Are you a big fan of colorful wines? Well! Why you would not be? It brings out an extraordinary joy in the atmosphere. You may be surrounded by a bunch of people with formal vibes but one shot of wine down into your system. You become a completely new person. You may say that this is the real you. Yet, I would say that this what makes a killing out a single glass of drink and wine calories.

Today, tomorrow or 20 years later, one of us wonders “if wine is the right choice of alcohol?” A group of beer fanatics may tell you that beer is the most amazing invention of the alcohol industry.

Besides, you better know the truth. Between all the drinking fun, you have your heartful choice stuck at wine bottles. Congratulations! You are making the right choice. How? Let’s take a glimpse.

See the following list of real-time brands with their ABV percentage and calories in wine It is a classic time to start making healthier choices.

7 Moons Wine13.5130
Pink Moscato5-7%127
Apothic Inferno15.9%122
Cabernet Sauvignon13.5%123
Riesling Wine8%120
Merlot Wine13.5%570
Sauvignon Blanc Wine14%120
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc14%490


Introduction To Wine

Wine Calories

This exclusive alcoholic beverage is an original fermented grapes spirit. But of course, the modification keeps happening in the world. Today, it uses yeast and fermented grapes for its manufacturing.

That’s correct! The use of yeast allows the soaking of the sugar elements present in grapes. This is how this outstanding drink is quite bitter. But also it has a little-bit sweetness that has saddled alive for some reason.

One of the greatest parts of being a wine fan is that it comes in varieties. To the reader’s surprise, there are many types of wine available in worldwide markets today.

There is red, rose, white, fruit, honey, blended wines calories and more. It seems like a whole new world of sweet-exotic alcohol variants. Although, we will come back to the varieties thereafter.

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What Is Wine Alcohol Content?

When it comes to spirits, precautions are better than cure. Thus, if you are choosing wine above any other beverage, you may want to know the right alcohol content for your body.

Indeed, over-the-top alcohol content consumption can cause death. Hence, do not prefer pleasure over health.

Following is the list of different varieties of grape spirits and potential Wine alcohol content ABV percentage.

  • 5 ounces of regular drink contains up to 13% ethanol, ABV=13 percent.
  • 5 ounces of White drink contains up to 11% ethanol, average ABV=5.5 percent (light version)
  • 5 ounces of Red version of drink contains up to 14.5% of pure ethanol, average ABV = 6.5 percent (light version)
  • 5 ounces of Rose wine contains up to 12% ethanol, ABV =12 percent.
  • 5 ounces of fruit wine contains up to 7% ethanol, ABV= 7 percent.
  • 5 ounces of Honey drink may contain up to 20% of ethanol, Maximum ABV level =20 percent, minimum ABV level = 3.5 percent.

Note: The inspection of the ABV level or percentage is important before you allow the drink to drip down via your throat. You can do so by observing the color of the drink.

For example, the white version of the drink is light in color, hence it’s ABV is low. On the other hand, red wine calories are darker, it means ABV is high.

Are there carbs in Wine?

Yes, there are carbs present in this drink. Every 100 grams of drink contains 2.7 grams of carbohydrate. Based on these nutritional facts, exclusive spirits or beverages are 100% healthy to drink.

Of course, we would not recommend drinking beyond a limit. For the reader’s information, there are some amazing brands you can try. These are Riesling, Merlot, and Manischewitz wine.

What are non-alcoholic wines?

Do you not prefer alcohol but you love the feeling of drinking? Well! These are your kind of drink. No, these drinks are not only made from fermented grapes but alcohol also adds up.

During the manufacturing of these beverages, the alcohol is removed by the cold filtration process on purpose. Now, you can enjoy your night out with 100% drinking pleasure. What’s the extra benefit? No ethanol in it!

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