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India is the leading brand today. With a vast market, it doesn’t stay a step behind when it comes to top beer brands in India. In the year 2014-15, the Indian market economy grew up to 6% because of sales of beer brands in India.

Brewed with the perfect blend of rice and millet, the Indian traditional beer recipe had been going on for over a thousand years. Usually, the Indian beers and whiskeys are quality with high abv percentage and strong flavor.

beer brands in India

Today, we will tell you more about these top beer brands in India so that the next time you want a strong beer for yourself, you will know where to look.

1. Kingfisher

Introducing itself with bitterness in the very first sip, the kingfisher is the highest-selling beer brand in India led by Vijay Mallya. This beer is brewed by United Breweries group. The beer is named after the bird ‘Kingfisher’.

Kingfisher was first launched in India in 1857 and is now at the 74th position among all Indian beers. This beer holds a market share of 36% in the Indian market. Along with India, the kingfisher is exported to 52 other countries.

Kingfisher Abv %

Depending upon the different variants, kingfisher’s abv percentage varies. We have Kingfisher strong and Kingfisher blue with 8% abv each while Kingfisher Premium comes with 4.8% abv and Kingfisher Ultra comes with 5% abv.

Kingfisher Calorie

In a 500 ml serving of Kingfisher, there are 218 calories on average.

2. Tuborg

This heavenly beer comes with a flowery aroma and has a mild and fresh taste of malt. Tuborg is brewed on a larger scale in India. It is a favorite of every age group. This beer leaves a bier aftertaste on the tongue.

If you are a fan of strong beers, go for Tuborg which is a perfect fit for evening parties and can be paired well with salted peanuts or salads. 

Tuborg is the number 1 international brand at present. Different variants of Tuborg are Tuborg Classic, Tuborg Green and Tuborg Strong.

Tuborg Abv %

This beer has 4.8% abv and is stronger in comparison to various other beer brands.

Tuborg Calorie

With every 500 ml, Tuborg serves 202 calories.

3. Carlsberg

Carlsberg is Another light tasted Indian beer. It leaves a hoppy taste on the tongue with a trace of moderate bitterness. Carlsberg is widely known for its soft taste. One of the most unique ingredients that give Carlsberg its delicate taste is the European Barley.

Carlsberg merged with Tuborg to make the brand work under itself in 1970. Now Tuborg is a part of Carlsberg Breweries only. Different variants of Carlsberg are Carlsberg smooth and Carlsberg elephant.

This beer is exported to 140 different countries with different names including Carlsberg Beer, Carlsberg Lager and Carlsberg Pilsner.

Carlsberg Abv %

There is an average of 5% alcohol by volume Carlsberg Pilsner. This value depends on the country to country like in the UK, Carlsberg is sold with only 3.8% abv.

Carlsberg Calorie

Every bottle of 330 ml of Carlsberg serves 122 calories in total.

4. Foster’s 

This crispy beer is one of the most favorite beers in India. This crispiness comes from its special brewing recipe where the hops are added in the end just to ensure the presence of the beer.

Foster’s comes in two different variants known as Foster’s Lager and Foster’s Premium. The former is goldish in color with a malty taste while the latter is a brownish copper liqueur which has the taste of caramel.

Foster’s brand is owned by AB InBev, the largest international brewing group. Uk has the largest market of Fosters.

Foster’s Abv %

In the US, this beer serves 5% abv in every serving while in the UK, the same beer serves 4% abv per serving.

Foster’s Calorie

This beer has 180 calories in every serving of 500 ml.

5. Bira 91

Bira 91 is a well known Indian craft Beer. This beer was first manufactured by B9 Beverages Private Limited.

Bira beer has low bitterness and more spicy taste. This flavor of the beer makes it the favorite of most of the Indians.

Different variants of Bira are Bira Blonde, Bira White Ale, Bira Light, Bira Pale Ale and Bira Strong Ale.

Bira 91 Abv %

At ab average, Bira Beer has an alcohol content in-between 4.9% to 7%. This depends on the variant of the beer.

Bira 91 Calorie

Bira 91 serves 215 calories with every bottle of 500 ml.

