Amazing Gluten Free Alcohol: A Complete Guide!

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Are you on a gluten-free diet? If yes, then it is very important to consider what alcohol is gluten free before consuming it.

Being on a gluten-free diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy the drinks socially, it’s all about being aware of the gluten free alcoholic drinks.

Thinking of what kind of alcohol is gluten-free? Although one needs to be very choosy to get such a drink it is not impossible to find the one. Even after using wheat, barley, or rye as the primary ingredient, many drinks are available without gluten content. The pure and distilled liquor are gluten-free alcohol drinks and are safe for people suffering from celiac disease.

Before handling glass of alcoholic drink, it is good to check that if there any gluten content in the beverage. Considering rum and tequila, these are gluten-free liquor while with a certain limit you can also find some beer and is whiskey gluten-free.

Here we will provide the gluten-free alcohol list that helps in choosing the right kind of liquor in your next gathering.

Gluten-Free Alcohol Guide

Is Beer Gluten-Free?

Gluten Free Alcohol

If you love the taste of beer, then here is something that might disappoint you especially if you are looking for gluten-free beer?

Almost every type of beer from light to craft beer all beer contains gluten in it. It is therefore highly recommended for the person with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to avoid drinking beer until and unless it specifies gluten-free on the label.

Although many companies tend to produce gluten-free beer by removing the gluten from the final product of the liquor. Some manufacturers are also substituting barley with sorghum or buckwheat, millets, and rice that contains little or no gluten.

Redbridge, one of the best gluten free alcohol brands prepared by the manufacturer Anheuser-Busch has provided gluten-sensitive people with a great option. Other popular gluten free beers are New Planet, Omission, New Grist, Bard’s, and Greens.

Get Cider: The Best Gluten-Free Beer Alternative

Do you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance then it is quite hard for you to find the beer in some social gatherings or to enhance your mood? But what if you find an alternative that can stimulate your taste buds and be your best partner in social settings?

Cider is the best option for gluten-free alcoholic beverages for your casual night out.

Ciders are brewed from apples and thus are gluten-free. But it is good to ensure the ingredients the alcohol by double-checking the list.

Some of the favorite ciders are Magners, Woodchuck Cider, and Ace Cider.

Gluten-Free Hard Alcohol: Vodka, Rum & Tequila

If you are suffering from Celiac Alcohol, then it does not get disheartened. There is a big list of gluten free alcohol like Potato Vodka, Rum, and Tequila. These drinks are prepared using the ingredients that do not contain gluten and thus are safe to drink.

For enjoying the flavor of gluten-free Vodka you can go for some common options like Chopin, Tito’s vodka, Luksusowa.

Are you fond of drinking Rum? Almost all the rum except the ones that are flavored and spiced might contain gluten to enhance its taste. It is therefore good to check the ingredient list before consuming the same.

Tequila follows the traditional way of preparation and is manufactured using the blue agave plant. It is completely gluten-free. But again, there are a few brands like Mixto that may contain very little gluten content in it. If you want to experience its taste without any doubt in your mind, then it is good to pick Blue Agave Tequila. Although, it is expensive but is good for your health, especially if you have gluten intolerance.

Whiskey and Bourbon: Are They Gluten-Free?

Well, when it comes to Whiskey and Bourbon, the drinks are not accepted as gluten-free.

Although, many manufacturers claim that the distillation process purifies the liquor thus making it safe for consumption, but what if the process is not carried out properly.

It has been found that the final product of Whiskey and Bourbon contains around 20 parts per million gluten in them even after distillation.

For a celiac person, it is good to test a drink by consuming a very small amount. This helps them in analyzing is alcohol gluten free.

One of the most popular gluten-free Whiskey is Queen Jennie Whiskey and the famous Bourbon that can be consumed by the gluten-sensitive person is Hudson Baby Bourbon that is processed using 100 percent corn.

Wine: Another Amazing and Popular Alcoholic Beverage

Wine is made of grapes thus is considered gluten-free and safe to consume.

But here are few exceptions too!

While processing wine production, gluten is sometimes added to the final product especially during the aging of drink. Some manufacturers make use of wheat paste or wheat flour to age the wine in the oak barrels. This adds around 20 parts per million of gluten that is enough to showcase its effect on the person with gluten sensitivity.

Is Grain Alcohol Gluten Free?

Almost every hard drink we discussed above is made by distilling gluten grains. Also, many Celiac persons claimed distilled gluten grain-based alcohol safe for drinking. But since many manufacturers add grain “mash” after distillation to enhance the color and flavor of the final drink, it is therefore advised to analyze your body response before making a final choice.

But no studies have revealed that gluten grain alcohol is completely safe for drinking by the Celiac person. Some of the common symptoms showcased by gluten intolerance person are fast intoxication and hangover. So, if you observe such symptoms after having a drink then it might happen that you are not able to tolerate gluten grain-based alcohol.

Gluten Free Mixed Alcoholic Drinks

Many people love to enjoy mixed alcoholic drinks by mixing two or more flavored drinks. But such options are limited when you are looking for gluten-free alcohol options.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur the popular mixed alcoholic drink is made from wheat and barley while coffee-flavored Kahlua like Baileys Original Irish Cream contains grain-based alcohol as it is prepared using grain and corn. Drambuie processed using gluten grain-based scotch whiskey and honey. Thus, there is almost no option for mixed liqueurs for gluten-sensitive persons.

However, one of the famous drinks, Cointreau is made by distilling orange peels. Grand Marnier prepared using brandy and cognac, thus offering little options to enjoy the flavor of gluten-free mixed liqueurs.

I hope the blog above might have helped you in knowing what kind of alcohol is gluten free. Even after getting an idea, it is good to test each kind of drink and to check its reaction on your body. It is important because everybody is different, and its effect varies from person to person.

So, stay alert and find the best flavor of gluten-free alcohol for your eve!!

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