You are sitting in a bar and another customer comes. He asks the bartender “what IPA beers are available?” and Bartender starts to talk about a list of IPA Beer brands. Those brands sound elite. And, the other customer seems an IPA fanatic.

What Is An IPA Beer?

IPA Beer

IPA or India Pale Ale beers are a type of beer generated with a unique hoppy style. It comes into the beers categorized under Pale Ale beers. Founders IPA Burton Brewer and the Charrington’s first-ever exported the IPAs to Madras and Calcutta. The experiment of brewing Pale ale with water comes out amazing. It was introduced as India Pale Ale.

It expresses how delightful an IPA must taste. But, in your mind, one single thought is stuck “what does IPA Beer mean?” If that’s the case, you are on the right platform. In this article, we are presenting an IPA beer list along with all the things that you need to know about IPA Beers.

Of course, first thing first, what does IPA stand for? IPA stands for India Pale Ale. Does it sound familiar? Yes! Indeed, there is American Pale Ale introduced back in the 1900s. IPA is one of the prominent styles of beer. IPA meaning specifies the Indian taste of Ale Pale beer. Let’s learn more about IPA beers.

What is the difference between Pale Ale and IPA?

Undoubtedly, at some point, alcohol consumers confuse between a pale ale and India Pale Ale. As the IPA definition suggests, IPA has been introduced in India. IPA alcohol is India’s exceptional Ale pale with a modern concept of hoppy style beers. But, IPA vs Ale pale is not that simple. There are many observable differences between Pale Ale and IPA. Let’s take a glimpse—

  • IPA was discovered in 1829 in India whereas Pale Ale comes from 1703 in England.
  • IPA abv percentage (alcohol to volume) limits between 4.5% to 12.1%. Pale Ales in America contains up to 5% alcohol content.
  • Advanced IPA is called Imperial IPAs. They contain more than 7.5% IPA alcohol content. Besides, American Pale ale does not contain more than 5%, no advancement!
  • An American Pale Ale beer holds 200 calories at an average. On the other hand, calories in the IPA limit to 180 gram. In the case of imperial IPAs, 200 calories are present in per 12 ounces of drink.

Things you should know about IPA Beers

IPA Library trending

What is the IPA library? Well! You must not know but IPA is quite famous among alcohol consumers. Hence, IPA has become a part of iOS Devices. Sounds exciting, right? It is one of the app stores launched by the apple company.

To the reader’s surprise, the IPA library allows users to download games and tweaks. Although, it is official unavailable in any iOS devices.

IPA Recipe

As mentioned earlier, IPA Beers are exceptionally brewed to present the customers worldwide with the amazing tang of alcohol. It is noteworthy to mention that the most prominent taste of white IPA comes with spices. Spices in beer? That’s correct. IPA beer list includes a few famous brands that are brewed using spices, water, yeast, traditional hops, citrus, fruit juices, and pale malts.

Some IPAs are bitter. On the other hand, some IPAs have a sweetish taste. The favoritism in the context of IPA depends on the taste preferences of the consumers.

IPA Alcohol Content

India Pale Alcohol content is not more than 12.1%. It is noteworthy to mention that the IPA beer brands do not contain more than 5% of alcohol content. It allows alcohol consumers to enjoy the taste of multiple IPA ingredients in spite of concentrating on the impacts of alcohol.

IPA Calories

How many calories in an IPA Beer? An average IPA Beer does not contain more than 200 gram of calories. Calories in IPA are low as per the standard drinking limits. Calories in IPA prevent the consumer from beer weight-gain side effect of the alcohol.

IPA source—import and export

In the past, IPA was called “a beer made for export.” Indeed, it would be quite surprising to the readers that first-time IPA reached the global audience by default. Around the 1800s, the IPA introduced was shipped and mistakenly sent to Britain.

Today, IPA is the world-class beer brands categories. Indeed, IPAs has also been brewing in America and other countries. Few trending brands of IPAs are exported and imported to many countries in bulk.

Interactive IPA Chart

IPA chart given below provides the alcohol by volume and calories in IPA beer brands. The chart is helpful for alcohol consumers to make a better choice while drinking. Alcohol can be both pleasant and dangerous content. The overconsumption of alcohol can cause health hazards. Medical researches have discovered that BAC over 0.30% can lead to the death of the consumer.

Why Choose To Drink IPA Beers over first-class wines and whiskeys?

As compared to wines and whiskeys, IPA beers contain too much less alcohol content. Statistics state that IPAs alcohol content is not more than 12.1%. On the other hand, wines and whiskeys contain 40% to 60% of alcohol content. It can improve the potential of long-term alcohol side effects.

In today’s world, alcoholism is very common. Medical experts mention that the removal of alcohol from the system takes time if the consumer is drinking over the limit. IPAs count among the beers that are recommended for the alcoholics.

The wild and ingredient-rich taste of IPAs helps the alcohol consumers to appreciate the brewing method, texture, and taste of the drink.


IPA or India Pale Ale beers have earned the attention of worldwide alcohol fanatics. Today, IPAs are produced all over the world using a different combination of ingredients to generate different tastes.

IPAs hoppy style beers are amazing for you to enjoy a night out or simply experience the ecstasy of alcohol without health risks.