Colombian Necktie, A Nightmare That You Enjoy

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When you walk into a Beer & Wine bar with a cool vibe, you do not expect to order something that is a Nightmare. However, after today, you will a nightmare alcoholic beverage in place of any hardcore whiskey. That’s right! Times are gone for Bourbon, it is an Era that serves Colombian Necktie drink on the table.

It is as joyful as sex on the beach, drink-wise! To begin with, features that present the Colombian Necktie out of the box innovative drink are slim texture, foamy top, and slippery mouthfeel. These features make your drinking night comfortable and remarkably memorable.

Let’s take you on the journey of details regarding this exclusive beer. It reserves its seat in the hearts of drinkers and makes them connoisseur of alcohol:

What is a Colombian Necktie Beer?

colombian necktie beer

By definition, a Colombian Necktie is an eccentrically tasteful beer introduced by the Nightmare Brewing Company recently in the 2000s. Without a doubt, this beer has outdated the classic liquors of all time.

It is definitely a game-changer for the international alcohol industry. With its top-notch aromatic qualities that treat the drinker’s nose with a soft touch of grapefruit, pineapple, lime and mango are inevitable. 

Here’s a fun fact, it is a Leipziger Gose style beer. Do you know? A Leipzig Gose style beer more often contains up to 50% grain and wheat content at a fermented level in order to give a high to the drinker. Without a doubt, it is a fact that drives your crazier towards trying out this light gose beer for the first-time and adopts the tasteful for a lifetime.

During the winter times, Leipzig beer remains preferable. It is because the Leipzig beer like the Necktie reserves a special place in the heart and mind of the drink. It transfers a warm feeling in the human body. Thus, when you see some white snow raining from the sky outside your home, remember, it is time to open up a gose style Ale beer

How to drink Colombian Necktie beer?

When it comes to this amazing spirit, you can prefer to drink in a fancy glass or directly out of the can. Nightmare Colombian Necktie beer party pack of four, 16 ounces cans costs $20.99 approximately in the United States. 

Here’s another fun fact, this outstanding gose style beer by Nightmare brewing company holds a Pablo Escobar trademark. It originally comes from Massachusetts in New York.

Do you know, sour Lulo is one of the major Colombian necktie ingredients used by the brewing company? This ingredient boosts immunity in the body of the drinker and prevents it against any contagious flu co-existing in the surrounding.

Alongside this, drinkers who fear health issues such as constipation or bad cholesterol, they must prefer Colombian beer as the combination of the ingredients Lulo with mangoes does not allow any triggers to impact one’s digestive health or cholesterol increment.

To drink this arousing beer, you can go regular and classic. Take a stange beer glass and pour your Colombian necktie drink into the glass. Add ice to it. Why choose stange glass? Well! These glasses are slim and thus, allows the consumers to cut down on consumption of beer per hour on a drinking night.

What is the Colombian Necktie alcohol content?

Colombian Necktie alcohol content remains limited to 7.2%. As per the alcohol content calculator, it is a low alcohol percentage that allows the consumer to control the potential of alcoholism.

It is noteworthy to mention that alcohol content does not only decide whether the beer would be strong or not, but it also decides the transmission of alcohol content into the bloodstreams. Unlike other beers, Colombian necktie abv prevents the transmission of alcohol into the bloodstream and does not develop any blood alcohol concentration.

How many Colombian Necktie calories in one bottle?

Colombian Lime Zest complemented beer by Nightmare brewing company contains up to 150 grams per bottle. This is an average calorie limit that allows the consumer to control the beer belly.

You can adopt a healthy drinking habit by choosing Colombian Necktie beer over any strong whiskey, rum or wine. To the reader’s surprise, this Gose lime zest beer can only cost $6 in the U.S. which also saves you expenses on occasional drinking.

What Colombian Necktie beer tastes like?

In comparison the graphic over the Colombian Necktie beer packaging suggests, it tastes opposite. It has a smooth mouthfeel with soursop and lime that develops one’s taste buds for light beer Ale.

It has a hazy texture with goldenrod hue color with a white foam crown at the top. You will find this fact quite comforting that the Colombian Necktie beer contains the essence of tropical fruits. Indeed, it also contains a light touch of red berries for sweet-exotic taste, white grapes, green apples, and aromatic qualities of fresh bakery content.

Is Colombian Necktie beer gluten-free?

Yes! Colombian Necktie beer is a gluten-free beer that is filtered by the manufacturers to an extent. This quite tasteful and violently description Gose style Ale is not needed to be served carefully to the consumers as it does not hold any risk of celiac disease or bad reaction to the consumer’s skin. 

With this gluten-free quality, you can enjoy a wheat beer without worrying about your sensitive skin reflecting any symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Enjoy this gluten-free lime zest and lulo complemented beer and sparkle your occasional drinking with an exclusive touch of warmth and blaze.


Colombian Necktie beer is the leading branded Gose style beer available in the market nowadays. This beer complements one’s idea of 50% grain and wheat liquor.

Well! There’s also a cocktail with a similar reflection of name & fame. It is made using 151 Bacardi Rum, Southern comfort and other strong liquor. Thus, you must be confused with this cocktail to the said beer.

You can serve your estuary with this light ale anytime as it has a light taste. Indeed, in New York, it is best-known for a side-liquor with lunch.

“Buy Colombian Necktie beer today and enjoy a Nightmare like never before. We wish you good luck with your first-class experience with Necktie Colombian beer!”