Are you a fan of Newcastle Brown ale? Of course, you are! The excellent taste of Newcastle brown ale has been introduced over 9 decades ago in the United States. The old red-brown display of Newcastle presents an amazing craving for alcohol consumers. Among the experts of medical science, the Newcastle brown ale reviews as the high-end anti-cancer alcohol beverage.

In the past two decades, Newcastle has been discovered to confine caramel coloring. It is an ingredient made of carcinogen ammonia. The consumption of such category of ammonia in a recommendable amount generates immunity against cancer cell. That’s right! Who would not love to try an alcohol drink that beats Cancer, the deadly disease?

What is Newcastle Brown Ale ABV (Alcohol by Volume)?

Newcastle Brown Ale

Undoubtedly, one cannot prioritize a drink because of anti-cancerous quality. Hence, alcohol by volume level remains a subject of concern. This is because high Newcastle brown Ale ABV may lead to increased blood alcohol concentration. BAC over 0.5% can lead to death. Fortunately, Newcastle Brown Ale Alc content remains only 4.7% per 138 grams of calories.

It is the average level of alcohol by volume that allows the body to experience alcohol ecstasy without assuming any health risk. On one hand, Newcastle is quite prominent among Americans. On the other hand, Newcastle is a four-starred drink now.

What are the Newcastle Brown Ale calories count?

Newcastle Brown Ale calories count per service is 138 grams. It means 12 ounces of Newcastle contains 138g calories. It is a healthy count as per the international alcohol researches.

What are Newcastle Brown Ale ingredients?

To the reader’s surprise, Newcastle brown Ale contains the maximum of ingredients as compared to the other famous alcoholic beverages. For example, Budweiser and Bud Light only contain barley, malt, hop, rice, water, and yeast. However, Newcastle brown taste is distinct as it contains different types of malts—pale malt, black and crystal malt, and chocolate malt. It also contains wheat which improves its potential of transferring health benefits. Wheat fermentation in Newcastle Brown Ale allows the human body to metabolize it at a normal rate.

Above all, Newcastle Brown Ale ingredients add Special London yeast which gives the drink an embracing taste.

What is exceptional about Newcastle Brown Ale?

A drink is called exceptional when it is the first choice of every drinker. Unsurprisingly, Newcastle Brown Ale is one of those drinks brewed by Heineken. It is noteworthy to mention that before tasting Newcastle for the first time, consumers usually mention “Is Newcastle brown ale gluten-free?” Well! No. It is not gluten-free. However, it is called “Low-gluten beer.”

Yes! One of the exceptional qualities of Newcastle Brown Ale is it contains only health-friendly gluten content. It prevents human skin against any gluten allergic reaction. Though, it contains gluten, the dilution of gluten is processed in the first place during manufacturing.

“Do you know? Newcastle is an attractive Red-Brown Beer that has a record of premium import in the North East of England.”

BEER BRAND: Newcastle Brown Ale 
ABV: 4.7%