Do you want to taste the high-end real-time brewed Lager? Get ready to sip in Natty Daddy, the first-class beer with a natural touch. Yes! Natty Daddy is made of natural ingredients that transfer nutritious values to the beer. It allows alcohol consumers to settle in with Big Natty Daddy taste and preference.

What Is A Natty Daddy Beer?

Natty Daddy Calories

As the name pronounces, Natty Daddy is an alcoholic beverage that connects with nature. The most excellent branded beer Natty Daddy review by Anheuser Busch Natural Light as 100% pure beer. It imparts an exquisite aftertaste so the consumers can have real-time refreshment experience.

What Is Natty Daddy Alcohol content?

Natty Daddy alcohol percentage is 8% abv. It is quite an alcohol percentage which means the beer contains alcohol more than light beers. Per 8% Natty Daddy alcohol percentage, it contains 181 gram of calories. It answers how many calories in a Natty daddy? It is an average calorie level.

Natty Daddy calories are unharmable as the beer uniformly balances the metabolizing of alcohol content. It helps the body to maintain clear bloodstreams without any blood alcohol concentration. Natty Daddy carbs are 5 gram per 181 gram of calories. It lowers the alcohol’s impact on body weight.

What is Natty Daddy Ingredients?

The Lil-bit bitter taste of Natty Daddy is quite famous among the alcohol consumers with a unique desire of whiskey’s touch in beer. This bitter-sweet balanced taste of Natty Daddy comes from citrus hops, yeast, grain, and malt. These ingredients come from a natural source in fresh quality. The aromatic qualities of Natty Daddy attract classic alcohol consumers all over the world.

Big Natty Daddy stocks up in overseas alcohol houses. It has a fan-base that is larger than the Natural light beer. Try Natty Daddy for an outstanding drinking experience.

“Natty Daddy nature’s best alcohol innovation.”

BEER BRAND: Natty Daddy 
ABV: 8%