Yellowstone Bourbon, The Best-selling Kentucky Select Bourbon From The 1800s, Why?

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Yellowstone Bourbon’s distillation occurs like a folktale in the current century. Paul and Steve Beam were the virtuoso of the Beam Family who finally unlocked the raw version of Yellowstone out of the family’s oldest spirit closet and put it in the market for the world to enjoy its magic.

It was then and there, Yellowstone bourbon whiskey became the parimoney of Jim Beam Dant Distillery. Do you know? The Jim Beam Dant Distillery was named after Paul and Steve’s parents. 

So, there is no doubt that Yellowstone bourbon whiskey had a world-class and elite beginning in the world. It is known for its true-spirit nature.

But, as a new generation consumer, there is a chance that you may miss on some most astonishing nutritious as well as common facts about Yellowstone. What’s its story? Let’s find out: 

1. Yellowstone Bourbon had too many ups and downs in the context of popularity

When it comes to counting steps in the history of Yellowstone select bourbon whiskey, it is challenging to contemplate its survival in today’s market. In 1872, first-ever Yellowstone bourbon was bottled and put into the market.

For decades, this Kentucky straight whiskey didn’t disappoint. However, due to rigid change in people’s taste and preference, whiskey’s demand had been declining. 

As a result, J.B. Dant’s Yellowstone was put into the market for acquisition to which Glenmore reacted quickly. Deal was made and now, Yellowstone was Glenmore’s.

About 30 years ago from now, David Sherman purchased the legacy of Yellowstone along with Ezra Brooks bourbon whiskey. Little did he know, the trend of Kentucky’s tobacco smoke bourbon complimented with caramel hue and toffee’s tastefulness will come back. 

By 2010, David Sherman sold Yellowstone bourbon to the Limestone Branch Distillery, owned by J.B. Dant. Luckily, Yellowstone made it back into the family’s closet where it came from. And now, Limestone Branch struggled to put Yellowstone on the top-shelf. 

2. What is Yellowstone Bourbon Alcohol Content? Is it higher than normal?

Because Yellowstone bourbon comes from 1872, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its alcohol content value is higher than average. It is one of the reasons for its top-shelf status in bars. According to Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey listing, Yellowstone select bourbon alcohol content is 46.5% per 93 proof bottle. 

Whereas, Yellowstone limited edition 101 proof alcohol content is 50.5%. 

3. David Sherman downgraded Yellowstone’s popularity like a cheap whiskey

From one of the largest-selling bourbon brands in the 1800s to one of the cheapest bourbon whiskies in the 1900s, David Sherman had a hard time coping with market statistics. It is hard to say where exactly the legacy and rarity of Yellowstone bourbon whiskey went wrong.

However, in the late 1900s, before Paul Beam re-acquired the brand, Yellowstone Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bottles were as cheap as $12. 

And, to the reader’s surprise, it was always on the bottom of local stores’ shelves as it was a popular purchase for poor drinkers. 

Today, thanks to Limestone Distillery, Yellowstone Select price starts from $49.99 per 750mL. There are YellowStone Limited Edition Bourbons in the market aged for up to 15 years. 

For the most part, Yellowstone limited edition whiskey prices stick around $100 per 750mL. Thus, make a wise choice and taste the best with Yellowstone’s 1872 raw and specialized limited edition. 

4. How many calories in one shot of Yellowstone Kentucky Bourbon? 

Are you looking out your weight this week? However, can’t get out of a weekend drinking night! Don’t worry. Yellowstone Bourbon calories count per 1.5 oz shot is 97 calories only.

Thus, with every sip of Yellowstone, you can dive in the additional taste of smoked caramel and vanilla essence. Yes! Yellowstone bourbon ingredients list include some hardcore sugary content. However, they are aged to leave 0 carbs in the final bottled content. 

In the event that you are composing Yellowstone with soda or cola, you may regret it as it increased the “kcal” value. It goes best, either neat or on top of ice cubes. 

5. Yellowstone bourbon reviews as the Mother of Cocktails

Believe it or not, but you can make some mind-blowing cocktails with Yellowstone bourbon at home. To your surprise, the following cocktails are personally recommended by the makers of Yellowstone whiskey. Here’s the recipes: 

Colorado Bourbon Bulldog

For those who love a kick of caffeine in their liquor, Colorado is a perfect pick. How to make it? Let’s find out: 

Collect the ingredients: 

  • Yellowstone Bourbon (1 oz + .5 oz),
  • Coffee liquor (Bailey’s Irish cream, ½ oz, recommended)
  • Milk or Cream Milk (double ounces)
  • Cola (double ounces), if you are not too much focused on weight management.


  • Take a cocktail shaker.
  • Mix the first three ingredients mentioned above. 
  • After that, add ice to it. Shake well again. 
  • Now, top the final beverage with Cola and Cherry. 

Mother of Dragons

Presuming that you are a big fan of Game of Thrones, you just cannot miss this cocktail. It tastes literally like Emily Clark’s favourite bourbon: 

Collect the ingredients: 

  • Bowling & Burch New World Gin (double ounces)
  • Fresh lemon juice (single ounces – 0.25 ounces)
  • green tea syrup (single ounce)
  • Lemon twist (garnishment)
  • coconut water (single ounce)


Add all four ingredients into the cocktail shaker with ice. Take a martini glass and rim with salt. Add “mother of dragons” to it. Finally, set off with a lemon twist. 

6. Is Yellowstone bourbon hard to find? Is it available online? 

Are you having a hard-time finding yellowstone bourbon in your area or nearest bar? Well! In that case, you can simply go online to the official site of Limestone Branch Distillery. Tap on the “Buy” option and search for stores near you with Yellowstone bourbon in stock. 

It is crucial to note that Yellowstone Select Bourbon is easily available in any liquor store. However, you may have a hard time finding the limited edition 1872. 

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