Have you ever heard about Everclear Alcohol? If yes, then do you know what is Everclear alcohol? What is the alcohol content of Everclear and other information about the drink?

Everclear alcohol; a grain distilled spirit with 75.5 to 95 percent alcohol content in 151 and 190 proof is the most potent liquor in the market. Everclear alcohol 190 proof is the strongest alcohol and its consumption is associated with many side-effects including death.

You would be astonished to know that the drink has won the award for the Most Alcoholic Drink in the World by the Guinness World Record. This gives an idea that how much you can feel drunk even after drinking a few shots of drink.

What Kind of Alcohol is Everclear?

It is a clear, tasteless, odorless drink and has dangerous effects when mixed with other drinks. Consuming a single shot of Everclear has the potential to make one feel sick and deteriorate the health in a very short time.

Do you know that drinking Everclear grain alcohol 190 proof double the effect of alcohol consumption on the person’s body? Also drinking it can cause alcohol poisoning that may even lead to the death of the person.

Some other Everclear alcohol effects include addiction, fatal car crashes, brain damage, and other serious health problems.

Everclear Alcohol

The higher Everclear alcohol content and life-threatening side-effect of the drink make it illegal in many states of the US like California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, etc. In Pennsylvania, you can buy Everclear only for non-drinking purposes.

For safer consumption of alcohol, it is good to dilute it to a certain level that decreases Everclear alcohol proof. This makes alcohol of lower proof and thus safer to much extent.

 What makes People Fall for It?

Even after a warning by a manufacturer, many people prefer drinking alcohol straight. This is because of the availability of the drink at a cheap price.

The drink is more common among teens and college students. The person once become addicted to the drink prefer consuming it again to experience its pleasurable effects and to overcome tolerance. It causes irresistible behavior that supersedes persons’ judgment thus harming their body and mind.

Calorie Count in Everclear Alcohol

Getting to know the alcohol percentage in the drink, the next focused topic is to check the calorie count in one shot of Everclear alcohol.

In a shot or 1.5 ounces, the drink consists of 285 calories which is much higher than other available alcoholic beverages.

Hangovers They Are Even Worse

Unlike hangovers experienced after drinking other alcohol, Everclear consumption does not cause pounding headaches or a queasy stomach. Instead, it gives you the feeling of looming misery and self-disgust.

Since the teenage is the bridge between childhood and adulthood and so the brain undergoes the development phase. Consuming such toxic alcohol at this period makes the person more vulnerable to alcohol’s effect.

It has a direct effect on the region of the brain that is responsible for controlling emotions and impulses. Also, consuming such strong alcohol at this age can cause irreversible brain damage, impair a person’s memory and deteriorates the ability to think.

Also, the effect of consuming the drink varies with gender. On one hand, where intaking the drink causes attention problems in boys, the girls find it difficult to comprehend and process visual information, thus affecting their studies and ability to excel.

Consuming Everclear Alcohol Can Leads to Violence

Drinking Everclear alcohol can make people act in a confrontational way that often leads to fights and alcohol-related violence.

Smoking Everclear: Risk Associated With It

Every other people look for alternative ways to experience the buzz in their body. For this, they try drinking alcohol in different ways. Along with drinking, many among them prefer smoking Everclear. This is considered more dangerous and has even more calorie counts than in a drink.

Smoking alcohol is termed as drunkorexia that depicts the dangerous behavior where people become abusive to alcohol and often leads to overdose. This causes malnourishment and other health problems.

Overdosing On Alcohol: Alcohol Intoxication

Although people drink alcohol, no one is unaware of alcohol intoxication, but no one is aware that there is one fine line that exists between alcohol intoxication and alcohol poisoning.

Even a small number of Everclear alcohol can leads to overdose that may lead to alcohol poisoning.

When does the Alcohol Overdose Happen?

An alcohol overdose occurs when the number of alcohol increases than what the body can take. The alcohol builds up toxins in the body that shut down the body functions. An increased amount of alcohol harms the respiratory and nervous system that can even lead to the death of the person.

Some people, however, overcomes the overdose but many cannot. In the worst condition, the person could choke which leads to suffocation and eventually to coma or death.

The overall effect of alcohol on the body depends on several factors like:

  • Age and Weight
  • Health conditions
  • Everclear alcohol percent
  • Quantity of drink
  • Time of consumption

If ever the person consumes the overdose of alcohol or becomes unconscious, then it is essential to offer emergency medical services.

Some of the symptoms of alcohol poisoning are:

  • Slower breathing rate
  • Skin becomes pale
  • Poor coordination and difficulty in walking
  • Body temperature decreases
  • Stomach pain
  • Slurred speech
  • Intestinal bleeding might occur.

Some other risks associated with Everclear alcohol abuse are:

  • Brain damage
  • Heart problems like stroke and another heart disease.
  • Cancer like Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Mouth, Throat or Liver Cancer.
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver disease
  • Poor memory
  • Complication in Pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Infant death

Keep Alcohol Consumption Under Control to Prevent Alcohol Poisoning

Everclear is the strong alcohol and many can enjoy the drink without knowing what the real effect on body and mind is. This often leads to overconsumption especially in those who are binge drinkers. This can lead to many effects discussed above.

People who are struggling with an overdose of Everclear alcohol consumption can overcome by getting detoxication or getting admission to the rehabilitation centers.

The blog might have helped you in knowing what percent alcohol is Everclear? So, if ever someone offers you a drink so make sure you stay alert of the ingredients and other drinks mixed with the alcohol.

If you know some more side-effects of drinking Everclear alcohol, then share them in the comment box below!!!

BEER BRAND: Everclear 
ABV: 95%