Mexican Beer Brands That You Must Try For Extraordinary Experience of Quality

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Having the best-of-best Mexican beer on the table is a mesmerizing experience. You can dive into Mexico’s traditional beer taste with a touch of modified finishing notes.

To the reader’s surprise, Mexican Beer brands come with combined qualities of American as well as German booze. With that being said, you can expect a familiar tastefulness. However, its elite glow and over-the-top foam will soothe your mind. 

More often than not, when it comes to counting down Mexican beer lists, you may expect Corona Beer to be at the top. But, what is past that casual and widely available beer is somewhat you will definitely find pleasing.

Do you know? In 2021, Mexican Beer Exports have increased by 0.32 billion USD as compared to last year. Henceforth, if you are looking for the best Mexican beer brands to try, begin with the following list. It will prove your experience worthwhile. Let’s get started: 

1. Negra Modelo

In the Mexican tradition, “modelo” stands for black colour or something that is dark. On the other hand, the term Negra is also used in the context of dark complexion.

Thus, while purchasing your first bottle of Negra Modelo Mexican beer, you can expect a kahwa-like colour and texture. But, the best part is, irrespective of Negra Modelo’s rich and dark hue, it doesn’t make you high. Instead, it has alcohol content as light as soft beers.

For your information, Negra Modelo Alcohol content is 5.4% only, which is an average value. One of the main reasons why Negra Modelo Mexican Beer is top of the list is because it has a strong aroma of roasted caramel malts. Above all, it is a vegan beer. 

2. Bohemia Beer 

Is Bohemia Beer a good beer? People often ask this question, to which the response isn’t very appraising. However, this Mexican beer brand lands at the 2nd position because of its “herbal” aromatic qualities that are scarce in the alcohol industry.

Using our personal experience of Bohemia beer’s tastefulness, it wins in all possible contexts of robustness, a pinch of sourness, and a pilsner-specialized making process. 

For those who love to reform ABV choices from time to time, Bohemian Beer from Mexico is a winner. It comes in three different flavours named Pilsner, Weizen, and Oscura. 

To make a better choice, you can customize your purchase based on qualities like Bohemia Pilsner is complemented with Styrian Hops with a light-golden hue and soft texture. Whereas Bohemia Weizen contains Mount Hood hops with an ABV value of not more than 5.7%. 

Last but not least, Bohemia Oscura is a perfect substitute for Bohemia Pilsner if you are searching for something slightly strong. Oscura has hand-picked Zeus hops, which deliver pungent aromatic quality mixed with curry and liquorice. It has a 4.7% alcohol content that is only 0.2% more than a pilsner. 

3. Dos Equis Mexican Lager

With a six-pack Dos Equis Mexican Lager on the table, your mind will be definitely blown. It has a crispness to it that is quite scarce. This Mexican beer has spent quite some time on the top shelf of the top exported Mexican beer brands in the USA.

It is also a special pilsner-style beer complemented with 100% distilled spring water. To the reader’s surprise, Mexican beer brands like Dos Equis are quite prominent when it comes to lager with no hangover possibilities. 

According to the history of Mexican beer, Dos Equis first-ever launched in 1897. Since then, Dos Equis flavours have been modified. You can purchase either of the following: Lager Especial, Amber Especial, Lime & Salt, Ranch Water, and Variety Pack. 

Alongside, Dos Equis has a diversified signature taste that is strong enough for XX cocktails like mint chalida. 

Apart from this, the specifics of Dos Equis are acceptable. It contains only 4.2% alcohol content and 131 kcal/12 oz.

4. Tecate Original Mexican Beer

Believe it or not, but Tecate is somewhat a treasury beer that delivers an unforgettable taste. To the reader’s surprise, Tecate was first-ever launched in 1944 by Tecate Brewery in Mexico. According to the mentioned company, the Tecate recipe is unchanged for 60 years, and this is why it is a perfect fit if you are searching for a traditional Mexican beer list. 

Among the circles of beer lovers, Tecate is acknowledged for its pilsner-like quality. However, it has a combined flavour of traditional beer that is unfiltered and sweet. It has a strong and sour finish which keeps your vibe alive for a few minutes. 

