What’s Corona Extra? Corona Extra is the first-class beach beer that melts down cold relaxation in the human body. Corona Extra ABV, the name itself gives out an impression of “extra alcohol ecstasy.”

To explain this, we are mentioning statistics “how much alcohol is in Corona Extra?” Corona Extra alcohol content limits to 4.6%. It is an average alcohol content level that transfers the benefits of alcohol into the human body.

Corona Extra calories level is equivalent to 148 grams. As comparable to high-end alcoholic beverages, Corona contains low calories which make an addition to the consumer’s general health. Corona Extra abv delivers a flavor of branded Limes. Sounds exciting, is not it?

corona extra abv

13 grams of Corona Extra Carbs balance the level of fat and cholesterol in the human body with an added combination of branded limes. This trendy flavor of sweet lime and alcohol is prominent.

It leaves an amazing after taste for those alcohol fanatics who like to enjoy alcohol at the fullest. Alongside, low carb Corona Extra against overeating habits during alcohol consumption. Do not believe it? Let’s try it!

What makes Corona Extra beer a more exclusive refreshing beverage?

With an average of 4.6% of alcohol content percentage, Corona Extra beer prevents the build-up of alcohol into the bloodstreams. It is easy to metabolize light alcoholic beverage that allows body prevention against cardiovascular diseases potential risk.

Corona Extra alcohol percentage is comparably high than any light beer. However, it comes into different volume categories. Yes! Now the consumer can choose to drink a limited Corona Extra. From 12-ounces cans to 32-ounces Corona Extra bottle, all are easily available in the market.

Do you want to make the right drinking choice? Open a branded Corona Extra beer with ice-cold and exquisite lime flavor.

“Get Drunk on Corona Extra quality beer!

BEER BRAND: Corona Extra 
ABV: 4.6%