Do you fantasize about the prominent tang of Germany? Well! Not being from Germany, you can take pleasure in the world-class taste of Helles lager. It gives you a paradigm of the rich-alcoholic tang. With every sip of victory Helles Lager, you feel the refreshment dripping down into your body.

What Is Helles Lager? 

Helles Lager

Helles lager is old-fashioned and traditional german pale lager beer with light texture and aroma. That’s right! The exotic flavored Helles Lager has been introduced in Southern Germany. It has a touch of world-class Hallertau hops. German-style Helles beer contains the low-bitter quality that compliments the consumers’ tongue with a soft and classic sense of taste.

What Is Helles Lager Beer Alcohol Content?

Helles lager beer is well-known for its light alcohol content and light texture. It allows consumers to gain the pleasure of drinking without experiencing the high-end impacts of alcohol. Helles Lager alcohol percentage limits between 4.8% to 5.6% ABV. 

How many calories in Helles Lager beer?

Are you looking for a low-calorie beer to adapt a moderate drinking routine? This beer is the best you can have. Calories in one glass of Helles lager amounts to 140 grams. It is the first-class choice for the classic drinkers who prefer the exotic-sweet taste and light aroma over strong ones. To the reader’s surprise, you can customize victory Helles lager beer with appetite snacks and more. 

Hellas lager is rich-in grains, honey, bread dough, white hops, yeast and more that give it nutritious values. You can choose Helles lager over any pale beer anytime. When you walk into a bar, you have pressure to be clear about your choice. Now, you can order your first traditional german pale beer and have a guiltless trip to your alcohol journey. 

“Be clear about your victory–be clear about Helles Lager.”

BEER BRAND: Helles Lager
ABV: 4.8%

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