Amazing Facts About Tennessee Whiskey

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It is difficult to get rid of a drink with an unattractive mouthfeel. This type of mindset takes place with time. It is more often when the drink has quite a strong temporary reaction to the customer’s mind and body. But, what if I tell you there is a substitute drink? That’s right! It delivers a world-class mouthfeel and it has no unhealthy impact on the body. Yes! We are talking about the Tennessee Whiskey original.

This spirit relaxes your mind and body. But there’s something about it beyond everyone’s thinking. It allows you to have a pleasant drinking experience with no heavy hangover the next morning. Do you want to know more? Let’s start!

Introduction to Tennessee Whiskey

This outstanding spirit has introduced in Tennessee in the United States. It is a bourbon whiskey. One of the amazing facts about this drink is that it is only manufactured in Tennessee.

The import and export trading of this prominent drink is the largest in the alcohol industry. Hence, it does not matter that in what corner of the world you are sitting? It is available there to decorate your nightlight.

About Tennessee Whiskey

The consumers more often confuse this drink for the spirits made in Tennessee. It is worthy to note that all the whiskey made in this state is not the original drinks of a given brand.

For example, a drink named “Tennessee moonshine” is not actually Tennessee whiskey. It is only a spirit made in the initially given state in the US. But, let the confusion out of our minds and get more insights for this amazing spirit.

Various exclusive current producers and brewers of Tennessee whiskey are:

  • Chattanooga Whiskey Company, Chattanooga
  • Benjamin Prichard’s, Kelso
  • Collier and McKneel, Nashville
  • Fugitives Spirits Nashville
  • TennSouth Distillery, Lynnville
  • Jack Daniel’s, Lynchburg

The exclusive alcohol brands are pushing the production of this delightful beverage. It is to stand above the extremely healthy alcohol requirements of the consumers. That too, at a worldwide level. Apart from this, It’s cocktails are quite prominent all over the world.

What kind of whiskey is Tennessee whiskey?

It is an iconic beverage. As mentioned earlier, this spirit is famous for its cocktails all over the world. Some exclusive cocktails you might have heard of are whiskey sour, mint julep, and improved whiskey cocktails.

This manufactures in the same way as a bourbon. It contains up to 51% of corn, rye, barley or wheat. Well! You have a choice when it comes to the latter three ingredients given. That’s right! Over and above, if you are making this alcoholic beverage at home, you would like to put either barley or wheat.

Hence, there’s a choice for the consumers who find wheat sensitive for their health. Alongside, when it comes to different flavors of this drink, you may find the following fact amusing.

Different flavors of this spirit come in different shades. Some of these are light brown whereas some are rich amber. I bet! it will lighten up your mood when I say that “this drink is always a treat to the eyes.”

What are some amazing facts about Tennessee whiskey?

  • Distilled at the oldest distillery in the US

We all demand classic drinks even in 2019s. Of course, the fact this spirit distills at one of the oldest distilleries in the US would cheer you up. Yes! That’s Jack Daniel’s.

We all remember from the 1900s when our fathers’ had a long-lasting stock of Jack Daniel’s at their small bar at home. Today, it may raise your love for it. Because it feels like the passing of favoritism from the old generation to the new generation. It is a literal example of a classic choice.

  • Unique distilling process

The US distilleries manufacture Tennessee beverage. You may take its taste and manufacturing process to be similar to that of an American bourbon or any other high-class drink.

But, it is not! This is because Tennessee is much better. It has a unique distilling process. To unbox the secret, for starters, it filters through the layers of charcoal.

This charcoal prepared by burning the original and imported high-quality sugar maple woods. Once the charcoal is ready, the spirit filters up to four days and further, it goes white wool. Well! For only to remove any particles of charcoal. It is like the ancient people, making spirit from scratch.

  • Do you want to buy your barrel?

I can assume the readers’ reactions like “WHAT? AN OWN BARREL?” Well! That’s true. By connecting with Jack Daniel’s services, you can buy your barrel of Tennessee beverage as per your preferences. Think! How amazing that would be for a classic drinker?

  • Rumor or not! You’d love it!

It is sad when someone dies but the idea of being buried along with a bottle of favorite whiskey is a sign of a loyal drinker. It was a controversy that Frank Sinatra’s favorite spirit was Tennessee whiskey of Jack Daniel’s.

Talking about another such legend, the singer Lemmy Kilmister also took a bottle of this drink into her grave. It is a known fact that she drank one bottle of this drink daily for about 30 years.

  • Order a “Lemmy”

In the honor of Lemmy Kilmister, the Tennessee whiskey cocktail is also called “Lemmy.” It is a combination of a Jack and coke. So next time you walk into a bar, order a “Lemmy” and show some respect to the choice of world-famous singer. It must have been a great deal to her and her fans.

  • Tennessee Whiskey ABV

If you are wondering whether it is a light brown drink or a rich-alcohol drink. It is an average level of whiskey. It means that its alcohol content or ABV value remains around 40%. Yes! That is quite a lot of alcohol for regular consumers of beer. But, it is too tasty to be a judgment about this drink.


Tennessee whiskey’s consumers part into two. First, the one who orders it on an occasional basis and the one who consumes it on a regular basis.

Can you blame them? It is good, healthy and a branded whiskey with global level availability. It is an affordable spirit with average ABV. It is a recommendable drink. So, knock off your confusion about this drink and give it a try.

“Order your barrel of Tennessee to make something out of your night of fun.”

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