A change of taste is appreciable each time. What are you going to new tonight? Let’s try a new and delightful lager–the Moosehead Lager beer. It is a classic drink that comes from times even before the world wars.

Exciting, isn’t it? It would be more exciting to note that it comes with the exotic sweetness of malts and a light touch of hops. That’s right! It is a sweet-bitter lager. At last, it is a refreshing drink that gives you chills. Introducing… Moosehead.

What Kind of Beer Is Moosehead Lager?

It is a Canadian beer. Yes! It had introduced by the exclusive Moosehead breweries limited. It is one of the oldest breweries in the world. To the reader’s surprise, it is a two-row pale malt drink with a hint of yeast. But, of course, that is common in almost all the beer.

moosehead lager

What is Moosehead Lager Alcohol content?

Moosehead Lager reviews as a light drink from Canada. Indeed, it is Canada’s original. This American Ale contains 5% alcohol content. It is an average level of alcohol amount. It complements one’s craving to taste alcohol without getting over-dizzy.

You can enjoy your night without worrying about the blurry moments in the morning. Pouring Moosehead in your serving glass, you can enjoy the foamy feel in your mouth. It also has a sce texture to it. Well! I have some lager cravings right now! But before I go, there is more!

How many Moosehead lager calories per 12 oz?

To your surprise, Moosehead lager ingredients include natural spruce lake water. It makes it the lightest of light drinks. Are you on a low-calorie diet or want to try fit into classic drinkers? Try this beer out.

It contains 144 grams of calories per bottle. Yes! That’s how light this Canadian beverage is. Now, you can take pleasure in an alcoholic beverage. You need not be anxious about how much weight it would add to your posture. It is a good weekend beer.

“Get the music on and take a tasteful sip of Moosehead. It is the best cool-fermented beer to experience this summer.”

BEER BRAND: Moosehead Lager
ABV: 5%

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