6. Corona

Corona is comparatively a good beer. It has low carbs, i.e., 2.6g only. The perfect blend of malt and hops makes this beer a little smooth to drink.

This beer is a perfect blend of malt and hops which give Corona its taste. Corona is not bitter. In fact, this beer has the honey-like sweetness with fruity aromas.

Due to its low alcohol content, this is less bitter. Only suitable for evening parties and snacks. Corona is not even strong enough so yes, it is a must-see when you only need to spend some quality time with friends but it is a clear no for business partners and rock parties.

Corona beer comes with three variants namely Corona Premier, Corona Light and Corona Extra.

Corona Abv %

The abv amount of Corona beer lies between 3.6% to 4.0%. Abv of Corona for different variants is different.

Corona Calorie

This beer has 148 calories per 500 ml.

7. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 company was set up in India in 1985. Today, the brand is among the top-selling brands in the country with an average sale of over 10 million bottles every year.

Haywards 5000 is a very strong beer. This beer is brewed with high-quality hops which give it the solid bitterness and desired aromas.

This is an American style beer brewed by Shaw Wallace and Company Limited. The brewery is set up in Mumbai, India.

Haywards 5000 Abv %

Haywards 5000 seems to have the highest alcohol content in it which is 7%. This makes the beer strong and bitter altogether.

Haywards 5000 Calorie

A single serving of 500 ml Haywards 5000 bottle comes with 218 calories.

8. Royal Challenge

First launched in 1993, this beer is now the second best selling mild beer in India. Royal Challenge is the beer of Northern India. It is famous in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

This beer is brewed by a Diageo Group Company named United Spirits Limited. The tagline of Royal Challenge says Brewed Stronger, Brewed Better. This signifies the longer brewing of the beer to make it better.

Royal Challenge gets its unique crisp flavor from the fine brewing of six malts. This beer has the most vibrant taste which suits fine with light snacks and after-parties. People with high taste buds must give it a try.

Royal Challenge Abv % 

Royal Challenge beer contains 5% alcohol by volume. This high alcohol content makes it a strong fit.

Royal Challenge Calorie

This beer serves 124 calories with every 500 ml serving.

9. Budweiser

Budweiser is the favorite beer of all times. Earlier when it was the only beer to put hands-on, today, with a vast variety of beers, Budweiser still leads for its exclusiveness.

This beer has a well-balanced bitterness of hops along with the sweetness of rice. Budweiser is a pale yellow drink which satisfies a person in every possible way, be out a game on television or on board.

Two different variants of Budweiser are Budweiser Magnum and Budweiser Premium.

Budweiser Abv %

The alcoholic content of Budweiser Premium is 5% while that of Budweiser Magnum is 6.5%. booth the variants are brewed to serve strong.

Budweiser Calorie

This Beer bad 207 calories in every 500 ml.

10. Heineken

Brewed in horizontal tanks, Heineken brings out its more unique and distinct flavor. This beer comes straight from Holland and serves right to the heart of the people.

Heineken is the strongest of all usual lagers which immediately makes it the most bitter among them all. This beer has more flavors than usual lagers and this is what makes it an international Favourite beer.

While other beers are brewed only for 15 days, Heineken takes around a month to come out of breath with its unique and full flavor.

Different variants of Heineken are Heineken Premium Light Beer and Heineken Beer.

Heineken Abv %

Heineken Premium Light beer has only 3.9% alcohol by volume while Heineken beer has 5% abv.

Heineken Calorie

With 220 in every 500 ml, Heineken is another highest calorie serving beer.

11. White Owl

White Owl has its Breweries set up in Mumbai. These beers are now available in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Bengaluru.

This beer is a great combination of Old Brewing style and new brewing style which makes its brewing unique.

White Owl has a smooth blend of exclusive hops which gives it the citrus flavor of orange peels freshly brewed in the unique brewing style of the company.

Different variants of their beers are available in different sizes. Seven different variants of White Owl Beer are Halcyon, Shadow, Diablo, Ace, Torpedo, Paulina and Spark.

White Owl Abv %

Normally the alcohol content in White Owl beers is between 4% to 6% but the company recently launched their strongest beer, Spark which comes with 7.9% abv.

12. Sandpiper

Sandpiper is a golden-colored pale ale that has the smoothness of extravagant hops along with the sweetness of nuts and caramel.

