The Carlsberg group of companies owns Tuborg which is a Danish liquor company. This is a Denmark beer which is quite popular in India and is one of the cheapest beers available in this country. The Tuborg beer price in India ranges from 40 to 300 INR. Tuborg beer is a bottom-fermented lager beer and is sold under quite affordable price ranges all over India. 

There are basically two different kinds of bears lager and ale, and the recipes date back since 5000 BC. The fermentation process of beer is a complicated and sophisticated procedure which majorly depends on the quality and type of yeast utilized.

Tuborg is a lager beer which is a new kind of beer and the fermentation process is quite efficient which is why the prices are significantly cheaper than the other brands. But that doesn’t mean Tuborg compromises with quality, Tuborg has a deep rich flavor with an aromatic aftertaste.

Tuborg Beer

This beer has a significant mouthful to it and the bitterness in it is pretty mild. In the fermentation process of beer Tuborg, the yeast settles in the bottom and ferments right where it is. This beer is stored for quite a long period of time before discharge so that it can acquire the deeply rich and strong flavor which is the main reason for its popularity.

Tuborg beer is brewed on a slightly roasted and bright kind of malt which results in the mild fresh-tasting solution with the popular grain and flowery aroma. The Tuborg beer goes excellently with light Indian dishes such as spicy curries, salads, and barbeque. It is the cheapest and perfect beer for wild parties.

The general Tuborg beer alcohol content in India is about 4.6% by volume which is 37 calories / 100 ml. The Tuborg beer does not contain any kind of sugar, fat, or protein but it surely has carbohydrate and the amount is about 3 grams /100 ml of beer. Also, Tuborg beer calories are quite high.

Tuborg strong was introduced in May 2010 and within the strong premium category of beers, the brand sold more than a million cases within the first six months of the product’s launch which was considered a major milestone within the world of alcohol.

Since then Tuborg beer didn’t have to look back in India it has been leading the bear market ever since. Today Tuborg is the second most popular brand of beer in India and firstly international brand so popular in this country.

Tuborg has three sizes of 650 ml bottles, 500 ml cans, and 330 ml bottles available in India.

The manufacturing process of Tuborg beer

The manufacturing process of Tuborg beer from pasteurization and fermentation to bottling or kegging the company has to follow along with the strict guidelines straightened out by Carlsberg Breweries International.

There are onsite quality controls available to test the process and ensure the quality of the product. The people responsible for quality control will help maintain the taste and quality similar throughout the production.

There are four basic components that help make beer malt, hops, yeast, and water. Melt is a product extracted from barley when it has been germinated for a certain period, after that it is dried and slightly roasted for flavor enhancement.

The malt is the basic component and it is the source of carbohydrate within the Tuborg beer. It helps degrade all the vitamins, proteins, and other enzymes within the solution.


Good quality barley has to be used to ensure good quality beer. There are specialists appointed to sort out the special qualities of barley which are suitable for Tuborg’s beer production. Malt is the major raw material utilized for beer making.

After that comes hops, this is from a climbing plant with female and male flowers. The female flowers are the ones that are utilized in the process.

Due to this hops Tuborg beer gains it’s unique and traditional bitter characteristics. The amount of bitterness in Tuborg beers depends on the rate of hops utilized in the manufacturing process.

There are several varieties of hops from aromatic to specifically bitter that is utilized to acquire the uniqueness of Tuborg beers.

Then the second most important element of beer, yeast. These single-celled microorganisms which reproduce rapidly due to dividing are added into the manufacturing solution of Tuborg beer to help convert the sugars within the wort into carbon dioxide and alcohol by the unique process of fermentation.

Tuborg breweries culture their own special kind of yeast that they develop within the brewery and are carefully preserved to help convert the solution into alcohol.

Lastly water, this is the most important raw material as about 90% of the whole beer bottle is water. Beer water quality has to be of a premium category because the flavor of water can affect the taste of Tuborg beer.

Types of Tuborg Beers 

  1. Tuborg Green

Tuborg green was launched in India in the year 2009. This product is a good socializer and perfect for parties. With the introduction of Tuborg green, the brand introduced the pull-off cap concept which captured the attention of customers immediately and the idea was appreciated by most consumers. The Tuborg green is available in all three types of bottles but mostly 350 ml and 550 ml are common.

  1. Tuborg Strong

Tuborg strong beer was the turning point for the brand in India, it practically introduced the concept of strong beers amongst Indian citizens.

This product practically helped Carlsberg become an innovator of prime strong beers. The Tuborg strong can be purchased as 650 ml and 330 ml bottle also 550 ml cans.

  1. Tuborg classic

Tuborg introduced a new line of fun starter in their product category, which was the Tuborg Classic along with Scotch malts. it was a fun idea and immediately grabbed the attention of consumers in India.

This particular product was developed keeping in mind the palate of Indian citizens, this product with scotch malt has a depth of flavor with strong classic taste.

The Tuborg classic is a perfect combination of smooth and strong with superior quality. The Tuborg classic infused with scotch melts is available as 650 ml bottles and 550 ml cans.

  1. Tuborg Zero 

This is a non-alcoholic sparkling malt beverage that can be consumed along with other products of Tuborg beer. This product was an experiment on their part, it is mostly available in Delhi and Mumbai.

Tuborg beer price in Mumbai

Mumbai is going through a beer price hike due to the state government’s initiation on increasing the MRP. It has also been implemented in some other parts of Maharashtra that is why the Tuborg beer is currently being sold at the highest price in Mumbai compared to other parts of India.

the retailers are estimating that this price hike may decrease sales and hamper the market of beer. Currently, 650 ml of Tuborg bottle is sold for 165 INR, which is about 15 rupees extra compared to other cities.

Similarly, the strong beer which generally costs 145 INR will cost the citizens of Mumbai 175 INR.

These are the retail rates, but prices will increase significantly within pubs and bars as they already charge much higher when compared to retail beer prices. 

Tuborg beer price in Delhi

In Delhi, the Tuborg beer price is average and similar to all across India except Goa. The Tuborg classic premium strong beer and classic gold strong beer 650 ml cost 145 INR in Delhi. The Tuborg premium beer and premium mild beer of 650 ml cost 120 INR.

The Tuborg premium beer, premium mild beer, strong beer and strong premium beer of 330 ml all costs 70 INR. The Tuborg strong bear and the Tuborg strong premium beer of 650 ml bottle costs 127 INR in Delhi.

These price ranges of Tuborg beer are at par with most cities Tuborg beer price in India except the union territories and also Goa.

In Goa the price ranges of Tuborg beers are

  1. Tuborg Green          330 ml is INR 38
  2. Tuborg Green          500 ml is INR 56
  3. Tuborg Green          650 ml is INR 72
  4. Tuborg Premium    330 ml is INR 41
  5. Tuborg Premium    500 ml is INR 61
  6. Tuborg Premium    650 ml is INR 80
  7. Tuborg Strong         330 ml is INR 40

Tuborg is one of the cheapest beer available in India that satisfies all generations. The beer Tuborg review in most websites is 90% positive and most people are very much satisfied with the quality.

Tuborg beers use hops quite generously which gives them their unique intense aromatic flavor that the citizens of India love. With time Tuborg is enhancing its products significantly, each product is developing each year and they are eliminating all the flaws slowly.

Tuborg beers are available all across India and due to its affordable price range, it has one of the highest consumption rates in India. Tuborg is the modern beer brand which is why the youth of India prefers it the most.

ABV: 6.5%