Do you want to taste some incredible beer? Let’s get your hands on Zombie Dust Three Floyds. It is the first-class Pale Ale. To the reader’s surprise, the Zombie Dust has been introduced back in the 1900s by 3 Floyds Brewing Company. The Pale Ale styled Zombie Dust has been fascinated against the real-time concept of Zombie Apocalypse.

Do not you want to get your hands on a little alcohol action? Id yes! Go ahead, and order your first Zombie Dust three Floyds for Brewpub or To-Go!

What is three Floyds Zombie Dust alcohol percentage?

Zombie Dust three Floyds is an alcohol with a light touch of pure ethanol. It is a harmless alcohol Pale Ale which provides the body a pleasant experience and average feel of intoxication. The world-class three Floyds Zombie Dust alcohol content amounts to 6.2% along with IBU which limits to 50. Zombie Dust also contains calories, however, limited to 190 grams per bottle. All these are the healthy amount and thus, alcohol consumer can depend on the Zombie Dust for acquiring a moderate drinking routine.

zombie dust abv

Is Zombie Dust three Floyds gluten-free?

To the reader’s surprise, the three Floyds in-depth brewed product Zombie Dust has been manufactured and introduced in Indiana. The drink Zombie Dust is advertised in the context of different zombie dust flavors. Indeed, it’s multiple flavour factor is best-loved in global countries.

If you follow a gluten-free diet, then, yes! Zombie Dust three Floyds shall be the drink on your table. It helps to avoid any potential of skin disorders like celiac disease. With the flavor of Zombie Dust, you can experience the highly maintained quality of the Pale Ale by deep hopping and brewing process.

The amazing drink also holds a hint of Citra hops which gives the drink a classic flavor. It has an attractive aroma to ensure that the customer sticks to the best quality Pale Ale than any other. Zombie Dust being an old-fashioned but golden Pale Ale product has not loosened its standards yet.

“Let’s order the drink now!”

BEER BRAND: Three Floyds Zombie Dust
ABV: 6.2%

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