Have you ever wondered how exclusive the taste of China’s second-largest Brewery would be? Well! If Yes! This is time to take pleasure in China’s tang of alcohol, Tsingtao!

Chinese Beer Tsingtao has been introduced by the Chinese Tsingtao brewing company in Shandong, China. To the reader’s surprise, Tsingtao is an old-fashioned alcoholic beverage coming from the 1900s. It was discovered by a German Alcohol fanatic. Later, the Tsingtao becomes an advanced alcohol beer of China with a world-class reputation. Today, it is exported at a global level.

How Much Is Tsingtao Alcohol Content?

Tsingtao beer abv

Tsingtao Lager is one of the most light-weight beers in the context of alcohol. That’s correct! It is a rare Chinese beer with Tsingtao beer alcohol percentage as low as 4.8%. Tsingtao ABV allows the body to recover from alcoholism without suffering the side effects of Detox.

Tsingtao beer calories amount to 157 grams per 12 ounces (small bottle/can) drink. Tsingtao brewery has uniformly focused on the establishment of Tsingtao beer calories with low carb rates to avoid the potential of physical health hazards.

It is noteworthy to mention that the astounding aftertaste of Tsingtao complimented by barley malt, rice, water, and hops is unique.

What Is Tsingtao Beer Review?

Tsingtao beer reviews as the exceptional beer produced by German beer producer at Tsingtao brewery. It is quite famous on 4 sides of the world. You can say that “North, South, east and west, Tsingtao is the best!”

For the alcohol consumers who look out for a gluten-free beer, Tsingtao is not for you! It contains gluten properties. However, the Chinese Tsingtao beer contains the gluten properties which allow the body to gain energy for metabolizing during alcohol consumption. Otherwise! The human body experiences a numbing intoxication in the body which leads to short-term brain function breach.

“Purchase the permanent taste of Chinese alcohol, remember Tsingtao for a lifetime!”

BEER BRAND: Tsingtao 
ABV: 4.8%