How Many Beers In A Keg, Is It A Party Pack?

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When it comes to beer, it is always exclusive. We often serve beer at parties because they are light and the maximum limit of drinking beer is not harmful to a human body. It is an amazing fact about beers. They come in pints of 12 fluid ounces or 16 fluid ounces with a very less ABV or alcohol by volume. However, the main concern remains “how many beers in a keg?” Before we skip right to this question, let’s find out more about this beer storer.

Times are gone when they were small beer party packs with only 12 number of pints in it. Today, you can buy it. It is enough for all the people in the room. Sounds affordable, isn’t it? Indeed, it is affordable. You can buy a beer keg between the price range of $100 to $200 without a doubt.

What is a beer keg?

These are small barrels that are used to import and export a variety of liquids. Nowadays, these are mainly seen in high-end bars. It is noteworthy to mention that the first-ever keg invented in the world was made of wood.

However, the latter type of barrels are made of stainless steel. You can also call it a beer barrel or beer tank.

One of the outstanding qualities of these barrels is that you can easily fill these with beer, other alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks. Apart from this, you can fill it up with carbohydrate or non-carbohydrate drinks. It does not let the drinks rot for a long-long time.

What are the different types of beer kegs?

There are seven types of beer barrels that have been introduced worldwide. These are:

  • Mini Keg:

If you are having a small party. This is a perfect storage item for you. These mini-kegs are also called disposable kegs. Hence, you can use this and give it away for recycling. Yes! That’s a work for nature perseverance.

These are made of aluminum material. Various brands use their own barrels with the name of the brand on it. Therefore, if you are planning a small party, you do not need to buy a keg and then fill it with beer. You can simply purchase a mini one of preferred alcohol brand or brewery.

For example, you can purchase 5 liters Heineken Beer Keg. It is clear that the maximum storage limit of a mini keg is 5 liters of beer. There are 14 beers in a Mini keg with 12 fluid ounces measurement per beer. Or, it can also store 10 pints with 16 fluid ounces limit.

  • Cornelius Keg:

These are more often used to store soft drinks in various coffee shops and restaurants. People also use these to store homebrewed beers at home.

You can compare a corney keg to be similar to a small beer can, not by size but by quality. They keep the drink stored fresh and foamy when poured. Yet, these out of trend. Not available in the market. The maximum storage limit of these is approx 38 liters. 

  • Beer Ball

How many 12 oz beers are in a keg? Since we are talking about a beer ball, it has 55 12 fl. Oz pints. It is also a party ball. It comes in smaller sizes as well. It remains in the shape of a spherical ball with a pipe installed at the top. The pipe is used to pour beer in the glass.

  • One-way kegs:

This storage item comes from the 1990s. It is also called PET. It is disposable. One of the amazing qualities of these types of kegs is that these look beautiful and fancy. You can store these proudly at your small bar at home.

Available sizes of one-way barrel remain between ¼ pound to 30 liters. It means, the biggest 30-liter one-way barrel contains approx 65 12 oz beer pints.

  • Quarter Barrel

It is also called a pony keg. How many beers in half a keg? Taking quarter barrel as a base, one barrel contains 82 pints of 12 fl. Oz. On the other hand, half a quarter keg contains approx 42 pints of 12 fl. Oz. These are mostly used to stock beers at bars. These are quite affordable as they are not made for fancy displays.

  • Sixth Barrel

A sixth barrel contains up to 57 beer pints. It weighs up to 27.2 kg after filling beer. These are average in size and hence are used by many breweries nowadays.

  • Eighth Barrel

It is the heaviest barrel invented with a storage limit equivalent to the total volume of 105 beer pints. In liters, it can contain 50 liters of beer. These are more often used for the import and export of beer.

How many beers are in a keg?

how many beers are in a keg

From the above differentiation, it is clear that every type has its own limit and storage capacity. For example, if we say “How many 16 oz beers in a keg?” You can calculate the same by converting the capacity (like 5 liters) into 16 oz pints.

Is keg a party pack?

Yes! It is a party pack. When you are having an official office party, it is the best and safe alternative to store beers. It allows the host to save upon some money by purchasing a whole beer storer than that of 105 pints separately.

With a beer barrel, you can ensure that the beer is cold with much use of ice. You can simply store the whole barrel in a bucket of ice. It is a worthy deal to buy one today online. It is one for all beer pack!


Kegs are not only for your bartender to bring. You can purchase your own and store your home-brewed beer in it. Amazingly, it also keeps kids in the home out of its reach. It is a perfect beer party pack to start the night.

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