Baileys Irish Cream Drinks, The Exclusive Irish Cream Liqueur

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Bailey Irish cream liquor, the specific brand of creamy alcohol with quite a distinction is well-known all over the world. From the smooth jazz bars to the rocking ones, bailey matches the demand of every alcohol consumer in the room. Indeed, the display look of Irish cream drink remains a forever treat for consumers. Yet, the aroma of cocoa most often attracts bailey consumers towards one drink at a time drinking routine.

Do you want into a bar and look at the shelves filled with the liquor that looks like hot chocolate? That’s right! Those are the bailey mixed drinks. You may have not ordered one yet, but you are on the right platform to learn about Baileys Irish cream drinks. Let’s take a glimpse at the introduction.

What is Baileys Irish Cream?

Baileys Irish cream drink is a legend drink of the Republic of Ireland. Since the 1900s, this spirit has seen some great times and reputation among the consumers at an international level. In 1974, this liqueur has been introduced by Diageo. However, it is noteworthy to mention that the exclusive tang of Baileys drink solely does not depend on the creation of Diageo.

The partial credit for the success of this alcohol beverage goes to Tom Jago from the Gilbeys of Ireland. It is because the legend Tom Jago has introduced the unique Irish cream that is the center of its expensive taste. 

To the readers’ surprise, the Bailey Irish cream drink is a combination of Irish whiskey and cream that makes a perfect liqueur to enjoy the day. All-time Bailey’s lovers grant an exquisite preference for coffee flavor. Indeed, Baileys’ other products such as cheesecake, coffee, and others are quite prominent. 

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You would love to explore the fact that Baileys Irish cream drink has various flavoring variants such as mint chocolate, creme caramel, hazelnut, salted caramel, biscotti and more. Well! Every variant has its specialty, yet, the first-time drinkers would prefer a sweet-exotic flavor that comes from coffee drinks made with bailey. 

David Dand is called the Godfather of Baileys. Well! The idea of sharing the success of Baileys with David Dand and Tom Jago is worth it. The rich dairy cream mixed in Irish whiskey (one of the most famous whiskeys from the Republic of Ireland) has created a type of drink the spurs one’s taste buds and sweetens the soul.

How to make drinks with Baileys Irish Creme?

To make drinks with Baileys Irish Cream is very easy. The first step to homemade mixed drinks with Baileys is to collect all the significant ingredients. Check the following list of ingredients and collect all the ingredients for making Baileys at home.

  • Cream (1 cup): It is recommendable to use heavy whipped cream to make the drink rich and thick. Yet, you can also use light cream if you want to take more pleasure in the tang of alcohol.
  • Condensed milk (15 ounces): Condensed milk is thick and does not give the drink a watery feeling. Without a doubt, a Bailey Irish cream drink with condensed milk appears like a glass of yogurt.
  • Irish whiskey (1-3 pegs): You can choose any Irish whiskey that soothes your taste buds at best. It is recommendable to choose Irish whiskeys like Jameson, Dead Rabbit, and Teeling. You can also use Absolut Vodka or Gin.
  • Coffee (1 teaspoon): You can choose any time of coffee beans like Latte or Espresso. With coffee, extra ounces of water is required.
  • Chocolate Syrup (2 tablespoons): Chocolate syrup makes the drink thick and chocolate. In case you skip chocolate syrup, the whiskey sourness, and the coffee’s sourness would ruin the original taste of Baileys Irish Cream drink.
  • Vanilla and Almond Extract (1 teaspoon per ingredient): Vanilla and almond extra give in sweet flavor to the drink. You can choose to skip vanilla or almond-based on your favoritism or taste.

Follow the given below instructions to prepare drinks with Baileys and Vodka.

  1. Set up a blender and blend all the ingredients in one of its blending jars. It is recommendable to blend the mixture of ingredients at low speed. High-speed blending can cause high-end foaming to the drink that can distinguish the taste of the drink.
  2. You can serve the drink directly by adding some ice to it. Yet, it is recommended to seal the blended solution in a bottle and refrigerate it. 
  3. Shake before serving.
  4. Your Irish Baileys cream drink is ready.

