Do you know calories in Coors light are lesser than any drink? Yes! Coors light beers set an outstanding example of health-friendly alcoholic beverage. One Coors light bottle contains 102-gram calories. The Coors light alcohol content is 4.2%. At average, alcohol drinks contain more than 6% of ethanol. Hence, it is a healthy beer.

Why Choose Coors Light?

Coors Light Abv

Customers often ask “is Coors Light gluten-free?” Coors light alcohol content is gluten-free and thus, there is no potential risk of Celiac disease. Coors Light carbs limit is only 5 gram per 102 gram of Coors light calories.

The Coors light nutritious facts often highlight its health qualities as it pulls off all the health benefits of averagely manufactured alcoholic beverage.

ABV Coors Light prevents the ethanol from dissolving into the bloodstreams and kick-off potential health diseases. Coors light ingredients do not include gluten. For many drinkers, gluten-loaded drinks generate worse drinking experience.

On one hand, some alcohol fanatics face the problem of heavyweight. On the other hand, carbs in Coors light create a reversed experience for the consumers of alcohol. It holds no gluten and thus, helps in losing weight and improved energy experience.

Therefore, if you are asking the bartender for “how many calories in Coors light?” or “How many carbs in Coors light?” the chances are you are going to love the answer. Coors light is a perfect alcoholic beverage for those who desire to pull off a classic way of drinking.

Over and above, the low alcohol content of Coors drink ensures that alcohol metabolizes in the body in time. Coors Light beer gives immense pleasure to the soul because the taste of it seems quite light. You can enjoy your occasional night with one glass of low abv Coors light.

 Next time, do not taste beer for high, examine Coors light for excellence!

BEER BRAND: Coors Light 
ABV: 4.2%