Macallan 12, The Combination of American Oaks And Sherry

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Macallan 12 has become the new face of American Whiskeys. In the house of the high-end branded liquors, a simple American oak and sherry-cheered scotch have made it to the top 10 American oak liquors in the world. 

What’s more? It is noteworthy to mention that the Macallan 12 double cask is not solely about the refurbishment of malt for 12 long and productive years, but it is also about pleasure. Do you know? In America and other countries, Macallan falls in the category of ‘smoothest’ scotch. Let’s take a glimpse at ‘Is Macallan 12 good?’ 

Introduction To Macallan 12

What is Macallan double cask 12? By definition, this energy-bolting scotch has been introduced by the Macallan Distillery in the 2000s. Although, the distillery was originally found in 1824.

The fortune that has come to this respective distillery is all credited to the distinctive whiskeys that it has found in the past few decades. 

From 8 to 30 years old American Oak whiskey, 10 to 40 years old Sherry Oak scotch and double cask a.k.a Macallan 12 has sparkled up the bars all over the world. This is known as the major renovation of drinks that benefits the alcohol industry at a chief level in America.

As per the history of the Macallan distillery, the Macallan 12 double cask has received the tag of best-selling scotch whiskey overseas. The company also has flourished in the context of bourbon recognition in its distinctive bottled liquors. 

Macallan 12 loads the rich taste of dry fruits along with its smooth mouthfeel. Sherry oak botas make this drink a real-time winner in the world. The woodsmoke and spices generate a balance between the strong flavor and light-burning sensation.

What brings you closer to this scotch is its malt quality that no other whiskey can kick. It hits your tongue with a creative tang that makes you want more!

The respective liquor holds the main aromatic qualities of creamy butterscotch, candied orange, toffee apple, vanilla custard and of course, felled oak. The distillery finishes the drink with concurrent tasting notes of wood spices, ginger, caramel, citrus, raisins, and resinous. Ingredients for Palate chosen for this drink are vanilla and sultana. 

As the name of the spirit offers, Macallan 12 is aged for 12 years in American oaks as well as the ex-sherry oaks (oloroso sherry) that produces the drink to be harvested by the sun by displaying color. 

How much does Macallan 12 cost?

On various prominent liquor online websites, Macallan 12 price recline between €51 to €85 approximately exclusive of taxes.

In India, a single bottle of Macallan 12 costs 4, 000 to 6, 000 approximately inclusive of all taxes. The prices may fluctuate as per the size of the bottle you are ordering. 

What does double cask mean?

When it comes to the Macallan 12 reviews, the question that mostly arises among first-time consumers is with respect to the double cask. In answer to this query, every drink has given a proper finishing so that the drink taste remains undistinguishable based on its ingredients. Thus, some drinks receive one-time finishing in cask.

However, Macallan 12 undergoes casks for finishing two times. The first time, it receives finishing in American Oak casks. Later, it is transferred to the Sherry oaks cask (oloroso sherry) for 360° taste enhancement.

What is Macallan 12 Double Cask ABV?

macallan 12 double cask

Macallan 12 Double Cask alcohol content limit is 43%. In some regions in America and Europe, the drink is known to contain only 40% of alcohol content for better and health representation in the market. 

ABV stands for Alcohol by Volume. This term defines the total percentage of alcohol that has been added to a spirit during production. More often than not, consumers believe upon the myth that ‘alcohol percentage declines as more and more ingredients are added.’

However, it is not true. Because alcohol in a specific liquor gives it the major quality, a.k.a turning into the spirit. Thus, the alcohol percentage in a spirit remains constant as the quantity increases. 

For example, if one liquor contains 3% of ABV, its 120 ml bottle will contain 3.6 ml alcohol. Similarly, if you choose a 160 ml bottle, it will contain 4.8 ml of alcohol. Hence, the alcohol percentage remains 3%.

Is Macallan 12 whiskey gluten-free?

Macallan Double Cask 12-Year-Old Whiskey Scotch is not gluten-free. On various sources of information on the internet, you will find the drink to be known as a gluten-free whiskey, however, it comes out to be untrue.

This liquor mainly contains malt. Yes! The liquor is aged for 12 years, however, its gluten qualities are not removed to prevent single malt flavor. Thus, it is not a gluten-free spirit. 

For achieving amazing experience in the context of light-gluten whiskeys, you can substitute with some following gluten-free alcohol beverage, also strong like Macallan 12!

How many calories in a Macallan 12 double cask single malt bottle?

In various parts of the world, this double cask spirit is considered an easy-going whiskey and thus, it is known to contain more calories. To the readers’ surprise, it is a true fact.

One serving of this contains 95 Macallan 12 calories double cask. One serving of the scotch lies between 30 to 35 ml. In this, you can expect up to 50% alcohol. 

It is recommendable for the consumers to go slow on this spirit while drinking. To avoid temporary impacts of alcohol, our experts suggest “one must drink scotch at a slow rate such as one drink per hour and 30 minutes.”

