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Alcohol is an addiction when it consumed beyond the limit. At a point in a lifetime, the adaption of healthy drinking standards becomes essential. It is because the ecstasy of alcohol does not remain in the body for longer than an hour. However, its harmful effects do. ABV Calculator is a method to calculate the presence of pure alcohol in given ounces of alcoholic beverage. ABV here stands for Alcohol by Volume. ABV formula for alcohol measurement is universal. The unit of alcohol measurement is in percent (%).

Introduction to ABV: Alcohol by Volume

Alcohol content calculator, i.e.., ABV calculator was introduced in 1998. The first-ever use of alcohol proof calculator was pulled off by Berry CJJ for his First Steps in Winemaking. Later, in 2008, the beer alcohol calculator was turned out to be the standard measurement tool for measuring the volume of ethanol in beer. Among different countries, the name of “abv calculator” might be different. For instance, in France, it is called Gay-Lussac.

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How to use Alcohol Drink Calculator ABV?

Alcohol by volume calculator uses gravity to measure the accurate amount of ethanol in a given bottle of alcoholic beverage. Fermentation is an element or term that allows the chemical breakdown of the alcoholic beverage. Indeed, it is noteworthy to mention that here the specific gravity is calculated. The formula for specific gravity is Density of Liquid less the density of water.

Upon fermentation of the liquid, the gravity of the liquid changes. This specific change gives an impression of the accurate amount of pure alcohol (ethanol) in the liquid substance.

  • Mathematical representation of alcohol content calculator or abv calculator is—
  • ABV= (Original specific gravity – Fermented/final specific gravity) * 131.25
  • Step by Step calculation of alcohol content via beer alcohol calculator—
  • Step1: Let’s assume you have brewed beer bottle of 330 Ml.
  • Step2: Calibrate your hydrometer i.e.., readjust the water reading equals to 1.
  • Step3: Use a hydrometer to measure the original specific gravity of beer (OG) before fermentation. Let’s assume it’s 1.090.
  • Step4: Now, once the fermentation is done. Grasp another hydrometer to measure the final specific gravity of fermented beer (FG). Let’s assume it’s 1.030.
  • Step5: Apply the alcohol proof calculator universal formula. Let’s assume the abv calculated is 7.87%.
  • Step6: Calculate the final accurate amount of pure alcohol by multiplying abv into the weight of the alcoholic beverage, i.e.., 7.87 % * 330= 25.9 ml.

What are the common percentages of pure alcohol content found in different alcoholic beverages?

According to the standard alcohol manufacturing, the following alcoholic beverages contain 2 to 60% of ethyl alcohol (the pure form of alcohol). Here are the specific measurements—

  • Light beer contains 2% of alcohol whereas average alcohol contains 4 to 6 percent of ethanol. See here, How many oz in a pint?
  • Wine cooler drinks contain 8% of alcohol. On the other hand, pure wine akin to Red wine contains up to 20% of ethanol. Lose-dose alcoholic wine cooler drinks are beneficial, see how!
  • Quality Tequila shots or average bottle of tequila contains 40% of pure alcohol according to alcohol content calculator.
  • Rum and Brandy are quite high-end alcoholic drinks. It contains over 40% of ethanol.
  • Whiskey and Vodka are highly consumed among classic drinkers. Branded whiskey or vodkas contain up to 50% of pure alcohol. Regular consumers of whiskey should adopt healthy drinking habits. How many oz in a liter to adapt healthy drinking routine? Read here.
  • Liqueurs are the prominent alcoholic beverages with the highest blend of ethanol as per the abv calculator. It contains over 60% of the ethanol. Southern Comfort: the branded taste from 1800s United State is the best example of quality liqueur.

What are the effects of high-dose alcohol (over 40%)?

Daily consumption of alcohol can be healthy or unhealthy based on the amount of ethanol reached inside the body. According to an alcohol content calculator, 2 to 6% of ethanol loaded drinks are healthy for daily routine. High-dose alcohol beverages affect the human body in the worse way possible.

Following are the possible effects of alcohol—

  • Depressed Digestion System: the unlimited consumption of alcohol actives enzymes in the digestive system, these enzymes are generated by the pancreas. The activation of This abnormal enzyme in the human body causes inflammation. The abnormally heated pancreas leads to dangerous health hazards.
  • Imbalanced Sugar Level: Long-term alcohol consumption increases sugar level up to a dangerous level that the human body cannot adjust in. Inflammation in the pancreas leads to insulin blockage. In the absence of insulin, the high sugar in the blood does not dissolve. Risk of blood clots, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases improve under a high sugar level. 
  • Mental Illness: Consumption of alcohol regularly put a negative impact on the human brain. It reduces the generation of positive hormones in the body. It creates an imbalance of hormones in the body which causes depression and anxiety. Around the country, 25% of alcoholics see a psychiatrist regularly to recover from mental illness. 
  • Alcoholism: High-dose alcohol causes the human body to depend upon the consumption of alcohol to live. It is difficult to recover from alcoholism. Withdrawal of toxic substances of alcohol from the body can also lead to death.
  • According to studies, alcohol causes nausea, sleepiness, depression, and anxiety during the withdrawal process. In many countries, there are rehabilitation and detoxication centers to help alcoholics in recovery.

Other long-term mental illnesses like Dementia and Alzheimer’s are common among alcohol addicts. These diseases cause memory loss to an extent.


To adapt a healthy drinking style and keep a balance of health in mind is essential. Today, abv alcohol content calculator is highly utilized by alcoholic beverage companies to ensure the safety of its consumers. ABV Calculator provides accurate alcohol measurement which allows the patients of alcohol to control their drinking habits.

ABV alcohol drink calculator also helps in making homebrews. It allows the alcohol maker to blend a safe amount of ethanol or ethyl alcohol into homebrew. In the context of beer and wine, the abv calculator sets the drinking standard to 2 glasses of alcohol per day. More than two can result in long-term side effects of alcohol.

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