Willett Bourbon Is Near to Complete A Century, Here’s Everything To Know About It!

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Willett Bourbon is a crafty pot still reserve whiskey created by Thompson Willett in 1936. Do you know? At that time, Thompson was only 27 years old when he came up with the greatest idea and imparted upcoming generations with a long-craving taste of Willett Bourbon.

From the 1900s to this day, Willett Distillery has put a lot on the table for alcohol impassionates. Especially those who love to dive in the mesmerizing scent of whiskey and sip it like heaven’s rain. 

Since 2015, Willett Bourbon Distillery has also been running its customized website to improvise against competitors. Sounds like a good deal. Today, we present a thorough reading to help you learn everything about Willett Bourbon. Find out all the essential facts below: 

#1: Willett Bourbon is the legacy of the Willett Family from the 1600s

In the 1600s, Edward Willett applied for Pewter Trade in London, which was the beginning of Willett Distillery. After a long-time hustle in the 1800s, John David Willett became a partner at Willett and Frenke Distillery. Finally, in 1883, Willett Bourbon became one of the favourite whiskies imported by countries for CommonWealth players. 

In short, the legacy of Willett is being passed down from 1674 to this day. Recently in 2017, Willett Distillery accomplished the 25,000th barrel of Willett Bourbon. 

Here’s an astonishing fact: Do you know? Willett Bourbon Whiskey is much older than Old Overholt Pennsylvania Whiskey. 

#2: Willett Distillery takes pride in the diversity of products

Believe it or not! But it seems like every distiller from the Willett Family c0mes up with a new and improvised branded whiskey every 50 years. According to Willett’s occupancy in the current market, it has 12 mainstream and top-shelf whiskey brands in the market on its name.

This list includes Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon, Noah’s Hill, Willett Family Estate Bourbon, Kentucky’s Vintage, Johnny Drum Black Label, and Willett Family Estate Bottled Rye. 

With so many choices on Willett’s menu, how can one ought now try it once in a lifetime? Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon comes with a hardcore touch of mashed corns and slight pinches of wheat and malted barley. Henceforth, its sweet and spicy flavour gives a warm feeling every time you take a sip. 

From Willett’s whiskey pot, you simply cannot accurately examine its texture. It’s thick as compared to other old-form whiskeys. Yet, something that you cannot get enough of.

#3: What is Willett Bourbon Alcohol Content? 

Willett Bourbon officially launched in the market for the first time in the 1700s. Hence, earlier, its alcohol content was assumed to be higher. However, with legalized labelling on the bottled Bourbon, Willett Bourbon Alcohol content percentage is 47. It has a proof value of 94. 

Although, there are multiple bottled bourbons crafted by Willett Bourbon. Thus, it is significant to note that some brands of Willett, such as Willett Family Estate Rye Alcohol content, will be 50% or more. 

To the reader’s surprise, Willett Distillery is quite cautious when it comes to the ageing process. According to inside sources, this distillery mainly ages Bourbon anywhere between 8 years to 28 years. 

#4: What are Willett Bourbon calories count? 

To begin with, the average calorie count in any bourbon is between 90kcal to 100kcal per 1.5 oz. This is one of the reasons why alcohol impassionates find it pleasing to sip whiskey slowly and take their time. Otherwise, it may fill you up for hours. 

However, it is advised to go slow with Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon or Rye as it contains up to 114 kcal per 1.5 oz shot. 

In comparison, it has no carbs, fat, or protein to add to your diet during a celebratory night. Therefore, add some snacks while you enjoy Willett Bourbon neat. 

#5: How much does Willett Bourbon cost? 

Keeping in mind the top-shelf reputation of Willett Bourbon, it is quite a reasonably priced whiskey for big occasions. A 750mL bottle of Willett Pot Reserve is priced between $40 to $60, depending on the taxes situation in the given state or country. 

But of course, there are some conditions under which the price of Willett Bourbon uplift up to $5000. For example, Willett Family Estate Bottled Single-Barrel 15-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Grape Whiskey is one of the most expensive whiskeys in line with a price tag of 5.5k USD. 

#6: Is Willett Bourbon rare? 

According to the current officials at Willett Distillery, the company only releases limited editions of Willett Bourbon. Indeed, the statistics speak loud and clear that each edition of Willett Bourbon remains 20X lesser than any common bourbon straight whiskey, which makes it rare. 

So, if you want to purchase Willett Bourbon and save it for a special occasion, go ahead and find online stores that have single stocked Willett Bourbon. Grasp the opportunity before it’s too late. 

#7: Is it uncut and unfiltered? 

Since the modernization of Bourbon by 100% finishing and filtering has been completed. The world of thirsty alcohol drinkers is craving uncut and unfiltered Bourbon. It is time to give them the Willett Bourbon Family Estate Line of Whiskies. That’s right! After the modernization of Bourbon, Willett Distillery stopped making uncut and unfiltered whiskeys. 

However, thanks to the current daughter-in-law of the Willett’s family, the world can yet again taste uncut and unfiltered Willett Family Estate Bourbon. As mentioned before, it is a limited edition priced more than $5K per bottle. 

#8: Is Willett the same as Pappy? 

From time to time, unquestionable brands like Willett also come across a competitor that consumers feel “OK” to compare to. Hence, discussion on Reddit, Willett Vs. Pappy is continuous. 

As per our research, Willett Bourbon, despite its high alcohol content, deserves a higher ranking than Pappy. Unquestionably, both brands are scarce. Yet, Willett Bourbon comes with a smooth and spicy texture that gives you goosebumps. So, it is worth every penny. 

Willett Pot Still Reserve is the most affordable bottle in the USA, with a price range of $82. Try it out. 


So, are you thrilled to taste how alcohol tasted in the 1600s? Only Willett Bourbon’s traditionally bottled Family Estate brand can tell you that. We wish you Good Luck.