Tullamore Dew, The High-End Irish Drink From 1800s

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Irish Whiskeys are complimented for their old-gold mouthfeel all over the world. These liqueurs run in the market with one common ground, i.e.., smooth and grainy finishing. Today, we are bringing the treasure of one classic high-end spirits from Ireland.  It is called Tullamore DEW.

In this brilliantly doing Irish whiskey, DEW stands for Daniel E. Williams (the manufacturer of this branded alcohol beverage).

Well! If you are surprised, keep your horses calm because there are many things that you do not know about Tullamore Dew. from the introduction to some jaw-dropping facts about this spirit, amazement remains persistent. Let’s get started!

What is Tullamore DEW?

Tullamore DEW reviews as one of the highly branded Irish whiskeys. It has introduced in 1829. Today, it gets a greater sphere in the world of Irish whiskeys in the name of William Grant & Sons Ltd, an independent distillery in Ireland.

The selling statistics of this liquor had gone quite eminent in 2015. That’s right. In this respective year, the company sold over 9, 50, 000 cases of the spirit.

Indeed, since this year, the branded spirit’s selling statistics have gone wild. In other words, we can say that today’s generation has been appreciating the longevous tang of Tullamore. 

What is Tullamore DEW

During the later years, the distillery closed down and this branded alcoholic beverage had taken over by the John Powers & Sons, Midleton Distillery and County Cork. Currently, the drink has about eight variations. 

What are the different varieties of DEW spirit, Ireland?

Tullamore remains the center of attraction due to its drinkable quality. Yes! On one hand, where the alcohol consumers at the international level appreciate mixing Irish spirits to prepare cocktails, DEW has overcome this characteristic with another. No! No! We are not saying that this respective whiskey is inappropriate to be used for making cocktails.

However, you can drink it NEAT! Shocking, isn’t it? Yet, there’s no harm in saying that DEW has earned its reputation as a strong substitute for beer. Ignoring the ABV level, this Irish liquor is light and smooth.

Our readers would be stunned to acknowledge that unlike other Irish whiskeys, this spirit ages in casks (ex-bourbon and more). Well! We can always expect more but its the best edition of Irish whiskeys for centuries. Explore the following varieties of Tullamore.

  • The Original

Tullamore DEW Original is a grain whiskey. It goes through a triple pot still and malt distilling process. It also ages in ex-bourbon and sherry casks for supplementing its maturity level.

Of course, you can escape such a bona fide drink. As a complementary tang, it contains green apple flavor, spicy notes, and vanilla undertones.

It surely will make an impression when putting on display at your home bar. I think the idea behind making this exclusive whiskey is to give drinkers a clear Chill! This Tullamore Dew price is $30. In the region of Ireland, it costs around €22 excluding taxes. 

  • 10 Year Old Single Malt

Do you know what we call a liqueur that ages in multiple casks? To be honest, I call it ‘luxuriant.’ As per the consumers’ feedback, this 10-year-Old Tullamore is magnificent as it completely reflects the original taste of Irish whiskeys.

For a single malt maturing process, it rests in Oloroso, Port, Madeira and ex-bourbon casks for 10 years. Surprisingly, it comes out 100% finished and containing a satisfactory level of crisp for enjoyment. It costs $27 (approx) in the USA for a 700 ml bottle excluding taxes. 

  • 12 Year Old Special Reserve

Another SR? Yes! This is a cliche. However, the Tullamore DEW special reserve edition has some exquisite blending that may give you goosebumps. Not only this upper-crust drink ages for over 12 years in ex-bourbon and sherry casks but also has a touch of wisdom to it. In the USA, it costs $42 (approx) excluding taxes. You can find it in any local wine store.

  • Phoenix 

When I first explore Tullamore DEW Phoenix, this thought in my mind was ‘where was this necterean before!’ yes! After drinking this liqueur, you would rue the time wasted on trying average-tasting beverages.

This amazing variety of DEW has a little high alcohol by volume than others. It ages in Oloroso sherry casks. While drinking this spirit, you can acknowledge what heaven tastes like! It is also affordable than other drinks. For instance, for 1000 ml, it costs 25 USD in the USA excluding taxes. You can also purchase it online.

