Do You Know About the Calories in Bourbon?

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If you would ever visit any bar in Kentucky you come across at least one or two patrons enjoying the shot of Bourbon or its taste in the cocktail like Manhattan. It is American Whiskey that is prepared using 51 percent corn aged in new charred oak barrels for two years. This adds great taste to the drink and makes it a little sweeter than any other whiskey. You would be eagerly waiting to try the drink, but have you ever wondered about how many calories in Bourbon Whiskey.

There is no wonder that you will be shocked after seeing its calorie counts. Although almost every whiskey is a rich source of calories and so do the Bourbon. This mouth-watering drink contains 97 calories in an ounce of bourbon.

Know More About Bourbon and Calories in One-Shot of Bourbon

Although calories in one shot of Bourbon are quite high still the drink is famous among the cocktail and drink lover. Some of the best brands of Bourbon known to us are Jim Beam, Four Roses, and Maker’s Mark.

These brands offer such great taste of the drink that one can enjoy it neat or as a classic cocktail like Manhattan, Mint Julep, and Old Fashioned. Among these brand, Four Roses and Maker’s Mark contain 69 Calories while the calories in Jim Beam Bourbon is 101.

This smooth and appetizing drink is the result of the perfect distillation of corn and other ingredients. The aging further adds to the flavor of the drink.

The credit for the invention of this popular drink goes to former Baptist minister from Kentucky, but in the real sense, the drink was presented by many distillers almost at the same time.

The drink got its unique name from Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, the land where Kentucky’s finest amber drink was shipped during the 19th century by two French entrepreneurs from Louisville.

how many calories in a shot of bourbon

The drink made with at least 51% corn in the mash along with rye and barley to fill the remainder, distilled to 160 proof, barreled at 125 proof, and bottled at minimum 40% ABV have 97 calories in a shot of bourbon.

The high percentage of corn in the drink imparts sweet taste but the influence of charred oak, smooth undertone, and varying notes of spice, caramel, vanilla makes the drink famous and ranks it among the top whiskey in the list of bartenders.

Straight Bourbon

Have you heard the term “straight bourbon”? Wondering about what it is? It is nothing unique but the term to define the bourbon that is aged for at least two years without adding any color or flavor in it. The straight bourbon needs to be aged for a specific length of time, unlike Bourbon.

‘High-Rye’ and ‘Wheated Bourbon’

As per the law states, the bourbon’s mash bill contains 51% corn while the rest of the volume consists of barley and rye in different percentages. The drink with a high percentage of rye is “Hi-Rye Bourbon”.

It is spicier and imparts a more peppery flavor. The known high-rye bourbons are Bulleit Bourbon and Old Grand-Dad. The calories in Bulleit Bourbon is equal to 109 with 28% rye that complements spicy boldness with the vanilla and oak accents in the drink while Old Grand-Dad has 82 calories.

Unlike the “High-Rye”, Wheated bourbon is made of non-traditional wheat, thus imparting soft flavor with boosted caramel and vanilla accents. Van Winkle and Weller Bourbon are examples of Wheated bourbon with 100 calories and 109 calories respectively.

Dig Deeper to Learn the Legal Definition of the Drink

Astonished! Yes, Bourbon has a legal definition that consists of seven main components.

  • It must be made from the mash bill with at least 51% corn.
  • The drink must be aged in the charred new oak barrels.
  • The ingredients and mixture can be distilled up to 80% ABV i.e. 160 proof.
  • The drink must enter cask with no more than 62.5 ABV (125 proof)
  • It should be bottled at 40% ABV (80 proof)
  • It should contain no additives.

How Many Calories in Different Flavors of Bourbon?

Hot and Spicy Bourbons: Spicy bourbon the drink that tastes like hotred pepper. It got such flavor because of its ingredients or due to the aging process. With the right blend of different and mixed flavors of corn, rye and wheat one can enjoy the heat after tasting the drink.

1792 Small Batch (113 calories), Old Weller Antique (86 calories in a shot of bourbon) and Old Grand-Dad 114 proof (119 Cal) are some of the known drinks that impart such hot and spicy taste on your taste buds.

Floral Bourbons: Some of the distillers use yeast to ferment Bourbon that creates compounds like carbon-di-oxide and ethanol thus imparting flavored compounds in the drink. Such bourbon taste like honeysuckle or rose petals with a little accent of fruity notes.

If you want to enjoy its taste then here are some known bourbons: Four Roses Small Batch (73 Cal), Old Forester 86 proof (105 Cal) and Woodford Reserve (73 Cal).

Baking Spice Bourbons: The baking spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and anise are some of the notes that you can feel in the taste of baking spice bourbons. The drink contains rye grain, yeast for fermentation or the barrel used for the maturation.

The bourbon drink with such appetizing taste is Buffalo Trace (97 Cal), Ezra Brooks (64 Cal), and Maker’s Mark 46 (80 Cal).

Wood-Forward Bourbons: Most of the bourbon gets its taste from the barrel in which it is matured. Longer the maturation process better will be the taste. Bourbon aged for 4 years is considered fully matured but still many of the producers keep the drink in it to obtain the enhancing taste of the final product.

Keeping the drink for a longer time in the barrel gives it the flavor of almond, walnut, cedar, pecan and of course oak. It can be dry as black tea or rich in leather or tobacco flavor.

Wild Turkey 101 proof (124 Cal), Elijah Craig Small Batch or Jim Beam Black (109 Cal) are some of the Wood-Forward Bourbon.

Grain-Forward Bourbons: The bourbon somewhat opposite to Wood-Forward Bourbons are aged gently with not much flavor of oak. In general, the drink has the dominating taste of corn, barley, rye or wheat. Bourbon that imparts such taste includes Very Old Barton (105 Cal), Basil Hayden’s (101 Cal) and Johnny Drum Private Reserve.

Bottom Line

The blog might have helped you in knowing how many calories in one shot or in an ounce of bourbon. So before holding a glass of bourbon in your hand get a clear idea of the calories you intake with the drink. Enjoy the flavor and pick the right brand to admire your choice the most.

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