Fat Tire ABV reviews as the American-style independently crafted average alcohol by volume beer. It contains an astonishing taste with an attractive aroma that has low-key alcohol content.

Fat Tire rates as the first-ever healthy alcohol drink which makes it a winning one. Fat Tire Amber Pale was established by New Belgium Brewing Company. Take a glimpse of what type of beer is Fat tire?

What Kind of Beer Is Fat Tire?

Fat Tire abv

Fat Tire is an iconic American drink that has an exquisite Red color. The aromatic and color contrast of the Fat Tire has attracted alcohol fan-base overseas.

At an international level, Fat tire rating has remained over 3 stars. Indeed, Fat tire counts among the most-excellently brewed drinks all over the world. It holds the negligible potential of health hazards due to alcoholic qualities.

What Is Fat Tire Beer Alcohol Content?

Fat Tire abv (alcohol by volume) is 5.2%. It is an above-average alcohol percentage for which the health impacts depend upon alcohol consumption mathematics. For the reader’s clarity, an alcohol consumer can drink 1 glass of Fat Tire per hour.

It comes within the boundaries of standard drinking routine. Beyond this, calories in Fat Tire limits at 160 gram per 12 ounces of the drink. Fat Tire Carbs limit is only 13.7 gram.

What Is Fat Tire Nutrition Level?

Fat tire ingredients comprise in hops, yeast, malted barley and water for dilution of alcohol content. Per bottle of Fat Tire transfers the benefit of barley into the body. It helps in cholesterol management and avoids the risk of weight gain.

Yeast improves the blood circulation which helps the body to gain enough energy to handle intoxication. Fat Tire nutrition value also includes overcoming alcoholism. Low abv of the fat tire allows the alcohol consumer to enjoy the outstanding aftertaste. This way, one does not focus on the ecstasy of alcohol alone.

“Craft your own choice with Fat Tire, the independently crafted beer!”

ABV: 5.2%