Do you know? The beer made by modifying an old-fashioned mushroom tea is called Kombucha alcohol content beer. The hard-fast alcohol comes from a 30 years old combined tang of organic dried hops and world-class naturally organic raw ginger roots, raspberries and other citric fruits like peaches and grapes.

Kombucha alcohol is the fantasy of every person who wants to sip a point-o percent of alcohol with every sip of tea. Yes! that’s correct. Kombucha is originally a tea fungus. To the reader’s surprise, original Kombucha alcohol is over 200 years old but it is never out of trend. So? Do you want to know more? Why wait, let’s get started!

What kind of beer is Kombucha?

kombucha alcohol content

For the reader’s information, Kombucha is unique alcohol that is open-air-fermented and greeted with bottle condition to keep it for the safety of consumption. Kombucha has been a funk and trend since ever establishment due to its real-time alcoholic qualities as well as low homemade Kombucha alcohol content.

Now, of course, you must want to know “what is the alcohol content of Kombucha?” Well! It is quite less than whatever alcohol percentage you may pick.

The A-rate Kombucha mushroom tea or Kombucha alcohol contains 0.5% of ethanol. Yes! you must have read “Is Kombucha alcoholic or not?” in many queries. For the clarity, yes Kombucha is 0.5% alcoholic which is a healthy alcohol percentage, almost negotiable!

What are Kombucha calories?

Kombucha is rich in citric fruits like grapefruit rind. More often, Kombucha Ale also contains sugar-rich flavors like maple-vanilla to build an expensive and attractive aromatic quality. Hence, Kombucha’s calories amount to 34 grams per bottle.

Shocking! With over 10 ingredients combined during the brewing of Kombucha, it’s calorie limit to only 34 which is quite a preference factor for the alcohol consumers. To go in deep, a single glass of Kombucha tea or beer or Ale contains 2 grams of sugar and 1 gram of fat. Hence, carbs are present in Kombucha.

“What’s great to come with a better taste like Kombucha!”

BEER BRAND: Kombucha
ABV: 8%

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