Do you want to experience the world-class brewed taste of Mexico? Tecate light and you are made for each other. Tecate is one of the best signature beers of Mexico with a top-notch rank among the light beer. Light Tecate abv generates a dazzling taste with a Vienna Lager-style. It is acknowledged as the outstanding brew discovered by the Mexican Brewery.

What is Tecate?

Tecate Light alcohol content

Tecate beer review as the outstanding beer with a smooth taste and less level of intoxication. Tecate brewery has given Tecate an astounding aftertaste that allows alcohol consumption to free the soul from the addiction of alcohol.

That’s right! Tecate drink is a Pale lager with an aroma of malts and hops. Indeed, this aroma is not usually akin to other beers.

Tecate Light beer lowers down the potential of high blood alcohol concentration by it’s average Tecate beer alcohol content.

What is Tecate Light alcohol content?

Tecate alcohol content limits to 4.5%. It is an average Tecate abv which prevents the bloodstreams from excessive alcohol dilution upon alcohol consumption. As per the Tecate beer review, it helps the human body to attain the best of benefits of moderate drinking routine.

What are Tecate nutrition facts?

Tecate light abv also contains calories. Calories in Tecate limits to 138 gram per 12 ounces of Tecate beer. Tecate calories are light as compared to other light beers in Mexico.

Hence, it is declared as the ranked beer with light ABV and calories. Alongside, Tecate light carbs limit to 13 gram per 12 ounces of the beer. It is a healthy unit.

Is Tecate beer gluten-free?

Tecate beer ingredients comprise in water, hops, and malted barley. Since barley contains gluten. The beer is not gluten-free at all. Mexican brewery dilutes the main properties of gluten during the manufacturing of Tecate. Hence, Tecate light is called a low-gluten alcoholic beverage.

“Feel refreshed with the Tecate beer Mexican aftertaste!”

ABV: 4.25%