Grasp your energy for the drinkable Oculto beer tonight. It is a fruit lager by Anheuser Busch. The drink compliments the wild tang of fruit with a light touch of alcohol. It infuses with blue agave for classic mouthfeel. The amazing Oculto is a world-class drink with the power to boost one’s craving for refreshment. This craft lager is worth a shot.

What Oculto Tequila Beer?

Oculto Beer

This well-known drink is called a tequila beer as it blends with beer aged on tequila barrel staves. No need to say, this crafted lager has given competition to over 100 alcohol brands with a tag of prominence. It comes with two high-end packagings that would impress your guests anytime and any seasons. That’s correct! When it comes to this Anhueuser famous drink, you do not need to think over and over. It is a non-regrettable choice. Let’s find out about its nutritious qualities.

What is Oculto Beer Alcohol Content?

Oculto beer ABV amounts to 6%. It is above-average alcohol content. This tequila-beer compliments the drink with the added nutrition of fruits. With the flavors of sweet-exotic fruits, you can find yourself uncomfortable. It does not give you unhealthy drinking expression with 100% alcoholic mouthfeel. To be honest, I would wish to order it every time I go out for a joyful night.

But, it is noteworthy to mention that Oculto beer discontinued in many regions all over the world. It is because Oculto beer ingredients included agave wheat. Hence, the bartender tells you it is not available, do not feel disheartened. Try ordering one online.

How many calories in Oculto lager?

Oculto beer reviews as a fruit lager. It has one of the very rare fruity mouthfeels that is difficult to find in any other branded alcoholic beverages. Apart from the fruity flavor, its calories amount to 180 grams per serving. If you are a customer who prefers low-calorie drink, you may want to try this one. It would change your mind.

BEER BRAND: Oculto Beer
ABV: 6%

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