Corona Seltzer

In recent years, Corona Seltzer has gained some unmatchable attention in the global market of Hard Seltzer beers. In Mexico, Corona is one of the top imported beers to this day. With such a hardcore growth rate in Corona Beer’s sales in the market, Mexico’s Corona Seltzer premises also bottle and sell the beer at high-rate. Corona Hard Seltzer on top shelf priced at $29.99 approximately including taxes. 

If anything, we can say that Constellation Brands took a hardcore risk by investing over $40 Million on Corona Hard Seltzer’s marketing and go the money back into their pockets in no time.

In 2021, Corona Seltzer ranks at #4th topmost Hard Seltzer in the world after White Claw. So, if you are taking your time to try Corona Seltzer flavors for the first time, here’s everything you need to know about it. 

1. Corona Seltzer Alcohol Content is average

Those who love Corona Seltzer may wonder what’s so good about it. Well! As per the research, it is definitely not Corona Seltzer Alcohol Content Percentage.

To begin with, Corona Seltzer Alcohol Content makes it fall under the category of light beers with only 4.5% ABV. Yet, Hard Seltzer brands like Corona have widely become prominent among today’s youth. The industry is estimating 16% sales growth in Hard Seltzers by 2027. 

In 2019 alone, Hard Seltzer’s sales were worth $4.4 billion. However, Corona Seltzer’s sales record touched 8.6 Billion USD in Fiscal Year 2021. Constellation Brands witness a 10% growth in the sales of Corona Beer brands. 

It may come to shock some of the readers, but the marketing conspiracy “Corona Seltzer cures CoronaVirus” is a possible reason for such quick growth. According to inside sources, Constellation Brands is planning to continue its growth streak in the upcoming year with a single goal in mind – Achieve Rank #1 for Corona Hard Seltzer. 

In 2020, Corona Seltzer passionately focused on one question, “Does Corona Seltzer taste like Corona?” The answer is NO. Corona Seltzer comes with a high pitch of citrus. It leaves mellow finishing in the mouth. Plus, its mainstream taste also depends on the flavor you pick off the shelf.

2. Corona Seltzer Flavours are endlessly increasing

From Blackberry lime, Tropical Lime, Passionfruit, Mango, Cherry, to Raspberry and Strawberry, it seems like Corona Seltzer is hitting all the right flavor spots to lure new consumers in every day.

Endlessly widening flavors of Corona Hard Seltzer craft a crystal-clear competition against flavored Hard Seltzers like Truly and White Claw. 

Unlike competitors, Constellation Brands CEO said that they are only warming up the industry with Corona Hard Seltzer. According to their research, Corona Seltzer already covers 6% of the respective market. Amid such high potential, Constellation Brands plans to craft more flavored Corona Light beers. 

According to Global Statistics, the USA, India, and Peru are the highest importers of Corona Beer Brands from Mexico City. 

3. How many Corona Seltzer Calories are in one can? 

As of multiple criticizing sources on the internet, Corona Seltzer is considered a non-healthy drink. The reason being, Corona Seltzer contains low calories and carbs, which allow the consumer to block the heavy and full-stomach feeling that arrives after consuming normal beer.

Henceforth, people say that because it has less capacity to fill the stomach due to its light texture, consumers drink more than they can afford. 

To begin with, Corona Seltzer Calories in a single can is 90 kcal. Alongside, it doesn’t contain any artificial sugar substances. However, these facts don’t prove Corona Seltzer to be unhealthy. If anything, Corona Seltzer is a healthy drink that is perfect for those who want to maintain their ABV consumption. 

4. Can Corona Seltzer get you drunk? 

The answer to this question mainly depends on the nature and holding capacity of the consumer. Corona Seltzer’s alcohol content is only 4.5%. It is equivalent to any American IPA beer. Therefore, if too many IPAs in a night can get you drunk, then the situation for Corona Seltzer may look much similar. 

5. Corona Beer Vs. Corona Hard Seltzer – Not the same!

Thanks to Corona Hard Seltzer fussing in the market, the Corona Beer brand by Anheuser-Busch In Bev also remained at an advantage. Unfortunately, very few beer enthusiasts understood the difference between Corona Beer and Corona Hard Seltzer. This caused many and many consumers to try Corona Beer while they first handedly thought it was Hard Seltzer and vice versa. 

As a consequence, Anheuser-Busch’s face Grupo Modelo filed a lawsuit that crippled Constellation Brands’ right to use Corona Trademark. According to the second party, Constellation Brands, it had acquired permission to use Corona Trademark for its upcoming beer brand in the market in 2013. 

Whereas Grupo Modelo alleges that Constellation Brands didn’t disclose the fact that they will market Hard Seltzer using the “Corona” trademark, which would harm their market reputation as well as growth rate. Because, clearly, people love Hard Seltzer over beers nowadays. 

6. It promotes the “Find Your Beach” Campaign

Do you know? Since the establishment of Corona Seltzer Brand, it has achieved the reputation of “Best for Beach Vibes” Seltzer, thanks to the campaign. 

Corona Seltzer reviews as the lightest yet flavored beer in the world. It holds a rich and refreshing pinch of citrus fruit. Alongside, you can pick a flavor of your choice. But, being a perfect fit for “Find your beach” is related to its nutrition facts. Definitely, those who go to the beach look out for their weight most of the time. 

7. Is Hard Seltzer healthier than beer? 

In the event that you are taking comparing notes on Corona Beer Vs. Corona Hard Seltzer, you may not land on a balanced bridge. Both Corona Beer Vs. Hard Seltzer has their share of advantages. One is perfect to match Beach Vibes. Another is a complete set of tartness that you crave at the end of a working day. 

In the context of healthiness, Corona Hard Seltzer wins the race due to its light calories per can as well as zero carbs guarantee. 

Want to try Corona Seltzer today? Order online, Corona Seltzer price starting from $27.99 per can only. 

BEER BRAND: Corona Seltzer
ABV: 4.5%