Hard Seltzer, is the highest White Claw Alcohol Content complemented drink in the market: What you need to know? 

This Summer has been a stirring one for alcohol fanatics. Double Hard Seltzer, the recently launched White Claw’s drink, is now available in the market. One of the good parts is that it contains the highest volume of White Claw Alcohol content. 

To begin with, White Claw flavours have endlessly created a twist for its drinkers’ tongues. From blackberry to Tangerine, Lemon, and Raspberry, everything is there! If you spend a night tasting white claw flavours without wondering about their alcohol percentage, you wouldn’t know when the night’s over. For the most part, this hypnotizing beer is acknowledged for its refined taste and twisty texture with a complement of fizz. 

White Claw alcohol content

The world has gone through a lot amid the widespread virus. So, to award and entertain its fans, White Claws have brought Hard Seltzer to the table. That’s right! Hard Seltzer of W.C.? you may have heard it before as well. But, to your surprise, a better and volumized alcohol version of this drink is now coming to the market. 

As an alcohol lover, you will be thrilled to know that White Claw alcohol content in the latest edition of Hard Seltzer is more than usual. How much? Let’s find out further ahead in this reading. 

Today, let’s take a glimpse at some amazing facts about white claw and how hard seltzer is going to be the centre of appeal among the weekend drinkers: 

White Claw alcohol content goes up from 5% to 8%

Wondering what the alcohol content of the white claw is? Well! If you google this one, the most common answer you will receive is 5%. But, to your surprise, White Claw Hard Seltzer is no longer a standard drink. Instead, it has become a “premium” beer with 8% alcohol content per 16 ounces of a beer can. 

Henceforth, soon enough, White Claw will not be one of the choice-full drinks that you can consume to overcome your alcohol addiction. Indeed, in the event that you are sensitive to the average alcohol content (5%), White Claw’s latest Hard Seltzer must not be on your list. 

Further, according to the calculation, the White Claw 12 pack drink cart (i.e.., 192 ounces) will contain up to 15.36 ounces of pure Alcohol. Sounds too much? 

The value of alcohol content (in ounces) will be less if you choose a White Claw 12 pack drink of regular flavours with 5% labelled on the package. So I’d be 9.6 ounces of pure Alcohol (for white claw flavours like lemon, raspberry, blueberry, tangerine, etc.).

Is white claw calories count good for weight loss?

Do you know why the summer season is the most awaited season throughout the year? Well! During this season, people love to go to beaches, have sips of beer under the sun, and enjoy the ocean. But what if your choice of beer is complimenting your summer body? 

This is why White Claw Hard Seltzer is one of the most preferred beers for those who are on a weight loss diet. The reason being, white claw’s calories count in only 100 Kcal/16 ounces can. 

On the other hand, the remaining beer brands contain a minimum of 150 calories per bottle/can. Due to the added nutritional value, regular beer brands also include at least 30 grams of carbs. So, when you consume them, 15 grams definitely add to your weight. 

Therefore, White Claw is every woman’s and men’s choice who want a summer body without compromising on their love for Alcohol. To your surprise, the white claw’s carbs count is also under 2 grams. Shocking, isn’t it? 

Note: Since white claw hard seltzer contains empty calories, it is recommended to partner white claw beer can with side snacks to keep your body’s nutritional requirement in line. 

What is it made of? 

Apart from White Claw ABV amounting to 8% maximum, people also take an interest in what ingredients make white claw such a tasteful drink? To begin with, the White Claw ingredient list counts in: carbonated water, natural flavours, cane sugar, alcohol content 5% to 8%, and citric acid. 

For the most part, Carbonated water helps the drinker feel full. Further, it prevents him from constipation. It is one of the rationales why after having a stomach-full night of white claw, one feels extremely hungry in the morning. 

Apart from that, natural flavours add to the taste. 

What kind of Alcohol is in White Claw? 

More often than not, beers do not purely contain Alcohol. Sometimes, to invent a new and tasteful beer, breweries also add vodka soda. It is mainly the choice of drinkers who prefer hardcore beer that gets you drunk. However, without any addition of vodka soda, White Claw Hard Seltzer is enough to get you drunk because of its improved Alcohol by volume percentage. 

When you take a sip of a white claw, you can guess there’s a pinch of hop and malted barley. And, these ingredients make white claw a pure and natural choice of drink with no added vodka tonic. 

History of Hard Seltzer

Have you ever had a beer so tasty that you desire to give credit to whoever made it? In that case, you must know who owns the white claw? For the most part, White Claw Hard Seltzer is the creation of Mark Anthony Brands International. However, here’s a fun fact: White Claw is a modern beverage introduced in 2016 in Ireland. Indeed, in 2020, The company also rolled out a campaign called “Let’s White Claw”, which added to its popularity like a wild serving on a vegan’s table. 

How much is it? 

Last but not least, you may want to budget your monthly consumption of Alcohol with White Claw Hard Seltzer. Because, once you have it, there’s no going back. White Claw 12 Pack price may vary from 15 USD to 20 USD. A single 16-ounces beer can of White Claw costs $2.99. 

Unfortunately, the company does not sell White Claw in Kegs. 

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BEER BRAND: White Claw
ABV: 5