What is Natural Ice Beer

Natural Ice Beer, also knows as Natty Ice Beer is the number one Ice Beer brand selling in the United States. The beer is affordable and easily accessible. Due to its low cost, Ice Beer is in high demand in the States. It was first originated in Missouri, the United States by the founder Anheuser Busch in 1995. Natural Ice is asking the beers that college students consume the most. It is their favorite drink at present.

Did you know? Anheuser Busch said that Ice Beer was made of leftovers crap of other beers!

How Is It Made?

Making ice beer is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort, but when worked out together, this seems easy. Initially, premium American and imported hops blend together with a combination of corn and malt. The beer is then brewed well. In the very next step, this brewed beer goes under the ice- brewing process of the company. The temperature of the beer goes down and ice crystals start forming in it. These ice crystals give the beer its life.


Ingredient used in the making of Ice Beer is Corn, Malt and Hops.

Difference between Normal Beer and Ice Beer

Natural Ice

There isn’t much difference in normal beer and ice beer since the alcohol in both of them vary only from some points. The alcohol content of ice beers is slightly higher than normal beers. The average abv of natural beers is between 4.5% to 5.0% while that of ice beers is between 5.0% to 6.5%. Ice beer is made different from normal beers by making it undergo a certain temperature to form crystals in the beer. Usually the taste of ice beers more neutral as compared to normal beers.

Natural Ice ABV

Natural Ice alcohol content is higher than the alcohol content of any other beer. With 5.9% of alcohol by volume, the natural Ice Beer is a strong one that can get your blood running. It is good to consume in cold weather. The high alcohol content of Natty Ice is one of the reasons for its popularity among youngsters.

Flavor and Smell of Ice Beer

Natural Ice Beer is a dark yellow liqueur having an adequate amount of alcohol in its recipe. This thick liquor has ice crystals that sit nicely in the beer and give it a crispy taste.

This ice beer smells of corn and malt which are present in it.

On serving, natural ice beer deposits a very thin foam on its top and it soon dissolves.

Having a perfect blend of imported plus premium American hops, malt, and corn, this beer has gained its sweetness. Nonetheless, the bitterness of ice beer remains constant for its alcoholic content.


Health Check! With 5.9% alcohol by volume, natural ice beer calories are high. This beer has 130 calories which are sufficient for one drink per day with no issues but if you consume too much of it, it can turn your fat like a pussy in no time and you will be left wondering how this happened. Be precarious about the drink and how much it can affect your health.

How to Drink?

Like every other beer, natty ice can be paired well with not veg, chips, wafers and other snacks. It is a must go for low budget parties and birthday parties in colleges.

How to Store?

Tricky question about a liqueur can be “where and how to store it?” Well, as you may store your other beers in your room, you cannot do it with Natty Ice Beer. As the name suggests, natural ice beer has ice crystals in it. These crystals need to be preserved. It is suggested to only store this Beer in the refrigerator to Keep the taste alive.

Where to Buy?

Being one of the cheapest beer, natty ice is easily available in nearby liquor stores. Anyone above the legal age of alcohol consumption can buy it from these stores at a very reasonable rate.

In case there are no liqueur stores nearby, one can also order this heavenly beer online from various liqueur sites. Don’t get fooled by online shopping. Try to use the pay on delivery option.


Having high alcohol by volume and less cost of buying one serving, the Natural Ice Beer is a favorite of every American college student. This beer is easily available in nearby stores for everyone above the legal age for drinking liquor. Natty Ice can be paired well with various types of snacks depending on person to person.

BEER BRAND: Natural Ice Beer
ABV: 5.9%

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