Moet Champagne, The One, And Only Standard Liquor

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This New Year, my friends and I had a strong craving for one of kind champagne. Guess what we chose? Well! We went to Moet Champagne. That’s right! A glass of french champagne that makes a celebration worthy and wonderful.

It was our first time and so, I decided to share my experience on this platform. I love to explore the international alcohol industry and whatever it puts on our tables. 

Many people ask “Is Moet good champagne?” I wouldn’t call it only good but an excellent spirit with innovative smack by Claude Moet. Let’s take a brief introduction to this high-end standard liquor.

What is Moet Drink Champagne?

Moet and Chandon Champagne is a classic liquor founded by Claude Moet in 1743. Today, this drink holds an entire winery premise called the Moet and (ET.) Chandon Co. This premise is partly owned by the Moet Hennessy Louis Viton SE. The company holds the main headquarters in Epernay, France.

Do you know? As per the records, the company mass-produces over 28, 000, 000 bottles of Moet. The digits include the import as well as the export of the exclusive champagne overseas.

champagne moet

It was first exported to Paris where it is cherished at a large scale. The successful 28 decades of the journey of Chandon brings us closer to declaring it as a long-lasting brand in the industry with relish that serves one’s soul with a positive prejudice. 

Moet & Chandon Co. is also recognized for some other prominent drinks such as:

Dom Perignon: this real-time wine tank drink is the first-ever vat from France. It is also called the first-ever Cuvee in French. The liquor delivers a vintage vibe that takes you away from stress and gives you a refreshing and warm feeling. It was introduced in 1921. It finally hit the market in 1936. 

Domaine Chandon: This wine by the Chandon is one of the most exclusive from the Napa Valley. In the United States, it is known as the sparkling Domaine.

From the year 1743, the spirit has been smacking the alcohol industry with its fine sweet-exotic tang and sparkling texture. Who wouldn’t want to try such an immensely flavored wine like Domaine?

What are the different types of Moet Champagne?

Moet Chandon champagne comes in various glamorized flavors that allure your alcohol craving towards attractive aromas and nutritious qualities of fermented grapes.

Are you looking for a Moet variety that suits your taste buds? Let’s take a glimpse of the list of Chandon champagnes to enlivening day.

  • Moet Imperial Brut

This champagne by the Imperial brand serves one’s desire for a matured spirit. Yes! It contains the eminent flavor of fruits along with real-time alcohol maturation.

This drink contains a fine combination of Pinot and chardonnay that you cannot pay any heed to. With one glass of Imperial brut Moet champagne, you can experience the gold spirit with green highlights pouring into the glass and calm your soul.

Its cliquey taste notes of green apple, citrus, white flower, cereal, and fruit nuts make this drink worth a shot on every occasion. 

  • Champagne Rose Imperial

The Moet Rose Champagne is known for escalating intimacy among the consumers. That’s right! It gives a perfect start to a recognizable romantic evening. With the high intensity of Pinot Noir and Pinot Maneuver, the considerable presence of the Chardonnay makes it a classic.

The pink pouring of this spirit refreshes one’s mind. It is made with delicious raspberries, cherries and wild strawberries. Menthol sensation keeps the breath subtle. It’s pepper notes make this drink perfect for Americans. 

  • Champagne Ice Imperial

This drink remains one of the priorities when you are enjoying a sunny day at a stunning beach. With its deep gold weave creates a jolly vibe in the room.

Moet champagne topped with ice allows you to take pleasure in every chilled sip of the drink. It comes with original notes of raspberries and aromatic qualities that make you remember the tropical delight. 

  • Rose Champagne Ice Imperial

Do you love Moet Rose? How about topping your Moet Rose with ice? Exciting, isn’t it? Well! Bring yourself a brand-new pink on non-vintage champagne.

This spirit greets your summer evening with an elegant combination of Pinot Noir, Meunier, and Chardonnay. With its vivid pink smooth appearance, you can treat your nose with the savor of red berries, cherries, cranberries, lingonberries and morello cherries. Its firm texture imparts your tastebuds with a sweetness that long lasts.

  • Nectar Imperial Champagne

The rich Nectar Moet flavor delivers an exotic sweet savor of pineapple and mango. A slight touch of vanilla generates an attractive aroma.

Its firm texture comes with the fine blending of mirabelle plum and apricot. This passion fruit complemented Nectar drink feels like heaven dripping down the throat with every sip.

  • Nectar Imperial Rose Champagne by Moet

This Chandon special drink is a golden version of nectar imperial. You can enjoy this drink on your romantic evenings. With its high-end savor notes of red fruits, pomegranate, and strawberries, it delivers a coral-colored appearance.

It is one and only Moet spirit that is served with a slight touch of sweet spices such as vanilla and brown sugar. Its fresh minty flavor keeps the romance going. 

Some other prominent champagnes by Moet and Chandon are:

  • Grand Vintage 2009
  • Grand vintage rose 2009
  • Domaine Chandon
  • Dom Perignon

How much is a bottle of Moet Champagne?

Moet & Chandon Champagne is considered quite an expensive category of liquor. More often people ask whether it is expensive in all the countries. Well! That depends on the currency.

In general, Moet champagne costs between $49 to $64 in the United States. In India, the drink costs approximately 4000 INR to 5000 INR exclusive of all taxes. The prices may differ as per Moet champagne per glass in bars. 

What is Moet Champagne Alcohol Content?