This beer is a type of craft beer specially available in Mahabaleshwar. This beer is a perfect fit on a cloudy evening among the bright green hills of Mahabaleshwar.

Sandpiper Abv %

Sandpiper contains 5% alcoholic content in it.

13. Stella Artois

Stella Artois is another famous Indian beer brand. It was first brewed in 1926 by Brouwerij Artois in Belgium. Earlier when the beer was brewed with high alcohol content only, the 4.8% abv beer variant came out in 2008. These started selling in Ireland, Britain and Canada.

Major ingredients that bring out the crisp and fine blend in the beer are Saaz hops, maize, water, yeast and malted barley.

The perfect taste of Stella Artois comes out oy through a 9 step pouring ritual of the brewery. Also known as a Holiday beer, Stella Artois is better served during vacations or celebrations to make memories.

Stella Artois Abv % 

The alcohol by volume percentage of Stella Artois variants lies between 4.8 to 5.2.

Stella Artois Calorie

Stella Artois serves the highest calories, i.e., 295 in every serving of 500 ml.

14. Biggie, Brewklyn

The company is famous for bringing its drinks after the name of their famous personalities. Some of the very own of them are Woody Allen, Mike Tyson, Al Capone and Notorious Biggie.

Beers brewed by Brewklyn leaves a sweet crispy taste on the tongue of drinkers. This beer is served in the tech-hub of India, i.e., Bangalore.

Biggie, Brewklyn Abv %

Usually, the alcohol content of Biggie Brewklyn beers lies between 4.8% to 9%.

Biggie, Brewklyn Calorie

The calorie amount of these beers may vary from beer to beer. Usually, it lies between 110 to 200.

15. Daredevil

The tagline of Daredevil beer is Dare to Win. This is quite a strong beer brewed by Daredevil Brewery. The brewery is situated in the Speedway neighborhood of Indianapolis.

Daredevil is a light golden liqueur with a brownish finish. On pouring, this beer leaves a light foam on the top and a bittersweet aftertaste on the tongue.

One of the strongest beer of Daredevil is This beer has unique fruity and citrus aromas along with moderately strong bitterness and a bit of mild sweetness.

Daredevil Brewery makes various beers. Some very famous names are Negra, Muse and Muse Belgium Golden Ale.

Daredevil Abv % 

The abv content of Daredevil Beer is 8%.

Daredevil Calorie

The calorie amount of these beers lies in-between 100 to 200.

16. Simba

First launched in 2016, Simba beer is making its place in the Indian beer market. Prabhat Singh, a 24-year-old entrepreneur owns the beer.

Simba is the perfect blend of malt and fine hops which gives it the unique crisp and mild bitterness. This beer is brewed in Indian breweries and has a 0% chemical tolerance.

Not in all states but currently, one can find this beer in the states of Goa, Delhi and Bengaluru. According to rumors, Mumbai will be soon booned to have the beer.

The different variants of Simba beer are Simba Strong, Simba Light, Simba Wit and Simba Stout.

Simba Abv %

5%, a moderate amount of alcohol content is in Simba Beer.

Simba Calorie

Every 650 ml serving of Simba beer comes with a moderate amount of 146 calories. This can easily fit into one’s diet chart.

17. Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer is a special beer of Singapore brewed with special ingredients including yeast, noble hops, corn sugar and Pilsner malt. The bittersweet taste of Tiger Beer comes with the presence of barley alongside noble hops.

The different variants of Tiger Beer are Tiger Beer Asian lager, Tiger Silver, Tiger Radler Lemon, Tiger Black and Tiger White, Tiger Extra Fresh and Tiger Radler Grapefruit.

Tiger Beer Abv %

The alcohol content of Tiger Beer is 5%.

Tiger Beer Calorie

In every serving of 330 ml, Tiger Beer has 132 calories. This beer can easily fit into a balanced diet routine.

18. Lion Beer

The product of Lion Brewery has won various awards. 

With comparatively fewer hops, this beer is less bitter and has more sweetness of citrus flavor with caramel hints.

The different variants of Lion Beer are Lion Lager, Lion Strong and Lion Stout.

