Labatt Blue, one of the well-known Canadian beers has made it to the expensive bars all over the world. Undoubtedly, Canada’s Labatt Brewing Company has been the world-class beer manufacturer. It has won the hearts of alcohol lovers with Labatt blue introduction in the 1900s. The exclusive taste of Labatt blue gives an assurance of quality to the alcohol consumers. Until 2000 to current, Labatt blue alcohol has begun to know as the best selling light abv beer in Canada.

How Much Alcohol Is In Labatt Blue?

Labatt Blue Alcohol Content

Labatt Blue alcohol content count is 5%. It is an average alcohol percentage which beats exclusive drinks akin to lightest ABV Labatt Blue Light or high abv whiskeys & vodkas.

With the added benefits of low alcohol content, Labatt blue alcoholic beverage also expresses the blended fragrance of quality ingredients. It has an unexceptional aroma that helps one to overcome stress and feel refreshed. Refreshing drink as sweet and mild malt taste gives an amazing feel with every sip. Take it easy and warm!

How many Calories in Labatt Blue?

Labatt Blue review calories amounted to 135 grams per bottle (12 fluid ounces). Labatt Blue carbs also amount comparably less up to 3.2 grams.

Average calorie level in Labatt Blue allows the consumers on food diet to drink alcohol. It does put any notable impact on body weight. Besides, it prevents the potential risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, tumor generation in body and dementia.

However, simply alcohol has all the above benefits. It is noteworthy to mention that all the positive qualities of the alcohol dilute during the blending of the Drink. But, when it comes to Labatt Blue light calories drink, you can trust the Canadian Diluters.

Labatt Blue Alcohol preserves all the health-beneficial qualities via Labatt blue ingredients—aromatic hops, barley, and fruits. Labatt Blue is the first-class drinker’s choice to gain what’s worth of pure alcohol with combined fruity flavours.

“Do you know? Labatt Blue leaves an amusing aftertaste, Taste of delight!

BEER BRAND: Labatt Blue 
ABV: 5%