Stagg Jr. Bourbon: Is It The Best Whiskey By Buffalo Trace? Let’s Find Out!

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Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey crafted and launched by Buffalo Trace in 2013 had fewer chances of accomplishment. The distillery didn’t believe its loyal consumers to prefer Stagg Jr. than long-living Stagg Whiskey. However, for Stagg Jr., it’s lucky hunch was already here. Today, it is one of the most popular and best-selling rare whiskies in the world.

So, what’s so great about it? Is it the taste? Or the passed-on popularity of Buffalo Trace’s bourbons on the top shelves. Today, we present some real-time facts about Stagg Jr. Bourbon that may turn the tables upside down for whiskey lovers out there. Let’s take a glance: 

1. Stagg Jr. is mainstream Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey

Some consumers find it hard to believe, but, as confirmed by Buffalo Trace officials, Stagg Jr.’s mash recipe is similar to Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey. It is also one of the reasons why Stagg Jr Bourbon has identical finishing as Eagle Rare.

On social platforms like Reddit, Stagg Jr. vs. Eagle Rare is a topic in continuation. According to Stagg Jr.’s reviews on Google, it has a hard hit in comparison to Eagle R. Yet. It is a popular choice due to its metallic flavoring. 

2. Is Stagg Jr Barrel proof? 

For beginners, it can simply be a contest to find out which whiskey is barrel-proof and unfiltered at the same time. You may ask, what is barrel proof anyway? By definition, A whiskey is acknowledged as barrel proof when its “proof value” does not decline during the aging procedure. And, the answer is YES. Stagg Jr is a barrel-proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey. 

According to the latest released edition of Stagg Jr. batches, they are 131.1 proof. Alongside, the age of SJ is a minimum of eight years. Stagg Jr. barrel proof makes it a better choice of whiskey because it has a hardcore finishing with a complete concentration on flavors. 

Another amazing thing about Stagg Jr.’s latest edition review is that it crossed a line of average. Bourbon whiskies mostly fall between 80 to 100 proof after aging. Stagg Jr. 131 proof makes a good point against competitors. 

3. What is Stagg Jr Alcohol Content? 

From proof to ABV? Sounds quick! But, alcohol content percentage remains as considerable as proof. Stagg Jr. Alcohol content stands at 64.2%, which is considered above-average in the market. Not only this, but it beats Buffalo Trace’s other brands as well.

The average alcohol content percentage for whiskey is 40%. Hence, if you are a beginner, Stagg Jr. Japanese Whiskey edition is a good way to go. However, not preferable if you are desperately interested in flavor and finest finishing in mouth, Stagg Jr. 60% ABV or plus is a fit-in pick. 

Above all, you can find multiple Stagg Jr. Batches in the market with different ABV values. For example, Batch 13 is 128.4 proof, making it a product with 64.2% alcohol content. Similarly, batch 12 is 132.3 Proof. Hence, its abv percentage is 66.1% approximately. 

4. Stagg Jr. is a 21st-century tribute to George T. Stagg

George T. Stagg is one of the legends in the alcohol industry. He was acknowledged for the fabulous craftsmanship of Stagg whiskies in the 19th century. In 1893, George T. died and left behind decades of inspiration for uplifting craftsmen. Do you know? Stagg Jr. is a tribute to George by the mainstream distillery in the United States. 

The name George T. Stagg also holds a limited edition of alcoholic beverages by the same name. Spoiler Alert: They are wildly expensive.

5. Has Stagg Jr. Batch 16 has been released? 

It is rather challenging to wait for Stagg Jr’s new batch that comes out every six months. Up until now, Stagg Jr Edition 15 has been released in the market with 131 proof value.

Stagg Jr. Bourbon Edition 16 is awaiting. According to inside news, the 16th edition will come out in the Summer of 2021. Apart from that, its proof value has been disclosed at 130.9. So, you can always wait for a few months to get the latest Stagg Jr. and buy it off the shelf. 

6. How many Stagg Jr. calories in one shot? 

Stagg Jr Calories count for a single shot is 145 kCal/1.5 oz. Therefore, presuming that you are on a weight-loss diet, you can adopt Stagg jr into your nightly diet, conditioning that you consume 1.5 oz shot per hour.

More often, consumers also question whether Stagg jr is unfiltered or filtered? Well! It is unfiltered and uncut whiskey. Therefore, you can pretty much dive into its flavor. You can also pair it with light snacks or serve it on chilled water or ice. It helps to balance out the calories count. 

7. Is Stagg Jr hard to find? Or is it rare? 

The answer is YES. The Buffalo Trace Distillery releases a limited edition of a new batch of Stagg Jr every six months. Because of the popularity and rarity of the drink, it may go off the shelf to the buyers quickly.

Alongside, some consumers also confuse Stagg Jr and George T. Stagg. In case Stagg J. is not available, they instead buy George T. Stagg. However, it is noteworthy that the two above-mentioned drinks are not alike. 

George T. Stagg is a hardcore and 19-years-old whiskey crafted by Sazerac Company. In other words, you can call it the big brother of Stagg Jr. 

8. How much should I pay for Stagg Jr Bourbon?

With the factor of a rarity in line, it is simply concludable that Stagg Jr is an expensive choice. Henceforth, if you are purchasing it for personal consumption, it will cost you $50/750ml.

This price rate is 90% above the price range of average bourbon whiskies in the market. Alongside that, the price rate of Stagg Jr also depends on the edition you are purchasing. The latest edition will cost you more. 


Are you waiting for the upcoming Stagg Jr. Bourbon 16th edition? Get started with the 15th edition and uplift your experience of StaggJ from then and there. This summer, make a wild choice and enjoy your weekend with Stagg jr by your side. Good luck!