In contrast to inexperienced bloggers’ definition of Moet liquor, it is not a glass of strong champagne in the context of alcohol percentage. Indeed, this Champagne’s alcohol content amounts to 12% per 750 ml only. It is a very decent level of alcohol as compared to the other high-end drinks. 

When it comes to Chandon, you can take joy in its light body appearance that allows your appetite to stay alive. With this exclusive spirit, the risk of temporary impacts of alcohol remains low. It is noteworthy to mention that a consumer can drink 1- 1 and a ½ glass of Chandon without experiencing intoxication. 

Experts recommend consumers to prefer 1 drink per hour of Moet as a precaution against alcoholism.

How much Moet champagne calories in a glass?

One serving of champagne Moet serves your body with 83 calories. One bottle volume is equivalent to 6 regular servings. Thus, one bottle of Moet contains up to 500 grams of calories approximately. As a consequence, the Chandon is considered a low-calorie liquor. It keeps you precautionary against the risk of a beer belly. 

As the experts recommend, a consumer should avoid drinking on a daily basis. It may lead to the permanent impacts of alcohol even though the alcohol content is as low as the Moet’s.

Is Moet & Chandon Champagne gluten-free?

To the readers’ surprise, yes! The Moet & Chandon liquors are 100% gluten-free. Now, you can drink your alcoholic beverage without risking your health over the unsure consumption of wheat and gluten. With such qualities in this champagne, it is a real-time deal for the alcohol fanatics. 

In the absence of gluten, you can enjoy Moet that does not lead to unwanted weight gain. Some consumers also find gluten as harmful content for their sensitive skin. Gluten mainly causes celiac disease. With Moet, it is not a problem. 

General FAQs

What’s the best tasting Champagne?

With the international label of Cuvee liquor, Moet and Chandon are acknowledged as the best tasting spirit since 1973. Alongside this, it also falls in the category of most affordable champagnes worldwide. It costs only 64 US Dollars. This Cuvee Moet comes with the mixed flavors of Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier, and chardonnay. 

You can purchase this finest champagne online for just $50 dollars 750 ml bottle. 

How do you drink Moet?

One of the best ways to drink Moet is freezing the drink in an open-bucket filled with ice. In the context of serving temperature, you can keep it as high as 50 but as low as 40 degrees. To keep the bubbly texture alive, you can use a champagne stopper that is available on various online shopping websites. 

Is Moet Champagne expensive?

Moet champagnes are quite affordable. Yet, two branded spirits under the brand Moet & Chandon called Dom Perignon and Domaine Chandon, are the most expensive liquors. In the USA, these two spirits cost approximately 4, 000 to 5, 000 US Dollars per bottle. 

Is it pronounced Moet?

The correct pronunciation for Moet Champagne is Mo’wett. It is a French Surname. The drink is named after the founder in 1743 known as the Claude Moet. 

How many types of Moet are there?

The Moet & Chandon alcohol company has produced 7 amazing Moet champagnes including rose, ice imperial, nectar, and grand vintage collection. The other two very prominent and expensive Moet spirits are Dom Perignon and Domaine Chandon. 

What does Moet taste like?

You can compare the tongue relish of this champagne with prominent wines such as Pinot noir and chardonnay. It is noteworthy to mention that the Moet is unique because it has given a slight touch of mint for decent after-mouthfeel. 

Apart from this, rose Moet tastes of raspberries, cherries, wild strawberries, and other red fruits. While smelling a Moet, you will be delivered with a strong aroma of vanilla. Without a doubt, a Moet contains nutritious qualities of fresh fruits like green apple, peach, apricot, citrus and more. 

Which Moet Champagne is the sweetest?

The rose, grand vintage rose 2012 and imperial rose is the sweetest champagnes produced by the Moet & Chandon Co. these three spirits mainly contain red fruits that have sweet flavors and serves the very purpose of the question.

You can take out a Moet rose flavor anytime and have a great long-lasting sweet mouthfeel that gives you the edge.

Does Moet expire?

In the case of champagne, the expiration methodology is not equivalent to wines. Do you know? Wine becomes good and expensive as it gets old.

But when it comes to Moet, you can expect the bottle to be good for consumption for up to 10 years. It would be a big risk if you are consuming an opened champagne bottle after 5-10 years.

Which is the most expensive bottle of Moet?

Dom Perignon and Domaine Chandon are the most expensive bottles by Moet. These two champagnes cost around 4, 000 US Dollars in the United States individually. In India, one bottle of Dom Perignon costs around 2, 80, 000 INR. The smallest bottle of Dom Perignon costs $100 to $374 in the US. 

It is noteworthy to mention that the price of these two champagnes mostly depends on the collection. If it is a 1990s grand vintage collection, it would cost more than the regular grand vintage collection 2009 bottle.

Should Dom Perignon be chilled?

Consumers who are serving Dom Perignon at home must consider freezing the bottle for 2 hours in the refrigerator. It is recommendable to serve the drink in 45-degree room temperature. You can also use an ice bucket to keep it chilled. 


From being the best champagne ever introduced to being the most affordable one, Moet and Chandon have enjoyed becoming the center of attraction in bars. That’s right! With a glimpse of this stunning spirit on bar shelves, my heart goes to it.

I order nothing but a Moet that allows me to keep my appetite alive with its light body nature. For me, it remains a highly recommendable drink for beginners in Champagne-vibe beverages. 

“Enjoy the crisp of Moet and Chandon with pepper and mint. Order one today, just take a hint!”

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