Top 10 Fruit Beers In India For Every Occasion!

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Wondering what diversity of alcohol tastes like? Beer’s invention in the 5thM BC in Iran may be the best thing that happened to the World. When the World was fed up with “hop, malt, and yeast mixture drinks” that give you a hangover, Fruit Beer entered and turned the tables upside down. It is a real game-changer.

To begin with, before the introduction of light fruit beers in the alcohol industry, no one could imagine a strong touch of fruit’s tastiness with bitter and cringy alcohol. But, thankfully, today, there are hundreds of fruit beer brands that compliment alcohol with top-notch sweet and juicy fruits like Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, berries, peaches, and whatnot. 

To be honest, before fruit beers, no one could imagine the usefulness of Grapefruit in any form of alcoholic beverage other than Napa Valley special wines. 

Thus, to impart our tribute to the invention of fruit beer, somewhat 5000 years ago, let’s countdown the top 10 fruit beers in India, which broke the record. Are you ready? Let’s take a glance: 

1. Fruli Fruit Beer (Flavour: Strawberry Belgian Fruit)

Fruli Beer is the lone creation of Huyghe Brewery, which has been in the market for more than a century. No doubt, their expertise in crafting fruit beer is unmatchable. In 2009, Huyghe Brewery’s top-shelf Fruli Strawberry beer received an award declaring it the World’s best fruit beer. 

According to inside sources, Fruli was first-ever crafted 300 years ago. It created a big fuss among alcohol fanatics in the early 2000s by winning a gold medal for the UK’s top-ranking food & drinks Expo. 

For those who desire to try Fruli strawberry fruit beer this weekend, Spoiler Alert: It has a sweet taste that goes perfectly with occasions like small get-togethers and formal parties.

It does have a high-end refreshing feeling that leaves you with sweet, melting hunger. At last, its alcohol content is only average, i.e.4.1%. So, you can dive into its flavor and refreshment without any hangovers. 

2. Wisconsin Fruit Beer (Flavour: Belgian Red)

If you are confused, there are many Wisconsin Fruit Beers that you may find on the shelves of local bars or stores nearby. Wisconsin Belgian Red Fruit Beer by New Glarus Brewing is one of the top 10 fruit beers in India that you must try during your lifetime.

It is a red mixture created in heaven with originally farmed Wisconsin Wheat along with a smokey touch of roasted Belgian special barleys. 

Alongside, an intense touch of Belgian cherries makes it a first-pick for every party or formal meet with friends & family. For the most part, Wisconsin Belgian Red is also a winner if you like to pair it with your meat-based main course. Or, you can try it with dessert if you have an intense sweet tooth. 

Above all, it has alcohol content limited to 4.42%. You can serve it at 40 degrees temperature in a tulip glass for a complete experience. 

3. Kirsch Gose: German style fruit beer 

This amazingly crafted fruit beer by Victory Brewing Company can literally take you to heaven. Why is it one of the top 10 fruit beers in India? Well! The answer perfectly hides in its sour cherry tastefulness, German Spices Platte, and sea salt. Sounds too unique, right? That’s what it was aiming for. 

Do you know? Kirsch Gose canceled its pack up from the market upon its fans’ request. With that being said, you must try it once this weekend. It comes with hardcore finishing notes of fresh cherry juice and coriander. Not only this, but unlike other breweries, Victory Brewing company sticks to the oldest hop variety out there: Spalt, for the marking of Kirsch Gose. 

Although, it is noteworthy that Kirsch’s fresh edition comes only once a year (September – October). So, hurry for this amazing fruit beer with an alcohol content limited to 4.7%. 

4. Electric Peel (Grapefruit Peel IPA)

IPAs are definitely the winner when it comes to enjoyment. Fruit beer like Electric Peel is a mixture of grapefruit peel with the citrus hop to deliver a bitter-sweet taste for those who love to drink with a silver lining.

Released by Magic Hat Brewing Company, it has an improvised ABV value of 6%. Thus, it can feel stronger in your throat than you expect. 

It holds an inside combination of pale and carapils malts along with apollo, chinook, and centennial hops. Thus, it is summer fruit beer to complement drinkers at cool town locations like beaches, farmhouses, nightclubs, etc. However, it is all year round if you can’t wait to try it on a snowy night out. 