Apart from this, the consumption of side-salad, light snacks, or starters is significant. Double cask liquor is known for its strong flavor. Thus, liquor in an empty stomach can lead to high-end intoxication. 

What are the different types of Macallan 12 Double Cask?

The Macallan distillery has introduced two scotch whiskeys under this category. Take a glimpse:

  • Double Cask Gold

This spirit introduced by the introductory distillery contains a very attractive bottle packaging. Till today, it looks amazing at the bar shelves and allows consumers to see what’s the fuss all about? Double cask gold whiskey melts into a burnished gold crystal drink when poured into a rock glass.

It contains aromatic qualities of lemon citrus, vanilla, dark chocolate, and orange peel. All the treat to you and your partner for a celebratory night.

Palate notes: It has a sweet-saccharine mouthfeel with top-notch maltry sensation. Along with it, it tastes slightly dry to keep alive the main attractive feature of the scotch whiskey. 

While comparing, Double cask gold vs. Macallan 12-year-old double cask, one difference took place as a sovereign. It is the existence of smoke. That’s right! More often customers question ‘Is Macallan 12 smokey?’ Well! The answer is Macallan 12 double cask is not smokey.

But on the other hand, regular Macallan 12 and Macallan double cask gold remains smokey because of the utilization of woodsmoke and toasted apples. Apart from this, spices remain constant.

It contains up to 40% alcohol content

  • Double Cask 12 Year Old

This flavor of Macallan offers a warm sensation in the body upon drinking. The three major ingredients that make this spirit worth are Honey, Citrus and Ginger. As per the production procedure, the drink is barreled in American and European Oaks for generating first-hand single malt warm flavor. 

This crafted and well-toasted liquor brings the high-end palettes of caramel and raisins. It has a displaying color of harvest sun that ensures to deliver the main impression of the Oloroso Sherry oaks. 

In various countries, the alcohol content remains 40% for Double Cask 12 Years Old. In others, it can go up to 43% depending on the atmosphere. 

General FAQs

  • How much is a bottle of 50 years old Macallan?

Recently, the Macallan distillery has introduced the world to the most astonishing whiskey scotch of all time. Yes! We are introducing you to the 50 years old Macallan, a.k.a a whiskey that has been barreled (aged) for 50 years.

It has been a proud moment for the introductory alcohol making organization. To the readers’ surprise, it is also one of the most expensive whiskeys in the world. In the USA, 50 years old Macallan costs $35, 000.

Apart from this, in Europe, this costs €25, 000. Apart from this, one of the amazing facts is that this whiskey is quite rare. Till 2020, the distillery has only produced 200 bottles of this liquor. As per the trading records, only 35 are available for purchase in the USA. 

  • What does Macallan mean?

The Macallan word comes from the Gaelic language. It consists of Mach that means ‘a fertile land’ and Ellan. Ellan stands for a Scotland monk who imparts the pleasure of introducing Christianity to the citizens of the respective location in the 1800s. 

However, clearly, the real-time meaning of The Macallan has nothing to do with the drink. Yet, there’s no harm in enjoying the drink in this modern age.

  • Is Macallan 12 discontinued?

Yes! Recently in 2019, this outstanding and one of the unique sherry oak double cask spirits has been discontinued. The reason behind the discontinued was not made clear by the distillery.

However, we are expecting that to prevent the uniqueness of the drink and its recognition as a legend, the company is only producing it at a slow rate. Alongside, the Macallan 12 is no longer available in Europe because of unknown reasons. You can say that it has something to do with the importing and exporting of the Macallan spirits.

  • What makes Macallan special?

Without a doubt, Macallan has improved its reputation as the producer of exceptional spirits. Yet, the secret behind its success has remained unknown. It is no surprise that Macallans are single malts.

However, the producers have given it a touch of rare spirit ingredients such as wood smoke. Barreling a spirit for 12 years to 40 years is an impossible task, yet, the distillery is keeping its patience and making the alcohol industry scarce in the context of Macallan. It is no secret that Macallan drinks are expensive.

  • Why is Macallan Scotch so expensive?

Well! One of the reasons behind ‘why Macallan scotch costs too much?’ is that the Macallan distillery has set a real-time example of premier alcohol in the market. You may think that all the spirits are the same.

But no! There’s a difference in quality. The respective distillery utilizes the supreme quality of ingredients to make the drink. Because of this, the health risk is only 0.001%. 

Of course, it costs heaven to acquire a spirit like Macallan that allows you to experience pleasure with no risk of alcoholism, intoxication, or BAC (blood alcohol concentration). 


Macallan 12 Years Old double cask is a reasonable whiskey that you would desire to purchase today. It is because Macallan 12 lies in between the low-aged and high-aged and expensive whiskeys by the production company. It costs only €59 in Europe. Whereas, in India, it costs around $70. Thus, it is the best choice you can make. 

“Achieve a healthy drinking routine with concurrent Macallan 12, order today!”

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