Lion Beer Abv %

Different variants have different alcoholic content. Lion Lager has 4.8% abv, Lion Strong has 8.8% abv and Lion Stout also has 8.8% abv.

Lion Beer Calorie

Lion Beer has 109 calories in every serving of 500 ml.

19. Kings

The smallest state by area in India serves Kings, the beer that makes the memories everlasting. Kings is manufactured by Impala Distillery & Brewery. Starting from Goa, Kings is now sold in almost all states of the country.

Kings is a clear pale yellow colored beer that gets its unique crisp taste by bottom fermentation at low temperature. It is a perfect drink for celebrations held at beachside.

This Goa beer leaves a flavor of freshly brewed vegetables and no bitterness at all. The everlasting grainy, cereal aromas are worth a try.

Different variants of Kings include Kings Strong, Kings Pilsner and Kings Maxx.

Kings Abv %

A moderate amount of alcohol content, i.e. 4.8% is present in Goa Kings Premium Strong Beer.

Kings Calorie

The amount of calories in Goa Kings Premium Strong is almost suitable to fit in your daily food diet. This beer serves 144 calories in every serving of 500 ml.

20. Sterren

Sterren is a lager ale that tastes like orange citrus and has aromas of freshly brewed hops with special malt. 

This beer focuses on traditional German Brewing techniques. The different variants of Sterren are Sterren 6 –Premium Quality Beer a Wheat-based Beer, Premium Quality Extra Strong Beer, an Extra Strong Beer and Premium Quality Strong Beer which is a Lager Beer.

Sterren Abv %

The three variants comprise an alcohol percentage of 6%, 7% and 8% respectively. All three variants are literally strong.

Sterren Calorie

Every 500 ml serving of Sterren beer comes with 220 calories.

21. Hopper Beer

This beer had been brewing ever since the last 124 years. It is among the oldest beers in the country. Hopper Beer has recently been added to the list of best beer brands in India.

Hopper beer is made up of a blend of wheat, coriander seeds, aromatic hops, orange peels and barley.

The two different variants of Hopper Beer are Hopper Witbier which is smooth and has a touch of citrus and Hopper Blonde which is a perfect mixture of fine hops and malt.

Hopper Abv %

Normally this beer has 4.8% of alcoholic content.

22. Peroni

Peroni beer was named after the founder Francesco Peroni. This beer was first launched in Vigevano, Italy in the year 1846. Today, the beer is known worldwide for its Premium Lager variant Nastro Azzurro.

Peroni is carefully brewed with special Nostrano Dell’isola maize that helps the beer get its perfect crisp and blend. The beer has a very mild bitterness and some very high aromas of spicy notes.

Peroni beer is famous for its international lager style. The hops and malt combined together give this beer a sweet bitter after taste. It is a must go for people looking for high-quality beers.

Peroni Abv % 

Peroni beer contains 4.7% alcohol by volume which is somewhat moderate.

Peroni Calorie

Of all other famous Indian beers, Peroni has comparatively low calories in it which adds up to 92 only.

23. Hoegaarden

Another name for Hoegaarden is the original Belgium white beer which is mostly found around the brewery. This beer is rarely found in many parts of India.

Hoegaarden or Belgium white beer was first brewed in 1445 which makes it the oldest beer of India.

The special recipe of Hoegaarden includes a combination of orange peel and coriander. While making, these ingredients are left unfiltered to give the beer a cloudy look.

This beer gets its spicy taste with the cloves and bananas which bring out the specialty of the beverage. Hoegaarden gives a different taste in every sip. It is widely known for its sweet-bitter taste along with the freshness of citrus fruity flavor.

Hoegaarden Abv % 

Hoegaarden has an alcohol content of 4.9% which immediately makes the beer strong and bitter at the same time.

Hoegaarden Calorie

This beer serves a total of 176 calories at an average of 500 ml serving.

24. MillerCoors

MillerCoors is among the cheapest beers one can find in India. It was first introduced by MillerCoors in 1903.

The secret ingredient of this beer is Pacific Northwest hops and Saaz. These are mixed well before brewing to give the drink a sweet-bitter flavor with the heart-melting aromas.