Price starts from $9.49, approximately for a 12-ounce pint. 

5. Rhubarb Strawberry Beer

Are you in for a waxy treat? Pun intended! We present Rhubarb Strawberry beer by New Glarus that helps us review our list from a new perspective.

It is often said that beers are only good if they are refreshing and not aged. But, with a single sip of Rhubarb vintage beer, your mind blows with the ideas of new trending aging beers at New Glarus company. 

The greatest part is, when you unlock a bottle of Rhubarb Strawberry fruit beer, it delivers an immediate and strong aroma of strawberries mixed and mashed with baking spices. 

It has a sour taste that later delivers a sweet & refreshing feeling down the throats. Do you know? Rhubarb Strawberry reviews mainly state that it tastes like you are eating a pie without a crust. Sounds tempting, right? 

It has a mid-rated ABV value of 6.2%. Thus, you can expect a trip after 3-4 bottles. 

6. Sculpin Grapefruit IPA

From time to time, alcohol lovers’ taste buds crave an old-school tangy taste. Well! If you are one of those tangy-trollers, it is time to try out Sculpin Grapefruit IPA, which comes with a complete set of pinches of citrus hops along with the tardiness of Grapefruit. Mixed together, they create a hardcore Sculpin Grapefruit IPA with alcohol content limited to 7%. 

It suits the summer season, especially in refreshing locations like beaches, resorts, private swimming pools, etc. While having a pool-side drinking spree with a glass of Sculpin Grapefruit, you can pair it with a light salad or main course if you are hungry. Its tartness doesn’t fade away but gets stronger throughout the evening timeline. 

While you pour sculpin in a tulip glass, it leaves a thick white foam that fades away, however not quickly. You may also notice the aroma of white pepper, which is gold. 

7. Samuel Smith Organic Apricot Ale

Can you or can you not stay prevented from the taste of organic strawberries, apricot, barley, and wheat handcrafted into one hardcore ale? Well! Believe it or not, but Samuel Smith Organic Apricot Ale is one of a kind organic beer with all the qualities mentioned above. 

To begin with, this beer gives out a vintage feeling while you sip slowly and enjoy a complex blend of organic fruit juices. Like it or not, but Samuel Smith Organic Ale comes with a high-end touch of cane sugar.

Thus, it has 4.7g of sugar in it. Therefore, sip slowly and entertain yourself with each sip if you are seeing your weight at the same time. 

It has an ABV value of 5.1%. 

8. Kasteel Rouge Belgian Fruit Beer

Wondering which is the highest ABV valued fruit beer? Up until now, Kasteel Rouge Belgian Fruit Cherry stands top on the respective list with 8% alcohol content.

It is a rich cherry beer with a delicious taste. For the most part, it is highly utilized in bars to craft cherry-based cocktails. Thus, if you are open to new cocktail experiments this summer, Kasteel Rouge Cherry Liqueur is all you want in your private bar. 

9. Banana Bread Beer

Crafted by Eagle Brewery, Banana Bread Beer is for the occasion when you are craving something healthy as well as unique. Around Europe, it has also achieved a nickname for itself, called “Liquid Bread.” As the main ingredient represents, this beer has a thick texture in comparison to other ales. 

It is rather enjoyed for its Banoffee-complemented aromatic qualities. Apart from this, a slight touch of peppery spices makes it a good-t0-go drink with after-gym meals which demand a lot of protein. 

According to Banana Bread Beer reviews, it often tastes like whip creamy but much more flavor-full with ABV content as low as 5.1% only. 

10. Shiner Prickly Pear

To begin with, Shiner Prickly pear beer ranks at 800th out of 1000 international fruit beers, which are record-breaking. So, if you are searching for the top 10 fruit beers in India to try out, Shiner Prickly pear ranks at 10. Henceforth, you can end your fruit beer journey with the tastefulness of edible species of cactus. 

Prickly Pear’s taste is quite unique. Thus, you can literally write a page on how good it is? It has qualities that you may have never encountered before. So, try it today with 5% abv before it goes vintage. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s order your first fruit beer in the nearest bar of your choice. Dive into the refreshment of fruits. Believe it. They are better than yeast-exaggerated IPAs. Good luck!