Pilsner malt rich beer is Sour monkey. It has been trending in the alcohol industry like a holocaust. What is so great about this beer? Let’s get started! Sour monkey has been introduced by the Victory brewing company. It has been a great success due to its Belgian imported ingredients. The fruity notes of this beer give goosebumps to the consumer. It has an extraordinary taste that leaves the greatest beer impression of all times.

What are some tasteful qualities of sour monkey?

Victory sour monkey eliminates the overpowering nature of alcohol by a magical hint of spices. It has a smooth and crowny texture. The malted grains allow your glass of drink enjoyable and light. The aroma of Sour monkey contains a touch of lemon and Brettanomyces. Indeed, with a fruitful mouthfeel of this beer, you as a consumer can put your stress on one side and take pleasure in every sip.

sour monkey victory

What is Sour monkey victory alcohol content?

Sour monkey victory alcohol by volume abv is 9.5%. It is recommendable to consume this drink at a moderate routine. It has a tart mystical flavor that is acidic. As compared to any other Downingtown drink, it is quite like champagne. Tettnang hops in sour monkey compliments the above-average alcohol content in the drink. It has a precise souring that drops the consumers’ craving for an exotic-sweet flavor of alcohol.

How many calories in victory brewing sour monkey?

Are you looking for a low-calorie beer? If yes! Well, a sour monkey cannot be your choice of drink. There are up to 274-gram calories in 1 bottle of this beer. Although, it is not a non-beneficial fact of this beer. It is because sour monkey overcomes the extra craving during a drink with its additional tart flavor and hopping Belgian notes. You can anytime choose a glass of sour monkey over a plateful of snacks and a low-calorie beer. It is all about balancing out.

BEER BRAND: Sour Monkey
ABV: 9.5%

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