  • 15 Years Old Trilogy

When the time comes for World War 3, I would like a glass of Old Trilogy because it’s worth such tribute. Yes! Tullamore DEW Trilogy is the most mature version of Irish whiskeys. With every sip of Trilogy, you can taste the oakiness of the nuts, and aromatic qualities of tropical fruits.

Along with this, your tongue can easily round-up the creamy mouthfeel and spices. Also, it is one of the most expensive Irish whiskeys. It costs $93 in the USA per 1000 ml bottle excluding taxes. 

  • Old Bonded Warehouse Release

In 2012, Old Bonded Warehouse Release made its hip-hopping entrance into the market. From midland to India, there’s no drinking discrimination when it comes to Old Bonded Warehouse Release.

As per the history of Tullamore, this Old Bonded Warehouse Release is introduced as an extolment for the opening of visitors center by the manufacturing company.

There’s no harm in a brand doing some charity work but for sure, the consumers got a prize for such good deed, the amazing Old Bonded Warehouse Release spirit.

  • Tullamore D.E.W Cider Cask

Aforementioned, every variety of Tullamore Dew has something special. Well! In the case of cider cask, it is quite clear that this drink ages in cider casks for a longer time.

It is noteworthy to mention that Cider cask is also one of the latest released drinks by the respective distillery. It has introduced in 2015 in June after remaining in barrels for three months for extra-glamorization and implementing a touch of fermented apples.

  • Tullamore D.E.W XO Rum Cask Finish

Last but not least, the XO Rum Cask Finish has gone beyond the creativity of all the Irish manufactures. Who had thought of aging a D.E.W in Rum cask? Indeed, Tullamore did.

Now you can enjoy this very latest and most artistic Irish spirit that leaves a little refreshment of rum in the body. You must like to miss this outstanding liqueur. It ages in the Carribean rum cask. In the USA, it costs $26 for a 1000 ml bottle excluding taxes. 

What is Tullamore DEW alcohol content?

ABV level of Tullamore DEW maximum goes up to 55%. For different varieties, DEW’s alcohol by volume limit remains distinctive. It is as follows.

  • The Original: ABV 40%
  • 10 Years Old Single Malt: ABV 40%
  • 12 Years Old Special Reserve: ABV 40%
  • Phoenix: ABV 55%
  • 15 Years Old Trilogy: ABV 40%
  • Old Bonded Warehouse Release: ABV 46%
  • Tullamore D.E.W Cider Cask: ABV 40%
  • Tullamore D.E.W XO Rum Cask Finish: ABV 43%

As per the nutritional qualities of Irish Whiskeys, DEW contains only an average amount of alcohol content. To remain healthy and adapt healthy drinking routine, one must remember to drink one glass of whiskey per hour. It is also recommendable to keep appetite low, yet, balanced as a precaution against alcohol poisoning.

How many calories in Tullamore DEW?

Are you working out, yet, crave for some D.E.W now and then? Well! Do not worry because this exclusive Irish whiskey contains only 69 grams of calories per 1 ounce. When you mix this neat drink in water or cola, the calorie level decrease.

However, in the case of Cola, it might increase. 69 gram/1 ounce of the drink is a low-calorie limit. You can adopt a healthy and balanced drinking routine with Tullamore D.E.W on weekends.

It gives you time to refresh and stay in shape. Exciting, isn’t it? It feels like drinking a diet whiskey when it comes to Tullamore special reserve whiskey D.E.W.

Is Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey gluten-free?

No! Tullamore DEW is not a gluten-free liquor. It contains barley, grain, and malt. For those who are following a gluten-free diet, it is suggested to replace DEW on the table with world-famous gluten-free whiskeys such as Tennessee whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream Drinks, and Jameson Irish Whiskeys.

To the readers’ surprise, one must not be ignorant of the high-end benefits of gluten. That’s right! When it comes to Tullamore, you can feel secure about the impacts of intoxication because, in the presence of gluten, there are fewer chances of experiencing the temporary effects of alcohol.


It gives us the greatest pleasure to present Tullamore D.E.W with its best characteristics. You can imagine the intensity of contentment that this Irish whiskey brings to the human body.

It is A-rated quality alcohol with top-notch grain material. It also contains a green apple for aromatic qualities. 

“Treat yourself with one shot of D.E.W and experience the old-gold taste of Ireland.”

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