Alcohol Content of Beer

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While you drink beer, did you noticed or tried to learn about the calorie or typical alcohol content of beer? Did you ever think that this could be the reason for your increasing weight or liver issues? Well, now you should start thinking about it.

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party or you are enjoying watching a football match with your bunch of close friends, whatever the happy moment is, a mug of beer can match any of these vibes.

People who drink alcoholic beverages usually prefer having beer on the usual times. A pint of beer can be seen in most people’s hands whenever there’s some party.

Alcohol Content Of Beer

Knowing the abv in beer allows you to keep a track of how much you are consuming so that you can limit it right in case you are taking more. You should consider exploring the beer alcohol content list so that you can know the ABV of all the variety of beer you drink.

What Is The Average Alcohol Content Of Beer By Volume?

One serving of beer is 12 ounces, which is about the extent of a container of beer. In correlation, a pint of beer at a brewery is 15 ounces, which is bigger than the normal serving. Drinking a pint of beer is beyond what the liver can process in one hour while a jug of beer is about as much as the liver can process in 60 minutes.

Be that as it may, the typical average alcohol content of beer is 4-5%. Some new, famous craft beers have 6-8% ABV, and some even methodology 12-14%. A high ABV beer at 12 ounces will be more than double the serving of alcohol contrasted with a 5% beer, and it will along these lines accept the liver twice as long to process.

Alcohol Content of Corona Beer

When the discussion is about the world’s best-selling beers, the name of Corona always comes up. The beer is made up of corn, yeast, hops and malted barley. Though people enjoy a lot drinking this beer, unfortunately, they still aren’t aware of the Corona beer alcohol content. For the people who don’t know, ABV of Corona is 4.5%

As you drink Corona beer, there are also concerns about calories regarding it. Corona beer contains about 124 calories per 12-oz serving, or we can say for every 355 ml. It is said that one has a workout for 20 minutes on a treadmill or more for burn each pint consumed.

Alcohol Content of Modelo Beer

Modelo Especial is made with sifted water, malted barley, hops, corn, and yeast. Modelo Especial is a rich, full-seasoned pilsner lager blended with premium two-push barley malt that gives it a marginally sweet, well-offset taste with a light hops character and fresh texture. The orange-blossom honey aroma of the beer with a tint of the herb is very much loved by the people.

Apart from everything comes the aspect of Modelo abv which most of people don’t know. Its ABV is slightly lesser than that of Corona beer as it is known to be 4.4%. Another thing to know is the calorie content of the beer which is known to be 144 calories per 12 ounces serving.

Alcohol Content of Busch Beer

Busch is brewed with a mix of premium American-grown and imported hops and a mix of malt and corn to give a wonderful adjusted flavor. Moreover, Busch Light experiences a more drawn out blending process that delivers a lighter body and fewer calories.

Now coming to the Busch beer alcohol content, the ABV of this beer is known to be 4.3% while the ABV of Busch Light is 4.1%. The calorie content of Busch beer is also quite much. This beer is known to contain 133 calories per 12-oz serving. So make sure you are planning your drink right.

Alcohol Content of Yuengling Beer

Yuengling beer is famous for is medium-bodied flavor and rich amber color. It tastes like a roasted caramel malt and contains a subtle sweetness and a combination of cluster and cascade hops. All in all, the beer delivers a well-balanced taste and represents a very distinct character.

You might drink the famous Yuengling Lager a lot but might now know the Yuengling beer alcohol content. It is 4.4% ABV and you should always prepare your drink, keeping this ABV in mind. The light version of this beer is known to be a low-calorie alcoholic beverage and it contains less than 100 calories. On the other hand, the standard Yuengling Lager beer contains 128 calories, per 12 ounces serving.

Alcohol Content of Guinness Beer

Guinness beer, a stout beer, is neither black nor dull brown. In the event that you look carefully and in the correct light you can see that it’s extremely a dull red that is the aftereffect of things that happen to the grains amid handling.

Guinness isn’t boozier like most of the other beers. Talking about Guinness beer alcohol content, it is just 4.2%. It’s even low on calories as it contains just 125 calories per 12 ounces serving.

Which Is The Beer With The Highest ABV?

When talking about the highest alcohol content beer, the Scottish brewery Brewmeister is on the top. It is known for 65.7 % ABV, which is not just more than standard beers but is also more than the common whiskey’s ABV. Along with this, if you want to know the highest alcohol content domestic beer, it is Lagunitas IPA which has ABV of 6.2% and contains 194 calories.

Which Is the Lowest Alcohol Content Beer?

If you are getting a little health conscious, then you might want to know the lowest alcohol content beer. Talking about the popular beers, Beck’s light can be considered as the lowest alcohol content with 2.30% ABV.

If you frequently drink beer, it is important for you to have the knowledge about average beer alcohol. This is how you can ensure enjoying your drink in the best way, along with taking care of your health.

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