The original variant of MillerCoors is Miller High Life also known as the Champagne of Beers. It is also called the light beer because of low bitterness and different flavors and aromas.

MillerCoors Abv %

Miller High Life has 4.2% abv.

MillerCoors Calorie

MillerCoors serve 140 calories in every serving of 500 ml. This is independent of the beer variant.

25. Godfathers

Godfather is yet another best selling Indian beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited. This Kashmiri company was established in 1961.

This beer is processed in breweries for 25 days straight with a combination of German hops and fine malted barley. This combination gives the beer its full-mouthed taste.

One thing that Godfather beer will never compromise on is the heavenly taste of their beers. This beer suits best after a heavy meal due to its strong flavor.

The three different variants of Godfather are Godfathers Lager, Godfathers Light and Godfathers Strong(the strongest of all).

Godfathers Abv %  

Different beer variants have a different amount of alcohol content in them. When on one hand we have Godfathers Lager and Godfathers Light with 5% abv, on the other hand, we have Godfathers strong with 7% abv which makes this variation a bit stronger than the other two.

Godfathers Calorie

This beer serves 220 calories every 500 ml. This needs a bit of thought before fitting in a diet plan.

26. Apple Cider, Doolally Taproom

Apple Cider became the most popular become among all types of drinkers as soon as Doolally served it first.

The specialty of this clear golden beer is the crisp taste of apple blends well with a mild bitterness of robustness. It tastes fizzy, raw and apples exactly like an aged appy fizz.

More than a sliced beer, apple cider by Doolally is a mild beer with moderate alcohol content. It can be consumed as an after-meal beverage to digest food.

Apple Cider Abv %

The recorded alcohol content in Apple Cider is 5%. This makes it a mild beer.

Apple Cider Calorie

With every serving of 500 ml Apple Cider, we get 110 calories free.

27. The Black Mamba, Brewbot

Black Mamba by Aviator Brewing Company is the most famous craft beer of Mumbai. Not famous for nothing, it is the strongest of all.

Black Mamba by Brewbot is the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate. This blend gives the beer its unique crisp flavor of chocolate and aromas of coffee.

Starting off with Mumbai, the beer is a good seller all over the country now.

Black Mamba Abv %

Black Mamba contains 6.5% alcohol content which makes it the strongest beer among its type.

Black Mamba Calorie

Serving 150 calories with every 500 ml glass of Black Mamba, one can easily fit this drink into a healthy diet chart.

28. Raging Bull, Arbor Brewing Company

Stronger like the bull, Raging Bull is the strong yet bitter beer made for the people with strong hearts. This isn’t a normal on-the-go beer.

Brewed by Arbor Brewing Company, Raging Bull Beer has a punch of flavors along with some strong spicy aromas.

29. London Pilsner

London Pilsner was first introduced in 1976 by a biochemist named Joseph L. Owades.

Making it to the list of top 10 beer brands of India, London Pilsner a clear beer. Basically, it is a pale ale with sweet aromas and mild bitterness.

This beer has the flavor of freshly brewed grass along with citrus fruity taste. Mostly London Pilsner can be found in the two cities of Maharashtra, the economic capital Mumbai and another famous city, Pune.

The various variants of London Pilsner are London Pilsner Premium Strong and London Pilsner Premium Mild.

London Pilsner Abv %

London Pilsner has an alcohol content of 5%.

London Pilsner Calorie

This beer serves a moderate amount of calories in every glass that equals to 154.

30. Zingaro

Having the freshness of malt and bitterness of hops, Zingaro is a strong beer. This beer is brewed in United Breweries and is among the most famous beers in India.

This beer has a taste of malt and corn and mild bitterness.

Zingaro Abv %

Zingaro has about 7.5% of alcohol by volume. This clearly shows the strength of the beer.

Zingaro Calorie

With every 650 ml bottle, this beer has 284 calories.

31. Chang Beer

Chang is a Thai beer that has the goodness of extremely exotic and aromatic hops which gives it a fresh bitterly taste.

Chang beer pairs perfectly with Thai cuisine and other heavy metals 

Chang Beer Abv %

With 6.4% alcohol by volume, Chang is a strong beer.

Chang Beer Calorie

With every bottle of Chang Beer, we get 150 calories free.

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