You land your feet in a bar with over 100 varieties of the drink, it is a moment of confusion. Well! No more! Because this summer season, get your eyes straight on the helium beer lager. It is a real-time competitive drink to compliment your body with 100% refreshment. This beer greets the consumer with a vibrant touch of alcohol.

Is Helium Beer Real?

Helium Beer

The existence of this lager had questioned in the past over social networks by millions of people. The outstanding series of this lager had introduced back in the USA in 2014. It had stunned the world with its mysterious nature. It has the ability to change the voice of the consumer to high-pitched. This prominent drink had searched online on Google. People searched to see a series of videos whether it changes voice or not! At last, it gained success what it meant to. Learn about this beer more.

What is Helium beer alcohol content?

Observing the prominence of this beer, you may find it very surprising that the alcohol content of this drink is only 5%. It is a wheat peach sour with less alcohol that gives you 100% satisfaction health-wise. Stone Brewing Company had introduced a canned drink that is available in stores and Bars.

How many beer calories are present in one serving?

Calories in stone brewing beers amount between 360 grams to 435 grams. Hence, there is a slight chance that calories in this drink must lie between the same. Without a doubt, it is a high-calorie limit. If you are on a low-calorie diet, you may not prefer this alcohol type. But, there is a solution. You can serve yourself with helium infused beer by infusing helium in your choice of drink. Isn’t it exciting? Find out more!

How to infuse a beer?

You can infuse a pint with helium by adding barley, yeast, and helium in alcohol. It is a simple process. Although, it is recommendable to test the quality of infused helium lager by experts. It can be dangerous to consume this prepared solution without testing its quality. You may expect more beers in the future by various brewing companies in the USA.

Is Helium beer gluten-free?

The presence of gluten in helium drink depends on the ingredients used by the brewing company. You can check the ingredients list before consuming this drink. Many varieties of lagers are available in the market. Or, you can order one online.

What all ingredients added to Helium beer?

If you are making this drink at home, you must know the right ingredients. It is 100% malt drink with no rice, corn or sugar in it. Wheat malts are recommendable to add. You can also add your choice of spirit or lager in the solution. You would enjoy the homebrewed drink like never before. Of course, do not be surprised if you learn that your voice is high-pitched. It is all helium!

BEER BRAND: Helium Beer
ABV: 5%

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