worry about the calories and the alcohol content of the beer and just want to enjoy it till its last sip. But a responsible drinker is the one who should have proper knowledge about what he is drinking.

Calories in Guinness beer are known to have 125 calories which is quite much when compared to a number of light beers like Bud Light and Miller Lite. But the other part to it is that the beer is not much boozier like other beer brands. An average beer tends to contain 5% ABV while Guinness just has 4.2% ABV.

But, yes, there’s no denying the fact that this stout-style brew is high in calories. The creamy texture, rich caramel-tinged flavor, and the dark color completely justify the number of calories in it.

The sweetness and the dark color of the beer come from the roasted barley which is brought into use in the brewing process of Guinness.

Calories in Guinness Stout

People who love drinking Guinness are usually found out to be a fan of Guinness Stout. But despite drinking it on various occasions, they still are unaware of the Guinness Stout calorie content. But we have to dig it deeper and found that there are 125 calories in the Guinness Stout.

Calories in Guinness Extra Stout

It’s quite clear that when the word “extra” comes, it will definitely bring along some increased numbers. Here the increased numbers will be regarding the increase in the calorie level of the beer.

For the people who are not aware, Guinness Extra Stout calories are known to be 176 calories, which is quite more than Guinness Stout. But there’s another side to it. Drinking Guinness Extra Stout is found to have health benefits, according to a study at the University of Wisconsin.

It states that the beer can help in decreasing the blood clots and also decreases the risks of a heart attack.

Calories in Guinness Draught

After the discussion about the Stout and Extra Stout, let’s come to the Draught version of Guinness. To your wonder, the Guinness Draught calories are the same as in Guinness Stout, i.e. it is 125 calories.

But the negative aspect that comes here is the carbohydrates which are 9.8g, but the number is still less than that of Extra Stout, which contains 14g carbohydrates.

Calories in Guinness Blonde

Now let’s find out the calorie content of Guinness Blonde American Lager, which is another popular variety of Guinness beer. But what makes it different is the increased calorie content in comparison to the Guinness Stout. 

The Guinness Blonde calorie is known to be 152 which is quite much than the Stout which just contains 125 calories. But still, if you want to continue drinking Guinness Blonde, taking a small serving would be a great idea.

The Calorie Content In Different Servings Of Guinness Beer

No wonder, there’s no standard serving of the beer, as everyone prefers a different quantity of alcohol consumption. Let’s discuss how many calories are there in Guinness, illustrating the differences from the different servings of the beer.

  • 12 oz serving: Most commonly, people prefer taking the 12 oz serving of Guinness. But most of them don’t worry about the alcohol in it. But to make your aware, the Guinness calories in 12 oz serving are 125 calories, along with the ABV of 4.2%.
  • A pint serving: If you are among those who prefer drinking a pint of Guinness and thinking about how many calories are there in a pint of Guinness, then you must know that calories in a pint of Guinness are found out to be 210, which is quite enough to show increase in your weight when drank in excess.
  • A bottle serving: The next that you should know is the calories in a bottle of Guinness. The bottle of Guinness has a serving of 12 oz, which means the calorie content of the Guinness bottle is 125 calories.

This amazing Irish Stout is undoubtedly the favorite of most of the people, but that doesn’t mean that we can keep drinking it without knowing anything about it.

Whatever serving you are taking of this beer, it is highly necessary that you should know the calories in Guinness beer.

Having the proper knowledge about it will always keep you enlightened about the total intake of calories while you are drinking and you’ll know the right moment to stop so that your health is not compromised.

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