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Corona is the first name that comes in your mind when someone talks about beer. But, before you sip on your favorite beer have you ever thought of beer Corona alcohol content. ABV (alcohol by volume) is the first thing you should be looking for while purchasing any drink.

Are you thinking of hosting a small party?  Are you confused as to which drinks to offer to your guests? If yes, don’t worry Corona beer is the perfect drink that you and your friends can cherish on. It’s a laid –back brew that inspires you to hit the beach and create memories of a lifetime with your friends.

Why Knowing The Alcohol Content Of Your Favorite Drink Is Essential?

Have you ever wondered what the alcohol content of corona is? Well, we are here to clear your doubts. It’s essential for drinkers to know the alcohol content of various types of drinks.

If you talk about the standard beer, wine, and spirits they contain the same amount of alcohol. Statically, it’s six-tenths of one ounce of pure alcohol in each drink.

Now, talking about the Corona beer, knowing the Corona abv is essential because of various reasons. One reason being, you should know much power each bottle has before going for the second one.

Alcohol level talks a lot about the flavor of the beer and has an impact on health. Whether you are a regular drinker or drink occasionally it’s essential to know the calorie and alcohol content of Corona.

Alcohol results from the fermentation and the final alcohol level in your favorite beer will depend on the yeast used, amount of sugar and the fermentation method. Now, talking about how to measure ABV, a hydrometer is used by the brewer for this purpose. 

The alcohol content in Corona varies according to the type of beer. Different variants have different alcohol and calorie count. Keep reading to know more about different types and corona alcohol percentages of each type.

What Is The Alcohol Content Of Corona Extra?

Corona Extra is the beer you will find in every person’s hand on a beach party. Corona Extra alcohol content is 4.5%.

The alcohol content in Corona Extra is in line with the industry standards and hence a safe option for the beer lovers. It’s to be noted that the extra in Corona Extra doesn’t refer to the alcohol content, it’s just a name.  

As far as the calorie count is concerned, the laid back beer contains 0 g of fat and 149 corona calories per 12 oz serving. The beer is often served with the wedge of citrus fruit like lime. Corona Extra comes in 6pk, 12pk cans or bottles.

The beer comes with the fruity honey aroma and a touch of malt. The drink contains the perfect balance of malts and hops.

If you are planning a barbeque night with friends, the beer is what you need to complete your party. Corona Extra ABV and the calorie count is something you need to watch out for before making the purchase. 

The beer is high on calories, so if you want to stay away from beer belly, opt for Corona Light. The calorie and alcohol content of Light is less than the alcohol content of Corona Extra.

What Is The Alcohol Content Of Corona Light?

Looking for a drink that is low in calories than Corona light is what you should be drinking next. Like any other light beer, the Corona Light ABV is on the lower side. Corona Light Alcohol Content is 3.9 % by volume which is less than other variants of the beer.

The Light beer comes in 6pk, 12pk bottles and cans. When you sip your favorite beer you not only have to look at the alcohol content but also at the calorie chart.

If you are a regular beer drinker, then always choose the one that is low in calories. And, this is where the Corona Light comes in the picture. The beer contains only 99 calories and no fat content. So, if you are thinking of sipping on another bottle of the light beer, go on.

The low Corona Light alcohol content makes it the perfect choice for the weekend getaways. Corona Light is amongst the fastest-selling beers in the United States.

The low ABV Corona Light beer is full of rich flavors that will take your taste buds to the next level. The beer comes with a fruit-honey aroma and distinctive hop flavor.

To enhance the flavor of the drink, you should serve it with spicy and citrus-based dishes.  The next time you go for the purchase of the Light beer, keep the Corona Light beer alcohol content in mind.

Know About The Alcohol Content Of Corona Premier

Corona Premier offers you the low carb light beer experience you have been craving for. The low ABV Corona Premier content, refined and crisp taste makes it the perfect variant of the Corona beer.

The beer has a rich and refreshing taste and tastes best when served chilled. Like the Corona Light, it’s low in alcohol and calorie content.  The low alcohol Content Corona Premier beer contains 90 calories for every 12 oz serving. The beer comes in 6 and 12 pk bottles as well as can.

Coming to the alcohol content beer, Corona Premier ABV is 4 % less than the ABV Corona Extra content.  The beer is what you need to relax on the beach thinking about what all you have accomplished in life. The beer goes well with the spicy foods especially the mouth-watering Mexican recipes. 

So, whether you are having a party with friends or chilling at your home, Corona premier beer is what you need. But, before you make the drink a part of your day to day life, consider the Corona Premier beer ABV and its calorie distribution.

Corona Familiar Alcohol Content

Want to know the difference between Corona Familiar and Corona Premier Alcohol content?  While Corona familiar is high on alcohol content, Premier comes in the category of light beers.

Corona familiar is Mexico’s traditional beer which is packaged in a classic brown bottle. It has a refreshing taste with a delicate hot bitterness. The beer is the perfect companion to the spicy and hot Mexican dishes. 

Talking about the alcohol content, Corona Familiar ABV is 4.8 %, which makes it the highest alcohol of content Corona beer.  The calorie count of the beer is also on the higher side.

Every 12 oz serving of Corona Familiar beer contains 154 calories, .5 g of protein and 14.6 g of carbohydrates. Before you go for the purchase of the Corona beer, take the alcohol Content in Corona into account. Note, that different variants have different ABV and calorie count.

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