While choosing Tecate light beer, you will be surprised that its Alcohol content value is only 3.9%. In comparison, if you are looking for something strong, Tecate Original Flavoured beer receives many appraisals. It has a 4.5% alcohol content. 

To the reader’s surprise, if you are living in the USA, you can buy Mexican beer from Tecate in any local store. Recently in 2010, US Company Heineken purchased Tecate Brewery, which also sells Amstel Light and Strongbow beers. 

According to the CEO of Tecate, beer is loved by Hipsters, i.e.., the modern generation with an advanced sense of fashion and cultural mainstream. So, if you are open to new experiences, begin with Tecate, the original taste of Mexico starting from $12.99 only.

5. Victoria Beer

Crafted by Cerveza Victoria Company, Victoria Amber-style lager is an elite choice of all times. It adds much quality to Modelo’s products list when it comes to real-time Mexican beers. According to the co.’s history, Victoria beer initially launched a century and 35 years ago.

With every sip of victoria Mexican beer 12 oz bottle, you can dive into the nourishing taste of corn, malt, grain, yeast, wheat, and caramel. 

For the most part, Victoria Mexican beer alcohol content value is only 4% which makes it a bearable choice of alcohol during workdays. The estimated calories count in a single 12 oz pint is 120 kcal. It is significant to mention that Vitoria beer from Mexico is often confused for Victoria Bitter, which originally comes from Melbourne. The latter is comparably hardcore. 

It is the oldest beer from Mexico, which goes best with grilled cheese & sandwiches or meat

6. Corona Extra Lager

In recent years, Corona Mexican Lager’s reputation has encountered a downslide because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, thanks to this pale lager’s exclusive tastefulness, it is still the best-selling Mexican beer in the USA. It has a rich and premium touch of lemon and lime that deliver a tarty finish.

To begin with, Corona Extra’s marketers highly advertise it as a refreshing beverage. Especially for adventurous places like beaches, public or private swimming pools, and the backyard. 

It contains a 4.6% alcohol content percentage. To the reader’s surprise, it first launched in 1925. Henceforth, you can simply pick it as a wise beer with the traditional taste of Mexican beer. Its recipe has been unchanged since the launch. 

Above all, it is the best-selling beer after kingfisher light beers. Thus, there’s a 100% chance that you can purchase it at local beer stores. 

7. Pacifico Clara Cerveza

Again, most Mexican beer brands focus on crafting pilsner-style beer. Pacifico Clara Cerveza is one of those brands. It comes from the 1900s and is definitely a winner if you are looking for a blonde beer with a golden pinch.

However, there’s one con of Pacifico Clara Cerveza. That is, it has minimum foam producing capacity. Thus, it may not be satisfying enough when you pour it down your favourite beer glass. 

Here’s a fun fact: do you know? Pacifico Clara was originally produced by Germans in Mexico around the 1900s. In the beginning, it wasn’t so famous. But it caught the attention of millions during the 1970s. 

The ABV value of this beer is only 4.4%, containing only 146 calories per 12 ounces pint. Lastly, it is not a beer that is limited to the summer season. Because of its full-bodied trait, you can take it with you for a night out or camping sites during winters. 

8. Perro Del Mar

Perro Del Mar is a unique type of IPA which is very rare in Mexican culture. However, it is widely popular due to its hoppy trait. While having sips of Perro Del Mar, you will notice that it has the tastefulness equivalent of grapefruit beer.

It delivers intense aromatic qualities of citrus and pine raisins. It is definitely not a Cerveza for those who have a sweet tooth. Even though Perro Del Mar’s hue is as golden as blonde hair yet, it leaves behind a bitter finish in the mouth. 

In the context of alcohol content as well, Perro Del Mar is pretty strong. It contains 7.5% ABV. 


Now the best Mexican beer list has come to an end. Which one did you pick? Share your experience online with us. Here’s a fun fact before you go: Mexican beers are best combined with grilled meat for extra crispness. Thus, next time you walk into a bar, don’t be fooled by the fancy American Beer name. Just go for a Spanish one!