Amazing facts about Baileys Irish Cream drinks

  • Baileys mixed drinks are made using high-end electronic blenders nowadays. But, you would be surprised to know that for the first time, Baileys Irish Cream drink had made in a Kenwood mixer that was used in kitchens back in the times. Thus, you can expect to get an originally flavored Baileys drink even if you are making it at home.
  • Baileys has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Yes! The delightful 40 years of Bailey’s drinks production have witnessed the amazing duo of father and son aka, Steve and Anthony Wilson. On one hand, where Steve Wilson has pushed the growth of original Baileys in the alcohol industry, Anothony had discovered a Chocolate Luxe Baileys drink in 2013 that hit the market like a gold-star.
  • Do you know Irish cream is made from cow’s milk? That’s right! You may not have acknowledged the fact that the Baileys Irish Cream drink is quite natural and fascinating. Bailey’s production company owns 1500 farms that are responsible to contribute enough cows milk from the farms for the production of this exquisite spirit.
  • Bailey’s is an Ireland original. However, the fact that its 80% production depends on the original ingredients from Ireland is surprising. Unlike any other alcoholic brand, drinks made with Baileys do not lose their charm. It is because from the 1900s to 2000s, the taste, texture, and mouthfeel of Baileys have remained classic.
  • Likewise all the wonders of the world, Baileys Irish cream drink has accomplished more than selling ranks in the alcohol industry. That’s right! Today, Baileys counts among the top ten premium spirits of the world. Without a doubt, you may consider a premium spirit to be classic and expensive, yet, Bailey’s is classic and affordable.
  • Last but not least, Baileys has been complemented with worldwide favoritism. That’s right! This Irish creamy spirit has sphere the alcohol market of over 160 countries all over the world. Around the time of Christmas, the selling rank of Baileys go up by ten times as regular. It is undoubtedly an astounding fact that the Republic of Ireland has given the world a classic source of celebration and something to remember the country by, of course, in the coming decades.

What is Baileys Irish Cream drinks ABV?

Irrespective of the flavor of Baileys Irish cream drinks, its ABV level remains 17%. It is quite a light ABV for a thick cocktail made using vodka, rum, or Irish whiskey. If you are making homemade Baileys drink, it is recommendable to use light Irish whiskey with alcohol content, not more than 25%.

A high alcohol content limit combined with caffeine products like coffee can be harmful. By using condensed milk in your Irish whiskey, you can expect to decrease the ABV level of the homemade bailey. Yet, if you are ordering one in the bar, it remains safe and healthy to drink one glass of Baileys in an hour. It gives enough time to the human body to digest and prevents BAC (Blood alcohol concentration) from generating.

How many calories in Baileys Irish cream drinks?

As mentioned earlier, the Baileys mixed drink contains dairy products. Thus, it is logical to expect a high-calorie level. Yet, as per the production company of Bailey, its calorie limit is only 175 grams per bottle. It is a healthy calorie limit if you are consuming it without added desserts or snacks. You can also compare the appetite that Baileys generates two mince pies. Calorie-level of two mince pies and one Baileys drink is equivalent. 

Are drinks made with Baileys gluten-free?

Yes! If you are ordering Baileys drink in a bar, you can 100% consider it to be gluten-free. However, you cannot be so sure about homemade Baileys. Some people often prefer to switch Irish whiskey with vodka to make Baileys at home. Vodka is made of wheat and barley, thus, you would like to question its recipe before ruining your gluten-free diet. 


Drinks made with Baileys have been becoming prominent by the day. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, Baileys has qualities like nutritional values of dairy products and thick texture that allows the consumer to drink it slowly.

It is noteworthy to mention that the main Baileys drink that manufactures by the Baileys is made up of best quality Irish whiskey. Hence, you may find this recipe slightly different from other sources. Without a doubt, you can enjoy a glass of Baileys anytime at the alcohol & wine lounge near you. 

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