Do You Calculate Calories In Whiskey Before You Drink It?

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The one thing that, however, has been making a lot of noise off lately is the calories in whiskey. A number of people have started to worry about the fact that a drink of whiskey can bring a large number of calories, which can make them unfit.

This is so true. If you have ever had a good whiskey you would understand the sentiments behind this quote by one of the greatest storytellers of our time. Good whiskey brings you the pleasure of relaxation and serenity that not many other things in this world can bring.

While people may compare drinking beer to whiskey, and consider both as equally pleasurable, whiskey always has the X-factor.

How true is this? It the number of calories a glass of whiskey has too much? Can you somehow reduce it? Are there are types of whiskey with lower calories? How many calories in a glass of whiskey are really there? What’s the difference in the number of calories whiskey vs beer?

Questions are countless. And, in this post, we are going to talk about those answers. Without wasting any time, let us start talking about these questions and their answers –

How Many Calories Are There In A Shot Of Whiskey?

How many calories are there? This is one of the first questions that might have popped up in your mind. Though the answer can vary based on the brand of whiskey you are consuming, generally, are approx. 108 calories in a regular shot of whiskey. This number can go up and down a little based on which brand you are drinking.

For instance, the number of calories in a Jack Daniels whiskey shot, one of the most popular names in this field out there, can be 98 calories per 1.5oz shot. Similarly, Glenfiddich also has the same amount of calories per shot.

At the same time, you ask the question –how many calories are there in fireball whiskey, the answer is going to be different. A single shot of this drink can have as many as 109 calories per 1.5oz shot. Therefore, before asking the question of how many calories in whiskey, do you get to know about the brand you are going to drink.

Is There Any Whiskey With Low-Calorie Content?

Now another common question people as is whether there’s a difference between calories in scotch whiskey as compared to other whiskey types? The answer to this question is Yes.

An ounce of 80 proof scotch contains merely 64 calories! Even if it is 100 proof, the number of calories in whiskey is just 80. So, the next time someone questions you how many calories an ounce of whiskey contains, you can answer them and impress them with your knowledge and awareness.

Whiskey Vs Other Alcoholic Drinks

Let’s move from the question of how many calories are in whiskey to the calorie content of other alcoholic drinks. You might be amazed to know that almost all alcoholic drinks can bring you the same amount of calories that a shot of drink can bring. The only difference that matters here is the alcohol content and proof (in case of liquors).

Therefore, rather than worrying about how many calories are in a shot of whiskey are there, and then choosing another drink simply drink what you love without giving a second thought. Don’t believe it? Here are some numbers to help you prove it.

A glass of vodka has 98 calories. Similarly, rum with diet coke can bring you as much as 96 calories. Similarly, a drink like a martini made of gin and dry vermouth can have as many as 120 calories in it. Compare this to the 64 calories in one shot of whiskey with 80 proof.

You can figure it out yourself, which one has the lower number of whiskey calories, and which one is better in terms of fat content.

Are There Any Low-Calorie Liquors?

Well, there are different types of beers that have recently become popular in the market that contain fairly low calories. As a matter of fact, there has been the launch of a new beer product which gives the same taste and pleasure but is completely alcohol-free. However, the same cannot be said for whiskey and other drinks.

Although there are some types with a little lower calorie content, the number of calories in whiskey shot, no matter what brand or type it is, is almost similar.

Whiskey Is The Best!

To sum up, it can be said without a doubt that based on the number of calories in one shot of whiskey, scotch is one of the best drinks. And, the best way to ensure that this calorie content remains the lowest is to consume it straight, without adding any mixtures.

Adding a mixture like a soda can straight away double the number of calories in a glass of whiskey. So, be careful of what you are adding to your drink.

Whether you are planning to spend an evening relaxing on the beach or want to just hang out with your friends at a bar, taking a couple of drinks of whiskey can be just perfect. At that time, forget about how many calories in a shot of whiskey are there.

Just go ahead and have a great time don’t forget, you will still be consuming a lot less than the others sipping on those cocktails, wine, and other drinks. No need to ask the bartender how many calories in a fireball whiskey shot or whiskey sour are there, simply ask him to pour one and enjoy.

After all, whiskey is all about having a good time with your pals and making memories. Why let something like calories in whiskey shot come in between your good time and memories? Go ahead and drink to make merry, rather than worrying about getting fat or having one too many. Remember, responsible drinking is always a good idea than having a bad hangover in the morning!

Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough. – Mark Twain

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